DVDylan ID: D152
Recording type: ProShot

Can I give less than 0 stars ? - even completists shouldn't have to watch this.
Who-ever was responsible for this rubbish should be taken outside, put against a wall ........
I'll quite happily watch really terrible recordings if that's all there is, but this.. I recognise quite a lot of the clips, and they're all widely available in much, much better quality, so when it comes to the rest, I can hardly believe that they are the best available either.
Content - well it seems like they just threw in anything they could find, there's no apparent thought involved, nor any attempt at ordering. They couldn't even be bothered to stop the Video-DVD transfers at the end of each clip, if there was a few seconds of black screen, they just left it in.
Very few of the tracks are complete, some no doubt on the originals, but not them all.
Chaptering is useless.
Dating of a lot of the tracks is suspect.

Reviewed by napbon on 16th March 2005