DVDylan ID: D690
Recording type: ProShot
Date: Monday, 15th May 2000

The Royal Swedish Academy of Music Award

The Prizewinners of 2000 were Isaac Stern and Bob Dylan.

The Prize committee's citation for Bob Dylan:

"Bob Dylanīs influence, as a singer-songwriter, on the development of 20th century popular music is indisputable. His achievements encompass almost four decades of constantly changing modes of creativity, always innovative, but always based on American musical traditions and roots. Starting with folk music and reaching the heights of critical and public fame, he set aside the rules of the day, appearing no longer alone with his acoustic guitar, but in the company of a rock and roll band. It was a development that required both integrity and determination, a move that cemented his role as one of the greatest rock artists of our time.

Bob Dylanís ability to combine poetry, harmony and melody in a meaningful, often provocative context, has captivated millions in all age groups, and in most cultures and societies. Through his modest, persuasive musical approach, he has demonstrated an impressive ability to question the most determined political forces, to fight all forms of prejudice, and to offer inflinching support for the less fortunate. Even those who might not have shared his views would find it impossible to argue against Bob Dylanís musical and poetic brilliance."

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