DVDylan ID: D629
Recording type: Mixed
City/Venue: East Rutherford NJ
Date: Sunday, 12th July 1987

an excellent 'upgrade to the upgrade' #D108.su, this carefully authored DVD combines best available pro-shot with best available audience filler to offer the complete performance for the first time on one DVD. Also, this time the audio is from FOB audience rather than the somewhat flat SB feed, offering a richer listening experience, give or take occasional enthusiasm on the part of other attendees according to your taste. Mattman always does top-notch work, and this is another fine example from him and his friends.
In terms of the performance, I agree that the 1987 run with the Grateful Dead had it's share of lower moments and that some are to be found on this video. However in terms of arrangment, downright fun on the part of the performers, and passion of performance, just take a look at the Joey ( as one example ) on this DVD and decide for yourself whether this collaboration was fruitful. To my mind, this is a interesting and often enjoyable part of the history of all the musicians involved.

An easy 4 stars for this DVD, worth having.

Reviewed by jman on 06th December 2011