DVDylan ID: D035.es
Recording type: ProShot
  • Sept 19, 1985 Bob Brown Interview
    -20 -20 Unedited Interview
    -When The Ship Comes In (with Baez)
    -Only A Pawn In Their Game
    -Eyes On The Prize (Hold On) (Dylan,Baez, Chandler)
  • February 28, 1984 GRAMMY AWARDS
    -Stevie Wonder & Bob Dylan giving award to Sting
  • and more...
    -UNKNOWN DUO - Mary From Wild Moor
    -HANK WILLIAMS - Hey Good Looking
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 00:56
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Thanks to Two Daves and The Caretaker:

As I have said before my aim here is to place these things on line in the best quality I can find. I don't claim exclusivity on this and if anyone has any of these clips better than mine PLEASE POST THEM or let me know and I will include them. I see a few things posted by others as effective improvements on some of these, thats exactly the idea behind these if it helps make better quality and new things reach the digital community. We're an aging group and holding this stuff in some dusty cupboard really achieves nothing, get it out there.
Till then

Presented as I was with over 30 boxes of assorted tapes from the Daves I found it necessary to archive stuff straight away to avoid losing (or forgetting) any, so forgive any duplications, its in a good cause.


the Caretaker