DVDylan ID: D100
Recording type: Mixed

this review is thanks to Mary's kindness.

The DVD starts with a short snip of Dylan and entourage arriving at Heathrow which adds little value.

The bulk of the DVD is a very enjoyable recording of an almost complete performance from 4-feb-1990.
The set list is interesting and Dylan's performance is very solid and at times inspired.
The video is very steady, and tight on Dylan throughout. It is a bit grainy, as it seems to be shot from quite a way's back, but the color and texture are warm. Lighting is a bit dark and stark. Audio is not bad at all, quite pleasant, although there seem to be some slight sync problems towards the end.
Highlights for me included Man of Constant Sorrow, Boots, and My Back Pages. Also, several excellent harmonica outings.

The second performance is from the following night and a very similar source, most certainly the same taper.
The colors and focus are clearly better, although this excerpt is a little less steady of hand, and the audio is again very listenable. Great work-- my congratulations and appreciation to the taper for capturing and sharing this great footage!
Dylan is in great voice, and gives enthusiastic performances bobbing and weaving throughout. There are less rarities in this segment, but the 'standards' are performed excellently and energetically.

The third concert except is from a few days earlier in Paris.
Again, the video is probably from the same taper and is in similar quality. The audio is noticably tinnier undoubtably due to venue acoustics.
The colors are warm, and the shots are steady and unobstructed for the very most part. Unlike the London excerpts, each song is slightly clipped at the begining.

Over all this is an enjoyable, high quality DVD production which offers a glimpse of some excellent 1990 shows. My congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in making it available. Certainly a four star, 'worth having', fan project.

Thanks to DVDylan.com and Mary.

Reviewed by jman on 12th February 2005