DVDylan ID: D274
Recording type: ProShot

Awesome DVD! This is one of my favorites, and it is definately a must have for any Dylan fan.

Reviewed by Chachi420 on 05th August 2005

As all the reviews state, this is a great sampler of the Pro Shot videos that are available. A great collection; all are really fantastic. A great place to start for the beginning of a collection until you can collect them all, but also great to watch in it’s own right even then. All selections are highlights so your personal song preference will determine which you like the best so I wont go into reviewing the selections. I will comment on the band for Jokerman though, they seem comical to me now. This is a collection that you can watch over and over; it just wets your appetite for more. Definitely a great place to start, and a must have for any collection. Thanks again Stoked for sharing!

Reviewed by johnbrown on 23rd May 2005

Like others have mentioned before this is a must have DVD, especially for those new to the group. It provides an excellent overview of the incredible range of musical styles and periods of Dylan's long
career and It leaves me astounded at the amount of wonderful material I still have left to discover. Very addictive stuff. It would be difficult for any one who appreciates Dylan to watch this in its entirety and not want to see more. It may not be difficult for an admirer of Dylan to find some of the promotional videos. But try finding a copy of “It Aint Me Babe” from Renaldo and Clara with out the help of a group like DVDylan. I had always wanted to see his performance on Saturday Night Live of "I believe in you. I thought it was moving and well performed. The video for Blood in my Eyes was wonderfully stylized and it was interesting to see him out in the streets of (London?) giving autographs. “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carol”, “Knocking on Heavens Door”, “Just Like a Woman” were all highlights for me. Great performances which I had never seen. Sound and picture quality is fantastic. This was my first Dylan DVD, however so difficult for me to give an informed opinion when I had nothing to compare it to.

A heartfelt thanks to Curtis (sorry I forgot your username) for your exceptional generosity and for getting me started with my first Dylan DVD.

Reviewed by bandd1 on 18th May 2005

"The only person you have to think about lying twice to is either yourself or to God" (Dylan, CBS Interview, 2004).

I think this DVD, of great sound and video quality, clearly shows how Dylan always tryed not to lie to himself (or God) during all of his career. This meant many changes of direction, a constant search for a different, or deeper, point of view.

One factor that I think is present in all his music is the love and respect for the roots and for authors like Skip James, Leadbelly and, of course, Guthrie. This is maybe less evident in the songs concerning the first part of the eighties (which are the ones I like less). This is the time when Dylan even started to think that maybe it was time to end his career. Thankfully, he didn't.

I especially liked the video of "Blood in my eyes", which I think was shot on Camden High Street in London, UK. Hearing that song, so simple and beautiful, is like a breath of fresh air.

Reviewed by countzero on 18th April 2005

It's all been said.
This is a great collection of performances in good condition. Good sound, good picture. If you only get one.... get this one!
Broad spectrum of content in style as well as over the decades.
It's unfortunate that some of the clips double up from other compilations, but that's just the way it is.

LEGEND Bob, Legend Vygi!


Reviewed by lenny on 12th April 2005

as the other reviews below this one say, this is an absolutely "Must Have".
Watching this you can't help but wonder why there's no more official Dylan DVDs out there.

Picture and sound quality are perfect (well, it's a ProShot Compilation). even the menus are great.

As for the content, includes the best of the best.

one advice, if you watch this you will want more and more, the perfect choice for a newbie (and for anyone who don't have it!).

you can always get back to this DVD and you'll never be tired of it.

Reviewed by raz on 11th December 2004

Fantastic stuff! Some of it has been around a while in its full form (Hard Rain for example), but having such a good collection all on one DVD is great.

Highlights for me (aside from the early B&W footage) include the early performance of Hurricane, the absolutely astounding It Ain't Me Babe from Renaldo And Clara, a very beautiful I Believe In You, the weird 'punk / rock 'n' roll Jokerman from Letterman, a great Most Of The Time... oh, it's all good really.

A must have!

Reviewed by Derek on 17th August 2004

If someone asked me "I've just heard of this dvdylan site, what do ytou think I should try and trade for?", I'd immediately recommend Through the Years Volume 1. It has been lovingly put together and authored and flows together brilliantly encapsulating a man's career as best as can be achieved in a 2 hour video compilation.

The menus are as funtional and visually pleasing as you could want, and a screenshot of the TV performace gives the viewer an idea of the era and look of the performance. The video and sound quality vary greatly throughout (which is only logical as it spans 39 years of proshots!), though all are perfectly watchable and on a par with anything you coudl expect of an official release from Columbia. My personal favourites are the early black and white footage of "Only a pawn in their game" and The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll". But then again, modern Dylan also appeals with a wonderful version of "Things have changed" from the academy awards in 2001. In all honesty, their is a multitude of wonderful footage on show here and none of it can be bad-mouthed.

In conjunction with the second in the series, #D326, this DVD serves as the first truly essential disc for the Dylan fanatic or casual viewer alike.

Reviewed by wheatln2 on 28th July 2004

A must have for even the average Dylan fan (if one exists!).

Excellent place to start a collection, or if you just fancy having a lot of the best bits on one DVD.

Top class authoring as well. EXCELLENT!!

Reviewed by hardinggr on 27th July 2004

This is a brilliant collection of Bob Dylan from the scruffy folksinger in Greenwood, Mississippi, to the venerated Oscar winner spooking the Hollywood stars with "Things Have Changed." There is SO much here, all in great sound and picture quality, and highlights include the Rolling Thunder performances, Dylan looking like a country squire with Johnny Cash, and singing "Pancho and Lefty" with Willie Nelson. A great overview for the new Dylan fan, and a treasure trove for those who have followed him all along. From evidence of these performances alone, the man is clearly a genius and a force of nature to be reckoned with. This DVD should not be missed!

Reviewed by warehouseeyes on 02nd July 2004

Thanks to Vygi I have this wonderful dvd.
First of all I have to say the quality of the image & sound are excellent.
There are a lot of TV performances, live and videos from all dylan's career, some of them surprising, for example Blood in my eyes, with dylan signing autographs on the street, dressed as a gentelman with gloves and hat! or a wonderful performance from hurricane.
To finish what to say about the Oscar awards performance... amazing. I only missed one thing about the oscars, and it is the speech. but the performance is unmissable.

It a perfect dvd to start a collection.

Reviewed by tangledblue on 29th June 2004

Definitely a MUST have, Columbia Records should see how good it is and release something like this officially
...... it's that good !

I also liked Jack Bruce (Cream) on stage in Spain on
All Along The Watchtower (1992)
and the duet with Willie Nelson of the Townes Van Zandt song "Pancho & Lefty" 1993 it's all about time by 2 great artists :-)

Reviewed by daveg987654321 on 29th May 2004

This is one fantastic DVD! Both picture and sound quality are excellent.
The song selections and performances are excellent. This one's a 'must have'.

Reviewed by Grandpa-Bill on 22nd March 2004

Excellent compilation. Picture and sound quality are amazing. This is a nice compilation if you would like to see a portion of a "bigger" show and decide if you would like to get the complete version.

Reviewed by kidrib on 22nd March 2004

What can I say ... this DVD is TOO MUCH! This is the one to show to your friends when you have to explain to them 'The Many Faces of Bob.'

Once again, the quality rates well above what I used to have on VHS (for the same performances).

More, More!

Reviewed by Lempi-Maki on 21st January 2004


TEN star DVD authoring for some TEN star Bob performances... and the reminder that Bob Dylan's performances through the years are simply astounding and FRESH every time. That about covers it.

Sony/Columbia... you have missed the boat and have not paid attention to what Dylan's fans really want in their personal Collections.

This DVD is a real KEEPER.

Reviewed by mary on 13th January 2004