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DVDylan ID: D493
Recording type: ProShot
Various pro-shot Traveling Wilburys footage
  • Whatever Wilbury Wilbury.... EPK 8 mins.. about a min each of these music videos
    -Handle With Care
    -Dirty World
    -End of the Line
    -Last Night
  • Today show interview with Rona Elliot Nov. 2, 1988 4:30
    -Harrison, Petty, Orbison, Lynne
  • Music videos
    -End of the Line
    -Handle With Care
    -Wilbury Twist (w/ cameos by a number of different celebs)
  • Pre-interview for MTV's Week In Rock.. 1/89? PT. 1
    -Harrison, Petty , Lynne interviewed by female who is
  • off camera and off mike but is audible.. (not broadcast) 6:30
  • Music Video
    -Wilbury Twist. (same as above)
  • Another EPK of clips of some of their music videos (4 mins)
    -She's My Baby

    -If You Belonged To Me
    -Devil's Been Busy
    -Wilbury Twist (diff. promo than above)
  • Music Videos
    -Nobody's Child
    -She's My Baby
  • Pre-inyerview for MTV's Week In Rock. 1/89? PT. 2 19:30
  • Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration..rehearsal MSG NY 10/16/92
    -Harrison, McGuinn, Petty.. My Back Pages
  • (vocals not audible) 12 mins
    -Clapton, Dylan and Neil Young added 6 mins
  • Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration. MSG NY 10/16/92 Japanese broadcast
    -George Harrison.. If Not For You

    -George Harrison.. Absolutely Sweet Marie
    -McGuinn, Dylan, Harrison, Petty, Young etc. My Back Pages
  • Music Video
    -Tom Petty w/ Harrison, Lynne, Starr. I Won't Back Down
Number of discs: 1
Authoring: DVDs with proper chapter marks are circulating

I hauled my copy of 'The Travelling Wilbury Collection' down off the shelf the other day, more through obligation than want. It'd been sitting there unheard & unwatched ever since I got it 18 months or so ago. That's the trouble with our obsession, it makes us buy stuff we know we won't like, but as it's there, well we just have to have it.
The Wilbury's were exciting when they first appeared, but like say Britney's Hit me, the initial rush soon turns to boredom. OK, Bob & Co maybe had a good time making the records, but they're too insubstantial to have stood the test of time.
What have we got here ? Couple of EPK's, some videos, and a few interviews. Bob's not deigned to be questioned alongside the rest so there's zero interest there, not that the others have anything worthwhile to say.
The Videos, you'll have them all anyway, and in much better quality.
The EPK's, snippets of videos, voice-overs etc, nothing of any importance.
Qualitywise not great, fuzzy and a long way from any masters.
If this had appeared 15 years ago, I might have got excited, but it's coming on 2009 now, whatever need there might have been for a Wilbury record has long past, Bob's had his fun, and he's got back to making real records.
Get it if you have to, but it'll only be to fill a gap on your shelves, another tick on your trade-list, but as for enjoyment - forget it.
[The TW Collection ? it's back on the shelf, I played the bonus's on disc 1, but as to watching the Wilbury Twist video yet again, just couldn't face it ]

Reviewed by napbon on 12th December 2008