Balc. L30°
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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: The Beacon Theatre, New York City, NY, USA
Date: Monday, 15th October 1990
  1. Introduction [2 titles]
  2. The Marine Hymn
  3. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
  4. Masters Of War [6 frames removed at start fro a/v sync; 1:57:10 removed for obstruction & shakes/6 stills added; 13 frames removed near end for obstruction & a/v sync]
  5. Joey [speed reduction]
  6. Watching The River Flow
  7. Shelter From The Storm
  8. Man Of Peace [speed reduction; fairy dust effect precedes]
  9. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  10. John Brown
  11. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [12:25 edited off pre-song due to audio clip]
  12. It Ain't Me, Babe [5 frames edited off at start for a/v sync; 1:05 video glitch removed later/filled with 1 still]
  13. Under The Red Sky [14:22 audio clip between tracks/audio extracted from DVD track to fill gap/red fog effect]
  14. Man In The Long Black Coat [6 frames edited out for a/v sync]
  15. Silvio [speed reduced/last 18-seconds obstructed/filled w/2 stills/audio glitch @57:20]
  16. I Shall Be Released [2-frame audio clip; 18:22 video clip/2 stills added/white fog effect on first/fairy dust effect on second; 9:17 distorted part replaced w/1 still]
  17. Like A Rolling Stone [5 frames pre-song edited out for a/v sync]
  18. Blowin' In The Wind [10 frames pre-song edited out for a/v sync]
  19. Highway 61 Revisited [11 frames pre-song edited out for a/v sync]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:20:45
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Sound upgraded with very good-excellent LB-1176.
Speed reduced 1.5% (tracks 1-4), 2.0% (tracks 4-7), 2.25% (tracks 6-14), 2.5% (tracks 15-19).

There's still this little part of me that's wary about Sound-Upgrades. That part that still thinks that Freewheelin' without the vinyl rumble/crackle is somehow 'wrong'. This DVD might just be the one to more-or-less rid me of that. I remembered this DVD as just another dull '90 show, nothing special, one to be watched once and then filed away. But seeing this .su version - the pictures clearer, the camerawork's better, the show's livlier, - it's just great, one to be watched again & again. OK, good though yassou is, I doubt if he did anything other than swapping the soundtrack, (as if that wasn't enough) just that with the good sound, everything else is somehow 'lifted'; a chore, a duty, now becomes a pleasure.
Still the same vertigo-inducing view of Bob & Co though, Oh for one of those 'Hollywood' computers to give us an .vc version (.vc ? - Viewpoint Changed) You've all seen these wondrous creations, they take a fuzzy CCTV image; presss a couple of buttons - image jumps into perfect clarity, another couple of buttons - camera swirls to the back, one more keystroke and it zooms in to read the label on the victims y-fronts. Just think what it could do for this video, Bob's face instead of the top of his hat for starters, though I can't say I'd be that interested in the make-up of his y-fronts, but each to his (or her) own... Maybe I've just found an opening for some budding latter-day Weberman/Webermanette, don't think it's a subject that's had that much airing in Dylanological circles, guaranteed to get you cover-billing in next months Isis anway. [ Hey, I'll even write the title for you - "Tangled Up In Blue or Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight; a Brief (sorry) History" ]
Now someone'll point out that such computers already exist, just to add to my Paranoia. (The thing about Paranoid Fantasies is that they usually turn out to be just that - Fantasies, what they've actually done is far far worse...)
A good solid four 'n' a half stars. I won't go just the final half-star, gotta be carefull with these 'excellent' ratings, ration them carefully. Five stars would sorta imply it couldn't be better, well it could have been, I'll give the last half-star to when it comes.

Reviewed by napbon on 24th May 2007

With many thanks to yassou.

Once the taper has found his spot, we're treated to some nice steady footage. You do get the occasional bout of 'wandering camera' syndrome, but nothing too drastic. Even though the colours look slightly washed out under the lights, it doesn't detract from the overall viewing experience. Gaps in the video (and there aren't that many) have been filled with stills and the sound upgrade has been expertly done.

Although Bob looks down in the groove (he's certainly rather animated), his vocal performance doesn't quite match up to the enthusiasm shown in his body language. To me, he's showing the first signs of that terrible early nineties nasal drawl. Don't know how Bob achieves it, but all the songs sound exactly the same! Shame really, because the band are on top form.

Highlights - Under The Red Sky and Man In The Long Black Coat.

I've given this DVD a very weak four stars. It falls somewhere between average and good. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself...

Reviewed by tangledupindylan on 12th April 2007