DVDylan ID: D572
Recording type: Mixed
City/Venue: variuos

Not a lot to say about this one, you either like watching crap films, [and you don't get much worse than Blackbushe], or you don't. If picture quality's your 'thing' well you won't get this anyway, and if you find this stuff unmissable, you'll have it already. Most of this is available in similar/better quality on a few other DVDs. D533, D602, D149, covers most of it. Can't for the moment place the Religious Film, but it all looks familiar. The only truly new is the '84 Whistle Test News, and if you really want this, then you have other problems.
Two quibbles though. One says more about me than anything else. I just don't like hearing/watching unattributed stuff. If there's a compilation, I can't truly enjoy it unless I know the what's and where's of the recording. So all through the Religious Film, all that's going on in this little head is "Where's this from ?, Is that the same venue as...? same recording as ..? "
Subtitles or at least a mention in the menu would be nice. But it's hardly a reason to get/not get this DVD.
And the other ? It's all to do with the -
>>All recordings in this series are taken direct from the best known circulating, or uncirculating films. Nothing is more than 2 generations from the master.<<
Not that I doubt that the compilers put together the best that they had available, or that the worst in their possession was "2nd" generation. Some of it looks a lot worse, and I've been in this collecting/trading game long enough [too long ?] to realise that "1st." & "2nd. Generation" are very, very loose terms. Seen enough highly improbable, impossible "I-only-collect-1st/2nd-Gen-tapes" trade-lists to realise that many traders when confronted with such a list were apt to act much as the Andean villager when faced with the US Creationist from Christianity's Lunatic Wing.
If I can paraphase their meeting;
Creationist - "Hi, I'm here on an expedition to prove that Dinosaurs and Man co-existed on the Earth. You haven't seen any old carvings/statues of Dinosaurs , have you ?"
Villager - "Nothing like that, Senor"
C. - "Well, if you do hear of any, let's know, I can pay "
V. - "Ahhh...., you mean 'Dinosaurs', come back tomorrow, my brother he...."
Next day, holding a bit of slate with the crude outline of a Stegosaurus scratched on it.
C. - "Perfect, I knew this evidence would be found one day. Your brother, he didn't say where he found it ? Can you show me or is there any more ?"
V. - My brother says that if you give him a few days to ...er, dig them up, he'll give you some more. You don't have a Dinosaur Picture Book I could look at, please ? Just so I'll, sorry, he'll, know what to look for"
C. - "Brilliant, see you next week. Now if you find any showing Humans and Dinosaurs together, I could pay more "
V. - "Funny you say that......"

Or Tape-Trader to '1st. Generation' Collector;
"Yes, I've some stuff you'll like, give me day to add some 'corrections' to my lists, remove some 'misprints'......"
Where it's quite possible that a 2nd. Gen tape comes with a Master>1st.Gen>2nd.Gen lineage, it's just as likely to be a Master>Master>1st.Gen>1st.Gen>2nd.Gen>1st.Gen>.....etc. [till the quality dropped just too much.]

2 Stars, I enjoyed it, but lot's won't so I can hardly go higher.

[and the Dinosaur/Man pictures ? still widely thrown out on Creationist websites as 'proof' of their demise not 65 million years ago, but in The Flood ]

Reviewed by napbon on 30th January 2009