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D810  "DVDylan Does Dylan" CM
D591  1992 Sampler CM
D035  20/20 Interview (ABC TV Interview Raw Footage) CM
D731  60 Minutes Outtakes CM
D642  A Visit To The Dylan Shrine CM
D203.su  Albany, NY (18-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D586  Amazon.com 10th Anniversary Event (16-Jul-05) CM
D169.ra  Ames, IA (07-Apr-94) (Remastered Audio) CM
D835  Amherst, MA (18-Nov-99) CM
D189.su  Amherst, MA (18-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D740.su  Amsterdam, The Netherlands (09-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D333.su  Athens, GA (28-Oct-1990) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D031.su  Atlantic City, NJ (18-Nov-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D698  Atlantide - Storie Di Uomini E Di Mondi (Italian Documentary) CM
D568.su  Avignon, France (25-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D010  BBC Docs ("Getting to Dylan" and "Highway 61") CM
D612  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. II CM
D065  Berkeley, CA (10-Jun-88) CM
D786.su  Binghamton, NY (19-Feb-99) CM
D284.su  Birmingham, AL (07-Feb-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D753  Birmingham, England (17-Apr-07) CM
D357.su  Birmingham/Aston Villa, UK (02-Apr-95) ("Series Of Dylan 001 S.U.") CM
D359.su  Birmingham/Aston Villa, UK (02-Apr-95) ("Series Of Dylan 003" S.U.) CM
D371  Bits And Pieces (Rare Pro-Shots 1969-2000) CM
D633  Bob Dylan - Rockin' (ProShot Compilation) CM
D634  Bob Dylan - Twangin' (ProShot Compilation) CM
D441.1  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 1 CM
D441.2  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 2 CM
D441.3  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 3 CM
D441.4  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 4 (Earls Court) CM
D673  Bob Dylan And The Band / 69 - 70 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D395.su  Bologna, Italy (07-Jun-91) ("Dangerous 005" Sound Upgrade) CM
D632.su  Bologna, Italy (10-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D126.su  Brookville, NY (30-Jan-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D703.su  Brussels, Belgium (23-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D007  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CM
D117.2su  Burlington, VT (27-Oct-92) (2 DVDs, Sound Upgrade) CM
D745.su  Cava de'Tirreni, Italy (21-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D596  Covered By Bob Dylan (2 DVDs) CM
D811.su  Denver, CO (05-Jun-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D519  Desolation Row (The Marionette Performance) --
D542  Do You, Mr. Smith? (1989-90 Compilation) CM
D725  Documentary Of The First Italian Tour (1984) CM
D720  Dublin + Blue Jean Bash '93 CM
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) CM
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) CM
D013  DVD Compilation #03 (Early 80s) CM
D014  DVD Compilation #04 (Late 80s) CM
D015  DVD Compilation #05 (Like a Rolling Stone) CM
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) CM
D017  DVD Compilation #07 (Letterman, Grammy, and more...) CM
D018  DVD Compilation #08 (Shalom Aleichem!) CM
D019  DVD Compilation #09 (The Bobfest) CM
D020  DVD Compilation #10 (Unplugged and Plugged) CM
D021  DVD Compilation #11 (Seven Hard Rains) CM
D132  Dylavision (by "Bobzilla TV") CM
D108.su  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D042.su  East Rutherford, NJ (13-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D002  Eat The Document CM
D679.su  Edinburgh, Scotland (06-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D744.su  Foggia, Italy (19-Jul-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D585  Fort Worth, TX (04-Jul-05) CM
D547  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) C-
D624.hq  Groningen, The Netherlands (18-Mar-95) (High Quality) CM
D624.su  Groningen, The Netherlands (18-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D499  Guitar Legends (From EXPO '92 at Seville) CM
D383.su  Hamburg, Germany (31-May-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D156.su  Hamilton, Ontario (11-Jul-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D005  Hard Rain CM
D263  Hard Rain (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D047  Hard to Handle CM
D726  Hartford, CT (21-Jul-00) CM
D300.a  Holmdel, NJ (28-Jul-99) (Authored+edited) CM
D006  House Of Blues (Atlanta, 03-Aug-96) --
D342  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Atlanta, 04-Aug-96) CM
D728  Italia 2006 (Pistoia, Roma & Foggia) CM
D396.su  Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (10-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D863.su2  London, England (25-Apr-09) (PAL Widescreen) CM
D123  London, England (29-Mar-95) CM
D593.su  London, England (30-Jun-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D124  London, England (30-Mar-95) CM
D105.sse  London/Wembley (05-Oct-00) (Surround Sound Edition, 2 DVDs) CM
D237  London/Wembley (06-Oct-00) C-
D009  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) CM
D174.suu  Los Angeles, CA (22-May-98) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D246  Made In France, Vol.1 (Compilation from French TV 1965-90) CM
D247  Made In France, Vol.2 (Compilation from TV 1982-84) CM
D248  Made In France, Vol.3 (Compilation 1985-86) CM
D249  Made In France, Vol.4 (Compilation 1986-94) CM
D290  Made In France, Vol.5 (Compilation 1965-81) CM
D317  Made In Sweden CM
D330  Man In The Long Black Coat CM
D699.su  Manchester, England (03/04-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D717.su  Maple (Vaughan), Canada (29-Jul-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D601  Mel's Chronicles, Volume One CM
D556  Mel's Compilation # 0ne CM
D384  Mel's Personal Footage (1974-2000) CM
D497.suu  Milano, Italy (04-Oct-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM
D424.su  Milano, Italy (19-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D175.su  Milano, Italy (20-Apr-02) (Soud Upgrade) CM
D711.su  Minneapolis, MN (02-Sep-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D388  MTV Unplugged Rehearsal --
D615.su  Munich, Germany (30-Sep-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM
D653.su  Münster, Germany (01-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D164.su  Münster, Germany (01-Oct-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D435  Napoli (Naples), Italy (25-Jun-93) CM
D353  Nashville, TN (14-Nov-81) CM
D024  New Haven, CT (10-Nov-99) CM
D024.su  New Haven, CT (10-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D120.su  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) (Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM
D048.su  New York, NY (01-Nov-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D043.su  New York, NY (11-Nov-02) (Two-Camera Mix / Sound Upgrade) CM
D044.su  New York, NY (13-Nov-02) ("Pianoman": Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM
D267  New York, NY (14-Dec-95) CM
D655.su  New York, NY (15-Oct-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D299.su2  New York, NY (16-Oct-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D039.su  New York, NY (17-Oct-90) ("Welcome To The Beacon" s.u.) CM
D273.su  New York, NY (18-Oct-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D739.su  New York, NY (20-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D557.su  New York, NY (29-Apr-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D558.su  New York, NY (30-Apr-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D670  Newcastle + Cardiff 2000 CM
D736.su  Newcastle, England (19-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D724  Notte Rock Special -Un Mito Di Cinquant'Anni CM
D649  Nottingham, UK (15-Nov-05) CM
D587  Offenbach, Germany (19-Jun-91) CM
D377.su  Offenbach, Germany (19-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D587.su  Offenbach, Germany (19-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D411  Oh No! Not Another Dylan Compilation! C-
D057  Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid --
D037.sse  Philadelphia, PA (15-Nov-02) (Surround Sound Edition) CM
D738.su  Philadelphia, PA (18-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D521.su  Philadelphia, PA (20-Aug-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D682.su  Pistoia, Italy (15-Jul-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D580.su  Portland, OR (12-Mar-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D236.su  Portsmouth, England (25-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D654.su  Prague, Czech Republic (07-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D701.mix  Prague, Czech Republic (11-Mar-95) (Two Cam Mix, S.U.) CM
D662.su  Puyallup, WA (22-Sep-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D630  Renaldo & Clara Concert Clips (In Stereo) CM
D003  Renaldo and Clara --
D003.pal  Renaldo and Clara (PAL) --
D003.de  Renaldo and Clara (With German Subtitles) CM
D292  Rochester, MN (31-Mar-00) CM
D620.su  Rochester, NY (22-Oct-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D062.su  Rockford, IL (25-Oct-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D533  Rollin' Down The Road (1984-2004 Compilation, 2 DVDs) CM
D051.a  Rolling Stone 20th Anniversary (1987) (Reauthored) CM
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CM
D489.su  Rome+ Livorno, Italy 1989 (Sound Upgrade) C-
D470.su2  Rome, Italy (05-Jul-98) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D708.su  San Francisco, CA (16-Oct-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D570  Shot Of Love (Loreley/Mannheim/Avignon '81 Sound Upgr.) CM
D643  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 1 CM
D664  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 2 CM
D177  Somebody Touched Me (UK Tour 2000 Compilation) --
D322.su  St. Louis, MO (03-Mar-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D183  Stanhope, NJ (10-Sep-88) --
D321.su  State College, PA (06-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D756.su  Stockholm, Sweden (28-Mar-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D757  The 20th Anniversary Kennedy Center Honors CM
D001.sf  The Born Again Music (Toronto 1980 (Smiling Face edition)) CM
D510  The Clips CM
D303  The Complete Thunder CM
D487  The Genuine Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration (4 DVDs) CM
D472.i  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Improved version, 6 DVDs) CM
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980) CM
D310  The Interviews (2 DVD Set) CM
D309.su  The Japanese Hard Rain (Sound Upgrade) CM
D700  The Lost Waltz (On two DVD-Rs) CM
D004  The Promo Videos (25 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) CM
D735  The Times They Are A Changin' (Twyla Tharp Jukebox Musical) CM
D291  The UK Tour 2003 (Compilation) CM
D659  The Video Collection ("Buried Treasure") CM
D471  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 1 CM
D550  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 2 CM
D671  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 3 CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D116.su  Toronto, Canada (29-Oct-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D554  TV Appearance 1963-1975 CM
D415  TV Live & Rare '63-'75 (Semi-official "Brazilian" release) CM
D522  Two Nights in Europe (Mannheim & Avignon '81) CM
D469.su  Uncasville, CT (05-Jun-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D729.su  Uniondale, NY (13-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D025.su  Vancouver, Canada (13-May-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D589.suu  Verona, Italy (01-Oct-87) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D559.su  Verona, NY (20-Apr-05) (Watchtower Sound Upgrade) CM
D759  Wantagh, NY (29-Jun-07) -M
D759.su  Wantagh, NY (29-Jun-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D061.hq  Wellington, New Zealand (24-Feb-03) CM
D378  West Palm Beach, FL (02-Sep-99) CM
D543.psu  West Point, NY (13-Oct-90) (Partial Sound Upgrade) CM
D583  West Point, NY (15-Oct-94) CM
D008.su  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
Bob Dylan
Ultimate Genuine Telecasts 2 DVDs
Kennedy Center Honors 1997
Ultimate Dylan Tribute Compilation
Theme Time Radio Hour Season 2 – pt 1
Hard Rain – New Version V#9371
Renaldo & Clara JTT

38 Special

Texas Jam 78 Live

Dortmund, Germany 5/14/83

VH1 Behind the Music

Watching Rainbows 1 & 2
Get Back 2 DVDs
Let it Be
A Year In Pepperland 1967
Magical Mystery Tour
Liverpool Empire 12/1763
Japan 1966
Sing for Shell
Turn Left At Greenland 4 DVDs
On Safari 1 & 2
Cartoons 1 & 2 2 Dvds
Abby Road Upmix
Sgt Pepper Upmix
From These Small Beginnings 3 DVDs
Early Beatles
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
At The Beeb 12 CD Flac
Purple Chick Stuff Vol. 1 – 5 5 DVDs
Shea Stadium
Antholgy 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8 4 DVDs
Beatles 101 Video Collection 2DVDs
Something New World Tour 64 Vol. 1
Something New World Tour 64 Vol. 2

Billy Joe
Old Grey Whistle Test, March 13, 1978
Wembley Arena 6/8/84 2 DVDs

Black Sabbath
Don Kirschner’s Concert

Bruce Springteen
Landover, MD 8/15/78 3 DVDs
Paris, France 6/29/85 3 DVDs
Whole Lotta Rosie

Buddy Holly
Rave On 2001, The Last Day 1999

The Byrds
Video Collection 2 DVDs

Cat Stevens
1971-1975 Compilation
Williamsburg 2/22/76

Dortmund, Germany 12/19/82

Chuck Berry
BBC Theatre, Sheherds Bush, London 3/29/72

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
London 9/14/74, San Francisco 10/4/73

Curtis Mayfield
Anthology 1965-1994

The Clash

David Bowie
Cracked Actor

Dire Straights
Rockpalast 1979 upgrade 2/16/79

Don McLean
Bad Homburg (German TV) 1982

The Doors
German Broadcast 1972

The Eagles
The Summit 11/6/76
Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert 1974

Edgar Winter – Johnny Winter - Rick Derringer
Rockpalast Germany 5/12/07

Electric Light Orchestra
Storytellers 4/21/01

Elton John
BBC 1 Sessions 9/14/06

Elvis Costello
3 DVds

Eric Burdon
Video Compilation

Elvis Presley
Windy City Rocks, Chicago, Illinois
Civic Center, Birmingham 12/29/76
Return to Splendour
Filmore 20th Anniversary 7/7/86
On Tour Though My Eyes 2 DVDs
1974 – 1977

Eric Clapton
Old Grrey Whistle Test
Guitar Show 1- 5

Frank Sinatra
Carnegie Hall 6/25/80

Live 1976-1978

Grand Funk
NYC 12/23/72
The Forum Los Angeles, Ca 1/16/74

Grateful Dead
Farm Aid 86 7/4/86 Set 2
RFK Stadium, Washington, DC 6/25/93
The Grateful and the Dead – BBC Doc.
The Grateful and the Dead – RFK Stadium, Washington DC

The Hollies
Video Collection

Ike & Tina Revue
Holland 1971

James Blunt

James Brown
Soul Train
Live at Boston Garden 4/5/68

Janis Joplin
Documentary Film

Jethro Tull
Tullavision - July 31, 1976 in Tampa/Florida
Hippodrome in London vom . Feb. 10, 1977
Madison Square Garden Oct. 9, 1978

Jimi Hendrix
Maui, Hawaii 7/30/70
Swedish Erotica
On TV 1966-1969
In The Studio 1- 10 Flac
Newport 69
The Man They made God, & Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix Experience 1967

John Melloncamp
New Orleans 12/31/97

John Fogerty
Vietnam Vets Concert, Washington, DC 7/4/87
Glatonburg 6/23/07
Story Tellers

John Lennon
Anthology - Vol. 1,2,3
Complete Lost Lennon Radio-Series 6DVDs

Joe Jackson
Sight & Sound 1/22/83

Johnny Cash
Glastonbury 1994
Manhattan Center 6/9/94

Houston, Tx 12/9/80

The Kinks
Video Collection
TV Clips The Sixties, 1979 German Documentary
Grogahalley Essey 4/14/82
Christmas Eve 1977 & Documentary
All Abroad, The Great Lost Kinks

Live in Japan 4/2/77
1974-1976 Media Collection

Led Zeppelin
Early Visions 2 DVDs
Later Visions 2 DVDs
VH1 Legends
Earls Court London 5/75 3 DVDs
The Making Of A Super Group
The Man Who Led Zeppelin

NYC 10/23/95

Nick Cave
The Bad Seeds, London 2004, Holland 2004

Reading 1992
MTV Studios 1/10/92
Leeds Polytechnic, UK 10/25/90
Behive Records

Neil Diamond

The Police
Rehearsal & Press Conference 2/12/07
Bring on the Night 1981 CD
Hamburg, Germany 1/11/80

Pink Floyd
Lets Roll Another One 2 DVDs
Alanta, Ga 11/3-5/87
Delicate Sound of Thunder
Dark Side of Oz
Big Bad Collection of Pink Floyd Syncs -D 1 The Light Side, D 2 The Dark Side
Triumph of the Wall

Live Paisley Park, New Years Eve 1987
Making of Rain 8/3/83

Procol Haum
BBC 1977, Kremlin 2001

Budokan, Tokyo 4/25/79

Live through the years

Rod Stewart
Japan Tour, Yokohama Arena 4/24/94

Rolling Stones
Ed Sullivan Shows, Complete 1964 - 1969
TV Show Performances
Double Door Club 9/16/97
Terrifying Alantic City 12/19/89 2dvds
Ultimate TV Masters
Touring History Vol 6
Double Door Club, Chicago 9/16/97
Unsurpassed Collection -Paint It Black (2 cds Paris shows 1965+67)
The Chess Sessions (1 cd 1964-65)

Sam Cooke

Simon & Garfunkel
Holland June 1966

Sly and the Family Stone
Dick Cavett show 7/13/70 & 6/8/71, 70's Austrian TV-4 songs, 70's San Francisco tv-1 song, 70's Don Kirshner's Rock Concert-6 songs

Steely Dan
8/12/06 Charlotte, NC

Steve Miller Band
Pine Knob, Detroit, Michigan Live 1983

Stevie Wonder
London 1995

Suzanne Vega
Das Fest, Germany 7/27/97

Tina Turner
Netherlands 2/17/84

Tiny Tim
Street of Dreams

Tom Waits
Amsterdam 12/21/04

Santa Monica

Buenos Aires, Argentina Pro Shot 3/2/06

Van Halen
10/27/82 2 DVDs
Montreal. 1984 2 DVDs
Live In Philadelphia 10/3/07

Van Morrison
Rainbow Theatre, London 7/24/73

The Wallflowers
Soundstage 5/3/05

The Who
Cow Palace 11/20/73
Electric Proms" 29/10/06 The Roundhouse, London, UK
Live at the Houston Summit 11/20/75
Isle of Wright 1969
Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Canada 12/16/82
VH1 Top Ten

Weird Al Yankovic
Seymour, WI 7/13/96
Costa Mesa, CA 7/24/00

White Dove
2 DVDs

Willie Nelson
Austin City Limits 10/17/74
An Outlaw Tale

Woody Guthrie
PBS American Masters

The Yardbirds

ZZ Top
Essen, Germany 1980 Rockpalast
Hartford Civic Center 1/18/91 2 DVDs

Seven Ages of Rock 1 - 7
Woodstock – Lost Performances
The Rock Scene - Like it is 10/16/67
Swedish TV – Comp 1
Howard Stern – 1st Week
ABC TV 1974
Art of Tripping 2dvds
Archives of the Sixties 2dvds
Artifacts of the 80’s
Back to the 60’s - Compilation of artists from the 60's
BBC in Concert- Neil Diamond 1971, Elton John 1970, The Kinks 1973, The Eagles1973
70’s 1 & 2
Fillmore Closing 1972
Haight Street Chronicles 1 & 2 2DVDs
Playboy After Dark – 1969-1970
Ready Steady Go!- Vol.1 & 2 2dvds
Wake for Martin Luther King
Hotel Caliornia – From the Byrds to the Eagles BBC4
VH1 Classic Special – Brian Wilson, Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Jeff Tweedy
Digital Video Archives Vol 1&2 2 Dvds
Rockpalast 30 Year Celebration 13- 16
Guitar Legends 10/15,16,17,18,19/91 5 DVDs
Jazz Masters
Tim Leary – How To Operate Your Brain
Reefer Madness
The Hippie Temptation CBS 1967
The Drug Years
Never get Busted again
Martin Scorsese - Italianamerican (1974), The Big Shave (1967),
American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince (1978)
Alfred Hitchcock – The Pleasure Garden 1925
Girl from Uncle