DVDylan ID: D005.alt
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: Fort Collins, Colorado/Colorado State University
Date: Sunday, 23rd May 1976

There are now at least 13 DVDs containing the televised "Hard Rain" program. They can be divided into the following three broadcast categories:

1. Original NBC-TV broadcast shown in the U.S.:
-D005 (Dundas) (no menu or chapters)
-D005 (Dundas?) (menu & chapters)
-D005.ra (yassou) (bass boost w/ menu & chapters)
-Uncirculated (yassou) (un-bass boosted source DVD for D005.ra.)
-D005.alt (yassou) (newly transferred in August 2012)
-D361 (Watchdog edition)

2. Japanese TV broadcast:
-Zebop edition (ID # unknown/perhaps same as D309.su)

3. Old Gray Whistle Test (BBC Broadcast):
-D344 (HoJo) (w/BBC Bob Harris intro and BBC credit at end)
-D344.alt (JTT): (cuts BBC Bob Harris intro and BBC credit at end) (probably sourced from D344)

These two are in the DVDylan catalog but I don't know the source since I don't have them.

D263: Hard Rain (commercial bootleg) (VCD-sourced)
D484: The Genuine Video Series, vol. 2 Hard Rain & More ...

D005.alt has the following distinguishing features:

1. It is sourced directly from a first generation VHS tape that was sent to a collector in a package with a UPS label from SONY Studios. This suggests that it was sourced from the master tape of the program. D005.ra was sourced from a DVD authored from that tape. D005.ra also included the "World of John Hammond" show, which is now separately available on D1045. Thus, color and resolution are best on D005.alt.
2. It adds the extra five seconds at the end of the program aired by the BBC that is preserved on D344 and the audio line feed recently shared by JTT.
3. It uses the original sound without the bass boost that was unnecessarily made to D005.ra.
4. Like D005.ra, it has the Craig Corporation commercials that were shown on NBC before and after the program.

D005.alt is thus the most complete and best quality NBC-sourced DVD. If you want representatives of all three sources, then you can pick and choose from the other DVDs listed above and wait hopefully for Sony to release this important show commercially.

Reviewed by yassou on 15th August 2012