DVDylan ID: D2093
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: Anaheim, CA, Anaheim Stadium
Date: Sunday, 26th July 1987

NB: 2 Stars based on comparison to other pro shots.

The editor of this item had an excellent soundboard recording and a variety of high quality camera shots with which to work. Great effort and expertise was obviously put into the editing and production. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough footage to create a seamless product, thus necessitating the use of graphic filler that was rarely if ever in sync with the audio. These often garish graphics are rather over the top, making one wonder if an attempt was being made to replicate a psychedelic experience or at least a tie-dyed tee shirt. While the soundboard audio is excellent, it often appears to be slightly behind the video footage, thus compromising the overall effect. If you're looking for a better pro shot 1987 Dylan and the Dead show produced by the same team, try D547.bd

Reviewed by yassou on 05th July 2021