DVDylan ID: D596
Recording type: Mixed

1963.03.15 Westinghouse 02 Man of constant sorrow -1
1975.12.04 Montreal QC rc 11 Never let me go
1984.03.22 NY Letterman reh 04 Treat her right
1985.09.19 LA farm aid reh 02 What'd I say
1986.06.06 LA Amnesty 03 Shake a hand
1986.07.04 Buffalo NY 06 We had it all, faii
1987.03.11 NY, Gershwin gala 01 Soon
1989.05.30 Helsinki 02 Confidential, to me
1989.06.13 Frejus 14 Peace in the valley
1990.02.01 Paris 18 Barbara Allen
1991.06.21 Muenchen 09 Two soldiers, alt
1991.10.17 Seville 03 Across the borderline
1992.06.30 Dunkerque 09 The girl on the green briar shore
1993.02.17 Eindhoven 08 Tomorrow night
1996.11.12 Dubuque IA 09 Friend of the devil
1998.05.13 Vancouver BC 10 I'm not supposed to care
1999.03,04.06 Nashville, JCash tri 03 Train of love
1999.07.03 Duluth MN 13 Not fade away
2000.04.03 Cedar Rapids IA 06 White dove
2001.06.24 Trondheim 01 Oh babe, it ain't no lie
2001.11.08 Toronto ON 01 Humming bird
2002.11.13 Msg 12 Old man
2002.11.15 Philadelphia PA 16 Mutineer
2004.03.28 Apollo NY 70th 02 A change is gonna come
1966.05.01 Copenhagen 02 Baby, let me follow you down,theHawks-2
1976.05.23 Ft. Collins 10 Deportees, hard rain
1982.06.06 Pasadena CA 02 Pirate looks at forty
1984.03.22 NY Letterman 01 Don't start me talking
1985.09.19 LA farm aid reh 05 Lucky old sun
1986.07.04 Buffalo NY 14 Lonesome town, faii
1988.06.10 Berkeley CA 16 Everybody's moving,NY,GES
1988.07.15 Indianapolis IN 08 Trail of the Buffalo
1988.12.04 Oakland CA the bridge benefit 02 Pretty boy Floyd
1989.07.15 Portland ME 02 Nothing but you
1991.06.12 Budapest 07 When first unto this country
1992.10.12 Binghamton NY 08 Little Moses
1994.04.06 Davenport IA 07 Lady came from Baltimore
1996.08.03 Atlanta GA 13 Alabama getaway
1997.04.28 Wheeling WV 11 Long black veil
1998.11.01 Msg 11 The times we've known
1999.11.18 Amherst MA 01 Somebody touched me
1999.11.10 New Haven CT 06 Folsom prison blues
2000.04.03 Cedar Rapids IA 01 Roving gambler
2001.10.09 Central Point OR 01 Wait for the light to shine
2002.11.15 Philadelphia PA 06 Brown sugar
2004.05.05 Willie Nelson, LA 01 You win again

Reviewed by jidvinci on 17th November 2006

I enjoy Bob doing covers, so i signed up for this one right away.

Whoever compiled this did a good job. The video quality was good, pro-shot in many cases, watchable in all cases (we are talking about bootlegs here). I'd heard alot of the songs and it was good to see them.

I recommend this for anyone who enjoys Bob covers.

Reviewed by eichblatt on 03rd October 2006

As I said to the wife last night, as we slowly untangled, "Well, it looked good on paper". "Next year we'll try position No. 27".
So with this DVD, it does look an attractive idea. There's always been covers in Bob's set from day one, hardly a NET show without at least one, and they're fine to get & listen to, part of the fun in collecting is just to see what he'll come up next.
So putting a pile of them together on a couple of DVDs is a sure-fire winner, wrong.
1) I blame Bob. He more or less stopped making covers his "own" songs in the mid '60's. The few gems since then have largely been studio recordings. (He's made a lot of the 90's/ 2000's covers "his own" OK, but only by making them all sound the same, as this DVD makes abundantly clear.)
2) I blame Fate. Given the patchy video availability, coupled with the fact that some of these were only ever played once or twice, has meant that the compiler has had to use some pretty bad footage at times.
3) I blame the Compiler. He/she should have realised that it just wasn't going to work, cut their losses, released a 3" DVD of the best bits, and gone onto their next project.
4) I blame Me. I'm not that much of a fan of compilations anyway. Best-of's and Highlights have their place, but neither description fits these DVDs. Collections of Rarities are fine, but again, a good proportion of these are anything but rare. All the best clips here you've probably got, some many times over, the rest - if you've 'completeist' tendancies you'll either have or be going to get, so why waste shelf space. If you've only the few 5 star DVDs, this won't tempt you into getting more.
1 star, not something I'm going to recommend to anyone, or to watch much myself.

Reviewed by napbon on 30th April 2006

At his best Dylan has a gift for making cover songs his own. Songs like Prettty Boy Floyd and Little Moses become both timeless and yet more accessible. ( great performances of both these songs on this compilation) Lines like “ I was born to rock the boat/ Some may sink but we will float.” ( Mutineer - another great performance here) sound like they could have been written by Dylan himself. This compilation is a great introduction to the vast repertoire of cover songs dylan has performed over the years spanning many musical genres and styles.

You may find better audio recordings of some of these Dylan covers elsewhere but there are plenty of gems to make this compilation a must have. Audio and video quality varies from song to song, but more importantly is the exposure to some great material you find here.

There are some nice surprises like Neil Young’s “Old man”, Aznavour’s “The Times We’ve Known and Sam Cook’s “A change is gonna come”. Although I found his raw shattered voice almost difficult to listen to, somehow it fits . This is no longer a song of hope. When Dylan sings “A change is gonna come, Oh yes it will” I ‘m not convinced he’s being sincere.

It is hard not to get caught up in the exuberance of “Friend of the Devil”. Though the performance would have even been better if the audience members would have stayed off the stage. However the dueling guitar solos are fantastic.

I would highly recommend this to any one who appreciates Dylan’s music.

A sincere thank you very much to walstib for your kind generosity


Reviewed by bandd1 on 30th October 2005

The 2 DVD set is a compliation of some pro-shots and mainly audience filmed clips. Includes many rarities of the NET in decent quality. One of the best Dylan DVD compilations around! Do yourself a favour and check it out!

Reviewed by FriendOfTheDevil on 29th October 2005

This is a very interesting combination of songs. Dylan very clearly enjoys playing other people’s songs. Songs that mean something to him. It’s never routine, it’s very much like when he’s playing his own new songs; they still sound fresh and he’s having a good time.
It made me think, it would be interesting to have a compilation of those later years that he wrote new songs and was playing them in his new tour. I mean leaving out the obligatory Like a Rollin Stone, Knockin’ on heavens’ door etc. (I hope I’m not steppin’ on sombody’s toes here but really..)
Big compliments to whoever put this together (and also to the artwork-maker for that matter, good idea with all these (reminding me of) jig-saw puzzle pieces) who were you, anonymus people? Picture and sound quality more than good enough to enjoy an altogether different Dylan-experience.
Also I’d like to thank everybody here for all the labour of love that’s shared on this site for all of us to enjoy.

Reviewed by Bart on 13th October 2005

First of all must thank taaa(Takashi)for sending me this one.Sound quality and picture quality varies fom song to song but don't let that put you off.Some great covers from Bob covering his entire career to date.Outstanding performances througout the two discs and something i would think to keep everyone happy.If its not already in your collection you just have to put yourself out to get this one.

Best wishes everyone,
Louise xx

Reviewed by louise on 05th October 2005

this is an awesome set, i'm so glad to see it, and very grateful to the author! wonderful selections, some great and rare moments, some great and familiar. not all is in the absolute best available etc, and there are a few digital pops on the set, but these are minor inconvieniences at most.
this set is great fun to watch, each disc leads the viewer from the early days through recent performances. a great mix of pro and audience films and tapes.
my idea of a 5 star fan project. kudos and thanks to all involved.

Reviewed by jman on 15th September 2005