DVDylan ID: D017
Recording type: ProShot

If this dvd consisted only of the 3/84 Letterman performance that alone would make it essential.But it does'nt..As well as featuring possibly Bob's greatest tv performance we also get a great "Forever Young" from '93 (Bob looks fantastic..great hat!!) the definitive "Lovesick" from '98 and the J.Cash tribute from '99..Also a glimpse into Bob's less good years.."Like A Rolling Stone" from '92 is pretty dire..but it does leave you wondering how Bob manages turn it around so often as then we go straight to '93 with Bob both looking and singing magnificently..In short it is a great idea to collect all these performances in one place..Both sound and vision is top-notch..An absolute essential to anyones collection..I've only had it a couple of days and I've already watched it many times! Thanks to "Silenttype" for sending me a copy.In short..get it..it's great!!!

Reviewed by Bobfan1 on 05th April 2006

I watch this one all the time. The Letterman rehearsal is good, it shows that Dylan sings well (most of the time) even when it doesn't "matter." It's cool to see how much changes from rehearsal to showtime. The actual '84 Letterman show is awesome. Each song gets better, from a solid "Don't Start Me Talkin'," to a riveting "License to Kill" and finally the superb performance of "Jokerman." These 3 songs surely constitute Dylan's best TV performance to date. There is a moment in Jokerman when he picks up the wrong key harp, then instructs the band something (keep playing maybe, finish without me?), the drummer enjoys the spotlight for a second, then a roadie finally finds the harp and Dylan is back at it. From the time he gets the harp to the end of the song is magical. And not a Sigfried and Roy-type magic either.
The next Letterman performance in '94 is also phenomenal. Letterman mentions the "special concerts" at the time, which were the Supper Club shows. The Forever Young played is great, with some cool guitar by Bob.
I skip over a few of the next ones, but "Things Have Changed" is a good performance. Also cool is Dylan's acting when he gets the Grammy lifetime acheivement award in '91. It would be embarrassing if it wasn't acting. That's right, acting. But it is good acting, as it fools the crowd and even a panicked Jack Nicholson. Funny. Dylan's joke makes good use of tension to grab a laugh, then he spits out a clearly planned, typically enigmatic statement that has an interesting story behind it. See an article called "Bob Dylan's Unshakeable Monotheism" (jewsweek.com) There is also the "Soy Bomb" incident during an above-average performance of Lovesick.
Finally, the Cash tribute, a song about trains, is a must-have. I disagree with the above reviewer, this isn't a one-time watch and file it away disc. There are several moments here which reward multiple viewings/listenings just like any good Dylan performance.

Reviewed by sharp-tooth on 04th August 2005

An "essential" - it'll fill in the space between #6 & #8.
The Letterman stuff's fine enough, but you've seen it all, many, many times before,- have it all already in as many different formats.
The Awards 'ceremonies' - having them all together like this only reminds you just how dire / unwatchable such events are. Presenters who can't remember their lines/read an autocue, an audience oozing "sincerity", and awardees thanking everyone from the TV repairman to God.
Quality is OK, was expecting better - give it an A-;B+
Get it, watch it (once), then file it away - you won't go back to it.

Reviewed by napbon on 11th January 2005

Absolutely wonderful! Everything on here is good quality, and every performance intense. Even on the Letterman rehearsal, there's enough verve to make it rivetting viewing. Nice to see the humourous side of Bob at the award ceremonies, and It's all capped off with the beautifully warm and relaxed "Train Of Love" for Johnny Cash. Whoever put this together, we thank you. Every home should have one!!!

Reviewed by Freewheelin on 13th April 2004

Where to start ?
This compilation is brilliant and serves as a reminder to answer the question why do we love Bob Dylan.
Musically speaking there is nothing to through away (apart maybe from “Like a rolling stones played at the David Letterman Anniversary show, which is not that good, especially if you compare with the quality of the other DL shows through the years). All the other performances are amazing and Dylan surpasses himself.
For none Dylan followers, this compilation is the perfect tool to introduce them to Dylan's musical world. Not only will they be able to see different Dylans (his evolution all throughout the years), but if they like Good Music, then they will LOVE what they hear and see!) on this compilation.
The rehearsals from 1984 are amazing : here’s Bob Dylan with a punk band doing a couple of numbers. The first one being spot on. The actual DL appearance is also brilliant, Dylan does a fantastic job on the songs he plays. Just listen to him when he plays this blues harp jam : amazing stuff !
The 1993 version of Forever Young (11/18/1993) is sung with passion and for not Dylan followers, it is easy to fall under the spell of Bob’s voice and phrasing which is pure magic.
All the Grammy Awards appearances have something special in them. The version of Gotta serve somebody from 1980 is spectacular ! Even the “tragic” 1991 master of war outing is worth seeing. The band does a fantastic job…unfortunately Dylan kills the song. That said, I still enjoyed seeing it for the first time. According to all the bad reports I had heard and read, I was expecting something a lot worse…
The best of the Grammy Awards performances has to be (at least in my opinion) Cry a while from 2002: just mind blowing !
The Johnny cash tribute is also brilliant and shows us a relaxed Dylan with a reduced band (Sexton is nowhere to be seen).
Five stars !
Dylan at his all time best.

Reviewed by Frankie on 31st December 2003