DVDylan ID: D586
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington
Date: Saturday, 16th July 2005

A nice ProShot 2005 concert where the band play a nice sharp performance.
I think Bob plays a pretty big part in this show, his electric piano is alot louder than usual and is constantly heard which i found rather nice.
I also loved to see Norah Jones play with Bob, You don't usally get a modern musical artist playing with him.
Overall: Fantastic show!

Reviewed by Josepi on 05th April 2007

I really like the result, very strong performances and its very crips and the sound is just top notch. Recommended.

Reviewed by Jonathan on 09th February 2006

I have nothing to add to the other reviews except to
correct the statements regarding the introduction that
begins the show. This is done by Al Santos,one of Bob's
people,it's the intro he uses every show.
A reporter from the Buffalo News used the words in a piece
he did about Bob.....Dylan must have been amused about it and it's been in the show since.
http://www.geocities.com/dragonraid/ … mburg.html

Reviewed by 11DollarBills on 06th January 2006

This is a weird DVD. I hoped they paid Bob handsomely to do this gig - I'm sure nothing other than his by now consumate professionalism and perhaps a couple of stiff bills to pay kept him from walking off the stage after two minutes or better yet not even starting the show at all. To begin with, the intro truly was ghastly and insulting, not to mention stupid and ignorant. Secondly, the audience provides about as much energy in return to the performers as you might expect of a corporate sponsered event from a company which exists as a giant in cyberspace. This is still rock n' roll, but not because anyone other than Bob Dylan and his band say so.

...and yet, Zimmy still manages to rock. His playing, both piano and harp, are always solid; at times brilliant. He appears bouyant, even bubbly - like he is managing to enjoy himself despite the tepid, bland, limp, lobotomized, environment he finds himself in. What the DVD lacks in spontaneity and surprise it makes up for in slickness and clarity. We get a gorgeous opportunity to see and hear the band in full and unobstructed clarity. Their playing is crisp and tight. As mentioned in an earlier review of this DVD, it is nice to hear Dylan as an intergral member of the band, his keyboard playing deeply imbedded in the fabric of the music, as opposed to dancing aimlessly over it.

I Shall be Released features a nervous appearing Nora Jones who, trepidation aside, still manages to showcase her honey sweet vocals.

True, if you are looking for Bob Dylan in all his raging glory, this may not be the DVD you want to pick up and look into. This is, after all, the 21st century - if he hasn't already, this american musical force of nature will soon start drawing social security checks whether he wants em or not. He still kicks it out stronger than many a man half his age, and I, for one, feel that he has more than earned his keep.

This is definitly worth seeing. Many thanks to the generosity of 11DollarBills.

Reviewed by c6sailer on 09th December 2005

This is a clear and direct approach of the Bob;
He does one of the best performances i have ever seen or heard.



Reviewed by larry on 20th September 2005