DVDylan ID: D326
Recording type: ProShot

Read the reviews below and for Vol. 1. It’s all been said how great these compilations are. Great to watch again and again, song preference will determine which selection you like the best although the version of “Positively 4th street” seemed to lose the edge of the song with the slow tempo on this one. You won’t be disappointed; all the songs are of the highest quality.

Reviewed by johnbrown on 02nd June 2005

What can I say about these disks that hasn’t already been said!! There is nothing better for a fan of Dylan then Vol 1 & 2 of these disks. Great for getting started, but just a taste for what is available in bootleg DVDs. There is more and these disks are just starters!!! Thank you so much smugly for sending me this disk (and many others!!).


Reviewed by Wilbur1985 on 14th May 2005

this excellent compilation works both as an overview of Dylan's career, and equally well as an introduction to much of the proshot video that circulates. certainly a 'must have'.

TTY 2 contains many highlights, is always interesting and diverse and at times downright strange. the pope, a japanese orchestra, and the amazing scene with van morrison in greece, just a very few of the many treats. some other personal favorite clips include the johnny cash duet and the john hammond show, both in strikingly high quality.
Dylans performances are expertly chosen, my compliments to the author of this collection, and my thanks. Dylan's range of styles and moods over the years are tied together in this dvd by the consistant excellence of his performances.

The quality of the picture and sound are as consistantly high as the performances.
my only reservation is the flickering screen which becomes really destracting during 'licence to kill', and is attributed by another writer to digital remastering. i'm left wondering whether i will be able to find this gem elsewhere....

Again, my thanks to all who put this project together, and to yassou and DvDylan.com for giving me the opportunity to see it.

Reviewed by jman on 22nd January 2005

What is wonderful about this DVD is the way it illustrates the twist and turns of Bob Dylan's incredible career better than any other I have seen thus far...

First he's the "Folk-Singer" (Girl From the North Country) then he's the "Screaming-Acid-Rock-Guru" (Ballad of a Thin Man) then "Middle-of-the-Road-Crooner" (I Threw It All Away) next he's the "Established-Rock-Star" (Blowing in the Wind) and so it goes...

So, we're only at track 5(!) and Bob has demonstrated more versatility than most any other musician/songwriter does in their lifetime.

Ok, there is the moment, upon discovering Jesus and telling us that we 'Gotta Serve Somebody' where he dresses like my uncle Malcolm, but I'll let that pass because it's such a serenely empassioned performance. He's not screaming now, but you can see that he means what he's singing more than anything that went before, and it goes on....

And there's 'Mr Tambourine Man' with (most of) the Byrds followed by a wonderful 'Forever Young' whilst supposedly promoting 'World Gone Wrong'.

And then, not far from the end, after watching Bob get older and older over the course of nearly forty years (or two hours), he shuffles and jumps around as he sings 'Train of Love' and for a couple of minutes looks younger than he did at the beginning!

Reviewed by daspencer on 27th September 2004

Excellent sound and video. Easy menu. I only gave it 4 stars because I didn't care for the digital processing on some of the tracks (BITW, Maggies Farm, License To Kill). The digital image kind of stutters with movement leaving a ghostly image in its wake.
Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic collection with some truly stunning performances. The Letterman "Forever Young" and Willie Nelson "Hard Times" are spectacular! Heck, even the "Watchtower" is really good.

Reviewed by kidrib on 17th April 2004

This DVD is a must have, on a par with no other collection. Dylan is seen & heard at all his breathtaking junctures; transient is the soul to nature as his spirit wanders through an array of inimitable faces, unique is the art to art as the artist himself. A true master spanning generations with such exceptional output even the closest contender frails in comparison, discarding any reputed rivals to the wayside.

If you're partial to or absolutely adore Bob Dylan, get Through The Years, Vol. 2. If you hate the man, get it and your respect will grow, taking you to the vaults of such methodical obsession you may end up traveling the world in search of his secret. Once found you're forever bound to spread it, until word returns that a girl named Victoria -- well she said it! -pk

Reviewed by kel637 on 15th April 2004