DVDylan ID: D004
Recording type: ProShot

This DVD has some of the cheesiest stuff Dylan did. But its
fun to watch, once. I would much rather listen to the songs,
the videos are so confining as far as images go. Sound quality
is very good. Some of the collection is on other DVDs. Some of
the stuff from the 80s is downright violent and I guess reflects
an aspect of Dylan I don't appreciate. Hopefully, he'll grow
out of it.

Reviewed by Pinkcloud on 10th October 2007

Highlights will depend on your particular preference for the songs included. All are professional and so sound and picture quality is as good as it gets. There’s the classic version of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and the Renaldo & Clara version of “Tangled up in Blue” which it just doesn’t get any better than that for me. There are many of the MTV videos you’ve probably seen, the best are where he is playing the song with little of the acting out of the song, some are gems, others are a little less so. “Political World” is a favorite, if only the whole video would’ve just been his performance.

The Wilbury selections are great; what a band; talk about super groups! George really stands out on these. I’m a big fan of all these guys and they really go well together; nice tribute to Orbison on “End of the Line”

This disc starts strong, has some ups and downs in the middle, and then finishes as strong as it started covering nearly 40 years time from “To Ramona” to “Not Dark Yet” & “Things Have Changed” or have they? Still great music after all the years.

Thanks for sharing this!

Reviewed by johnbrown on 23rd May 2005

This is the dvd that leads me to wonder as many other writers have in these pages what in the world columbia is thinking by not capitalizing on this stuff. Especially material like this which the work has already been done on, let alone R+C, and ETD.
Well, i'll spend the buck when they do, but until then this is another beautiful, essential, labor of love for Dylan fans. Very nice menus too.

I throroughly enjoyed both the live tracks and the MTV style interpretations, which is a format that I believe has its origin in the Subterranean Homesick Blues sequence from Dont Look Back included here.
Worthy of mention are the Wilburys tracks of course, as well as the super 80's toned When the Night Comes Falling MTV classic. I really like the Series of Dreams art video which is kind of a mini history of Bob Dylan images in itself.
Also, the Tangled Up in Blue makes me sweat over the vault of high grade RTR film that must (might?) be sitting around. well, hopefully one day we'll see more. Until then, get this Dvd, sit back, and enjoy over 30 years of Dylan Promotional film and video.

Reviewed by jman on 30th January 2005

Thie is a GREAT dvd. The live shots are mostly mediocre, but the music videos (the majority of the disc) are great. I had no idea Dylan even MADE music videos, but these are not to be missed. The quality on music videos is great (obviously), the live shots vary. Some highlights are the two Subterranean Homesick Blues videos (the Dylan standard), Jokerman, When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky, and all the Travelling Wilburys videos, which are not to be missed. The two Rolling Thunder live videos are good too (Tangled Up In Blue, Isis). The videos though make this a must-have. If only MTV played stuff like this.

Reviewed by the3penguins on 31st August 2004