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unbelievable...feels like tripping!...i recommend it to all dylan fans

Reviewed by zap93044 on 13th January 2013

The Dylan Shrine is fabulous! Every Dylan fan needs to see this!

Reviewed by guitarman on 19th June 2008

This was the most unique, creative, fascinating display of Dylan "stuff" that I have ever seen! Mel is amazing - he is so creative and inventive! I absolutely love the Zim-Art display - what a fabulous and environmentally advanced concept! I just watched it and can't say enough about it - the songs were great, the dylan shrine is filled with so much artwork and unique items - it's just wonderful!
I loved it and believe this is a must-see for any true Dylan fan!

Reviewed by mjb18 on 07th May 2008

I just don't like this. Could not sit through it. An obsessive fan - without much interesting to say. The music gets lost in the fandom. I did not bother copying it. lets work to get this off the highlights page. Sorry not my cup of tea!

Reviewed by zarf1 on 22nd July 2007

You may be thinking about getting this DVD to show your friends you're not as crazy as this guy. And as far as collecting Dylan artifacts goes, you're not. As you will see, Mel has not only an amazing dylan collection, but has also created dylan-related art himself, including performing his own, dylan-based songs. Mel has also (although this doesn't show up in this video) created some of the earliest audience filmed DVDs.

The visit to the Dylan shrine is well put-together, although the sound quality at times is muddled or choppy. It nicely threads the audio from an NPR interview with Mel throughout the show. Obvious care has been taken to synchronize the sound with what's being shown in the frame, and it nicely delivers an enormous amount of information in a short time.

My favorite scene, though, is not from the Dylan shrine, but shows Mel and friends singing a song about Larry Campbell to Larry Campbell in his apartment. I was thinking "oh, my god! this guy is crazy" but as i think about it, it would be great to sing to Larry Campbell.

So you may get this to prove that you're not as crazy as Mel. But you may end up wishing that you were.

Reviewed by eichblatt on 22nd September 2006

If you have an hour free you will not be wasting you time by watching this extraordinary DVD. Mel lives and breathes Dylan. This takes the Dylan obsession to another level. Let him show you his fantastic collection of Dylan artefacts and souveniers. Heard of Zim-Art? Let Mel explain. An entertaining insight in to Mel's life as he takes you on a guided tour around his home. A very professional production and a worthy addition to any collection.

Reviewed by silentype on 09th May 2006

I thought this DVD was fabulous. Mel takes us inside his
"Dylan Shrine", and we can see why he may be the biggest
Bob Dylan fan in the world. His collection is breathtaking.
I also enjoyed how he integrated footage of Dylan, using video
and music to make a truly creative and inspiring piece of art.
I LOVED this DVD and have since shown in to about 7 of my Dylan

Reviewed by stevedj on 13th March 2006

I think Yassou nailed it in an earlier review of an earlier Mel project. These DVDs will be great evidence when the men in the white suits come, not for Mel whose Bobsession is documented here, but for the rest of us who collect and cherish his efforts!

OK, the artwork at the shrine is wonderful and inspired, really cool stuff.

If you think BD has taken over Your life, check this guy out!

5 stars for content, inspiration, and always wonderful editing and authoring by Mel.

Reviewed by jman on 07th March 2006

For more about the Dylanshrine story, look here:

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/s … Id=4791067

This DVD is a virtual Tour of THE Dylanshrine, Mel Prussack's personal homage to Bob Dylan's art over these past 45 !!!!! forty five !!!!! years and includes books and fanzines, vinyls, videos, CDs, ticket stubs and concert posters and commemorative postage stamps from around the world honoring Bob Dylan, songs by Dylan imitators and reworded lyrics _ and most unusual and unique examples of Zimart _ Einstein disguised as Robin Hood with his memories in a trunk... the literal vision.
The Dylanshrine museum is utterly unique - a hundred smiles. I particularly enjoyed 'Song For Larry',.. The other Man In The Long Black Coat! For most of us Bobby Hobbyists who might be reading this on a slow day, this DVD is one solid hour of entertainment and a look at the obsessive part of ourselves with tongue solidly planted in cheek!

Don't be too worried about your Fans, Bob... we are not picking through your garbage or your private life ... but we are greatly enjoying the music that you have shared with us over the years... and may you stay... you know the rest...

Reviewed by mary on 04th March 2006

That man whom Bob Dylan dubbed “the nut from Jersey” is at it again! Following Mel Prussack’s well-received Chronicles, Compilation, Home Movie of Tour '74, Personal Footage (1974-2000), and Tour '78, here we find our loveable druggist from New Jersey at his home in Old Orchard, leading us on a rocking and rollicking tour of his one of a kind Dylan Shrine. Vaguely reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy's televised 1962 Tour of the White House, the camera takes us into Mel’s split level home to inspect his intriguing artifacts: his book collection (in the background we hear Dylan singing “I can’t even touch the books you’ve read”) ,his fabulous collection of Zim-Art, art objects created by Mel that were inspired by lines from Dylan’s songs (a mule with jewels and binoculars hanging from its neck - get it?), and his “Dyl-Time" collection of over 100 time pieces inspired by Dylan lyrics containing the word ‘time.’

If this weren’t enough, we are treated to Mel’s House Band, composed of adoring friends and family, singing such chestnuts as “Zelie and the Dylan Fan” (sung to the tune of “Tweeter and the Monkey Man”) and “Song to Larry,” a song performed at a New York City home with Larry Campbell and his wife actually in attendance, laughing hysterically as Mel belts out his witty lyrics.

This disk is quite well-edited, with background music from Dylan, Mel's House band, and other sources, narration by Mel, and portions of narration from Art Silverman’s NPR broadcast program that featured the Dylan Shrine.

For a fun-filled hour, and for an important reminder that we shouldn’t always take ourselves too seriously, this disk is a must-have for every serious Dylan collector.

Reviewed by yassou on 24th February 2006