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Pro-Shots, listed by title
D731  60 Minutes Outtakes CM
D562  90's Live CM
D642  A Visit To The Dylan Shrine CM
D586  Amazon.com 10th Anniversary Event (16-Jul-05) CM
D150  Another Compilation #16 --
D010  BBC Docs ("Getting to Dylan" and "Highway 61")
BBC Docs (\"Getting to Dylan\" and \"Highway 61\")
D611  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. I CM
D612  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. II CM
D613  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. III CM
D371  Bits And Pieces (Rare Pro-Shots 1969-2000) CM
D633  Bob Dylan - Rockin' (ProShot Compilation) CM
D441.1  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 1 CM
D552  Bob Dylan 2004 (TV Pro-Shots) CM
D673  Bob Dylan And The Band / 69 - 70 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D639  Bob Dylan Convention Footage + Bonus CM
D814  BOB DYLAN'S Indian Birthday (Broadcast: BBC Four, May 21st ) CM
D007  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CM
D519  Desolation Row (The Marionette Performance) --
D131  Don't Start Him Talking (Compilation (=Compilation #7?)) CM
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) CM
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) CM
D013  DVD Compilation #03 (Early 80s) CM
D014  DVD Compilation #04 (Late 80s) CM
D015  DVD Compilation #05 (Like a Rolling Stone) CM
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) CM
D017  DVD Compilation #07 (Letterman, Grammy, and more...) CM
D018  DVD Compilation #08 (Shalom Aleichem!) CM
D020  DVD Compilation #10 (Unplugged and Plugged) CM
D108.su  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D022.a  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Alternate authored) CM
D022  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Westinghouse TV Special '63) CM
D547  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) C-
D609  From the Madhouse to the Marketplace CM
D499  Guitar Legends (From EXPO '92 at Seville) CM
D005  Hard Rain CM
D342  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Atlanta, 04-Aug-96) CM
D266  Knockin' On Dylans Door (Bob Dylan wird 60) --
D009  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) CM
D247  Made In France, Vol.2 (Compilation from TV 1982-84) CM
D248  Made In France, Vol.3 (Compilation 1985-86) CM
D249  Made In France, Vol.4 (Compilation 1986-94) CM
D290  Made In France, Vol.5 (Compilation 1965-81) CM
D317  Made In Sweden CM
D330  Man In The Long Black Coat CM
D601  Mel's Chronicles, Volume One CM
D556  Mel's Compilation # 0ne CM
D003  Renaldo and Clara
Renaldo and Clara
D051.a  Rolling Stone 20th Anniversary (1987) (Reauthored) CM
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CM
D643  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 1 CM
D664  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 2 CM
D758  Taj Mahall & Friends CM
D001.sf  The Born Again Music (Toronto 1980 (Smiling Face edition)) CM
D517  The DVD-Bootleg Series Vol. 1 - 63-71 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D487  The Genuine Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration (4 DVDs) CM
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980) CM
D700  The Lost Waltz (On two DVD-Rs) CM
D004  The Promo Videos (25 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D493  Traveling Wilburys Ride Again C-
D008.su  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
Audience-filmed DVDs, listed by date
D671  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 3 CM
D471  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 1 CM
D596  Covered By Bob Dylan (2 DVDs) CM
D550  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 2 CM
D607  Replay the Past (1974-1980) CM
D570  Shot Of Love (Loreley/Mannheim/Avignon '81 Sound Upgr.) CM
D618.su  Toulouse, France (21-Jun-81) CM
D636.su  Munich, Germany (19-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D262.su  Vienna, Austria (21-Jul-81) (Sound Upgr., 2 DVDs) CM
D400.su  Verona, Italy (29-May-84) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D383.su  Hamburg, Germany (31-May-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D113.su  Basel, Switzerland (02-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D512.su  Rotterdam, Netherlands (06-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D027  Newcastle, England (05-Jul-84) --
D272.suu  Frankfurt (28-Sep-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM
D065.su  Berkeley, CA (10-Jun-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D156.su  Hamilton, Ontario (11-Jul-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D204  Essex Junction, VT (07-Sep-88) CM
D542  Do You, Mr. Smith? (1989-90 Compilation) CM
D637  Frejus (13-Jun-89) + Den Haag (10-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D592.su  Dublin, Ireland (03-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D800.su  Dublin, Ireland (04-Jun-89) CM
D424.su  Milano, Italy (19-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D745.su  Cava de'Tirreni, Italy (21-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D100  1990 London and Paris Compilation C-
D743.su  Paris, France (31-Jan-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D362.su  Paris, France (01-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) C-
D749.su  Hamburg, Germany (03-Jul-90) (Sound Upgr. Mastertape) CM
D543.psu  West Point, NY (13-Oct-90) (Partial Sound Upgrade) CM
D026.su  St. Louis, MO (04-Nov-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D576.su  Belfast, Northern Ireland (06-Feb-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D434.su  Rome, Italy (06-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D398.su  Milano, Italy (08-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D809.su  Essen, Germany (18-Jun-91) CM
D587.su  Offenbach, Germany (19-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D774.su  Bad Mergentheim, Germany (22-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D853.su  Hamburg, Germany (23-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D393.su  Correggio, Italy (05-Jul-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D117.2su  Burlington, VT (27-Oct-92) (2 DVDs, Sound Upgrade) CM
D503.su  London/Hammersmith (09-Feb-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D505  London/Hammersmith (12-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") C-
D067.su  Eindhoven, Netherlands (17-Feb-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D302.su  Bern, Switzerland (17-Jul-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D297.su  Sioux City, IA (26-Apr-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D439.su  San Remo, Italy (07-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D656  Graz, Austria (14-Jul-94) CM
D261.su  Kiel, Germany (25-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D624.su  Groningen, The Netherlands (18-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D085.su  Kerkrade, Netherlands (19-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D085.suu  Kerkrade, Netherlands (19-Mar-95) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D124.su  London, England (30-Mar-95) CM
D182  London/Brixton (31-Mar-95) CM
D699.su  Manchester, England (03/04-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D679.su  Edinburgh, Scotland (06-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D079.su  Edinburgh, Scotland (07-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D480.su  Philadelphia, PA (16-Dec-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D776.su  Berlin, Germany (17-Jun-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D045.su  Dubuque, IA (12-Nov-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D125.su  Providence, RI (17-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D521.su  Philadelphia, PA (20-Aug-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D674.su  Cardiff, Wales (3-Oct-97) CM
D778.su  London, England (05-Oct-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D120.su  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) (Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM
D195.2  New York, NY, MSG (17-Jan-98) CM
D196.2  New York, NY, MSG (18-Jan-98) CM
D126.su  Brookville, NY (30-Jan-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D787.su  Cincinnati, OH (19-Feb-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D025.su  Vancouver, Canada (13-May-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D097  George, WA (16-May-98) CM
D174.suu  Los Angeles, CA (22-May-98) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D218.suu  Newcastle, England (20-Jun-98) CM
D449  Glasgow, UK (21-Jun-98) CM
D337.suu  Indianapolis, IN (26-Oct-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D116.su  Toronto, Canada (29-Oct-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D048.su  New York, NY (01-Nov-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D804.su  Memphis, TN (05-Feb-99) CM
D284.su  Birmingham, AL (07-Feb-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D811.su  Denver, CO (05-Jun-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D127.su  Portland, OR (12-Jun-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D852  Bob Dylan & Eric Clapton (At The Crossroads) CM
D858  Shakopee, MN, July 2, 1999 (Bob & Paul Play Shakopee) CM
D133.su  Duluth, MN (03-Jul-99) ("Face To Face In Duluth" - sound upgr.) CM
D855.1  Albany, NY, USA (20-Jul-99) (Words Of The Prophets) CM
D751.su  Chicago, IL (26-Oct-99) (Late Show; Sound Upgrade) CM
D755.su  Chicago, IL (26-Oct-99) (Early Show; Sound Upgrade) CM
D024.su  New Haven, CT (10-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D834  Ithaca, New York, USA (15-Nov-99) CM
D189.su  Amherst, MA (18-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D292.su  Rochester, MN (31-Mar-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D077  Birmingham, England (20-Sep-00) CM
D667.su  Cardiff, Wales (23-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D176.su  Portsmouth, England (24-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D236.su  Portsmouth, England (25-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D105.sse  London/Wembley (05-Oct-00) (Surround Sound Edition, 2 DVDs) CM
D285.su  Bethlehem, PA (08-Nov-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D031.su  Atlantic City, NJ (18-Nov-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D638.su  La Spezia, Italy (20-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D129  Medford (Central Point), OR (09-Oct-01) CM
D068.su  Toronto, Canada (08-Nov-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D103  2002 UK Compilation C-
D178  Sunrise, FL (01-Feb-02) --
D239.su  Cardiff, Wales (06-May-02) (16:9 Sound Upgrade) CM
D555.su  London, England (12-May-02) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D043  New York, NY (11-Nov-02) (Two-Camera Mix) CM
D044.su  New York, NY (13-Nov-02) ("Pianoman": Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM
D037.sse  Philadelphia, PA (15-Nov-02) (Surround Sound Edition) CM
D041.su  Wilkes Barre, PA (21-Nov-02) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D291  The UK Tour 2003 (Compilation) CM
D259.su  New York, NY (12-Aug-03) CM
D264.su  New York, NY (13-Aug-03) CM
D264  New York, NY (13-Aug-03) CM
D318.su  London/Hammersmith (24-Nov-03) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D345  St. Louis, MO (01-Mar-2004) CM
D346  St. Louis, MO (02-Mar-2004) CM
D322.su  St. Louis, MO (03-Mar-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D322  St. Louis, MO (03-Mar-2004) CM
D331.su  Toronto, Canada (19-Mar-2004) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D714.su  Kansas City, MO (04-Sep-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D654.su  Prague, Czech Republic (07-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D685  Brighton 2002 + Bournemouth 2006 ("Motions Of The Sea") CM
D684.suu  Cardiff, Wales (27-Jun-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D708.su  San Francisco, CA (16-Oct-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D729.su  Uniondale, NY (13-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D738.su  Philadelphia, PA (18-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D739.su  New York, NY (20-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D740.su  Amsterdam, The Netherlands (09-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D741  Glasgow, Scotland (11-Apr-07) CM
D741.su  Glasgow, Scotland (11-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D784  Auckland, New Zealand (11-Aug-07) CM
D782  Melbourne, Australia (19-Aug-07) (Two-Camer Mix, S.U.) CM
D810  "DVDylan Does Dylan" CM
D797.su  Vienna, Austria (10-Jun-08) CM
D872  "Live In Amsterdam 2009" CM
D876  Brussels, Belgium (22-Apr-09) CM
D878.psu  WILLIE & JOHN & BOB (24-Jul-09) (Partial Sound Upgrade) CM
27th Annual CMA Awards 1993
ACL Songwriters Special with Emmylou Harris
Allman Brothers Band - Ottawa Bluesfest 11.7.2003
Back in the Sixties
BBC4 - Folk America Barbican
BBC Folk America Series Episode 3 "Blowin´In The Wind"
BBC TV California Special
BBC4California Dreaming2007
Beatles Chronology Vols. 1 & 2
Beatles Get Back & The Winter of Dicontent
Best of Hullabaloo
Billy Joel Japan30Nov2006
Blues Night UK
Blues on Later BBC4 2.5.2009
Bob Dylan D362.suu Paris 1Feb1990
Bob Dylan D563.su London 16Oct1987
Bob Dylan D785.su Bethlehem(USA)18Feb1999
Bob Dylan Eat The Document-Sony In-House
Bob Dylan the Ultimate Genuine Telecast Vol1&2
Bob Dylan Huesca 6July1993
Bob Dylan Kennedy Center Honors 1997
Bob Dylan Modern Bob in the UK
Bob Dylan Tour ´66
Bob Dylan Tour 2007(Audio)
Bob Dylan Kulturzeit
Bob Dylan´s Indian Birthday BBCFour 21.5.2008
Bob Dylan & Grateful Dead East Rutherford 12July1987
Bob Marley Smile Jamaica Concert 1976
Bob Marlay The Last Live In Jamaica 1979
Bobby Bland BBC Doc.
Brian Ferry Dylan Sessions
Bridge School Benefit 1986
Bruce Springsteen Albany 15.Nov.2007
Bruce Springsteen Berlin(Cafe Eckstein) 9Juli1995
Bruce Springsteen Milano 25.6.2008
Bruce Springsteen Paris 20.6.1985
Bruce Springsteen Secret History
Bruce Springsteen Sony Studios 5.4.1995
CCR London 14April1970
Cream Video Anthology
Crosby & Nash Amsterdam 25.4.2005
Crosby & Nash - Live at the BBC 1970
CSN&Y Glastonbury 2009
CSN&Y Jones Beach23Aug2006
CSN&Y Toronto 12.2.2002
CSN&Y Walking in a Wembley Winterland
Dire Straits London 10July1985
Dire Straits Rockpalast 16Februar1979
Don McLean Bad Homburg 1982
Donovan - Vinyl The Donovan Story
Elvis Costello Mill Valley 24.4.1989
Emmylou Harris31Okt2000u9Nov2000
Emmylou Harris + Bonnie Raitt Comp.
Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers Nashville 2.Februar 1995
Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers Nashville 11.Februar 1995
Emmylou Harris BBC4 Night
Emmylou Harris Gstaad Sept 1991
Eric Clapton & Cream 2fer
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood New York 26.Feb.2008
Eric Clapton Acoustic Waltz Windsor 16Jan1992
Eric Clapton Budokan 6.Dec.2006
Eric Clapton In The Spotlight San Francisco 8.-9.11.94
Eric Clapton Philadelphia 1988
Farm Aid I Compilation 22.9.1985
Folk America At The Barbican - Greenwich Village Revisited
Gordon Lightfoot in Concert 1972
Grateful Dead Berlin 20October1990
Grateful Dead Capitol Theatre 27.4.1977
Grateful Dead Durham 12. April 1978
Grateful Dead Essen 17October1990
Grateful Dead Greek Theatre 19.August 1989
Grateful Dead Kopenhagen 1972
Grateful Dead Making Built To Last
Grateful Dead New York 15Okt1994
Grateful Dead Rockpalast28-29März1981
Grateful Dead Saesons Greetings 1982
Grateful Dead Sunshine Daydream Remaster 27Aug1972
Grateful Dead The Grateful And The Dead
Heroes of Rock and Roll 1979
Hotel California -Documentry and more
Jackson Browne Essen 15.u.16.3.1986
Janis Joplin A Celebration
Jimi Hendrix Concert Cologne 25. April 1991
Jimi Hendrix Dokumentation
Jimi Hendrix On TV
Jimmy Buffett Bristow 5.9.2009
Joan Baez - Star oder....
Joe Cocker Munich 30.9.1982
John Fogerty Los Angeles 7.11.2009
John Fogerty on Soundstage Chicago 29.Nov.2007
John Fogerty Through The Years 1985-2006
John Fogerty TV Comp. 87-98
John Hiatt & The Goners Tilburg 21.1.2002 u. Basel 16.11.2003
John Hiatt & The Nashville Queens Boston 8.12.1995
John Lennon Anthology
John Prine & Lyle Lovett Dublin 1989
John Prine & Rabmblin Jack Elliott Bobby Bare and Friends 1985
Johnny Cash Birthday Tribute 26.2.2008
Johnny Cash Glastonbury 24.6.1996
Johnny Cash Horsens(Denmark)7.November 1988
Johnny Cash New York 9.June 1994
Johnny Cash The Final Performances June-July 2003
Johnny Cash TV Show
Johnny Cash & June Carter 1975 + 1981
Joni Mitchell BBC In Concert December 1970
Joni Mitchell Bethel 15August1998
Joni Mitchell JoniFest 2004
Joni Mitchell London 24April1983
Joni Mitchell Old Grey Whistle Test22.4.74
Joni Mitchell The Way It Is 1967-68
Kinks - Christmas Concert 24.12.1977
Kinks..In Concert..1973
Kinks TV Clips
Leon Russell Homewood Series 1971 Los Angeles
Leonard Cohen BBC Documentaries1998
Leonard Cohen Brighton 28.November 2008
Leonard Cohen Glastonbury 29.Juli 2008
Leonard Cohen I´m Your Man
Leonard Cohen Montreal Jazz Tribute 2008
Leonard Cohen Promo Videos
Leonard Cohen Pro-Shot ZDF 31.10.1979
Leonard Cohen San Sebastian 1988
Levon Helm-Ramble at the Ryman-Nashville 2009
Lou Reed Barcelona 10.12.1984
Lucinda Williams Cowgirls get the Blues
Lucinda Williams Zaragoza 17.7.2009
Marianne Faithfull - Jazz Open 2009
Mark Knopfler Lille 5Juni2005
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris Paris 12Juni2006
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Las Vegas 1973
Nara 1994 Great Music Experience
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Bonnaroo 13Juni2003
Neil Young Concord Pavillon 12Juni1993
Neil Young Don´t Be Denied
Neil Young Heart Of Gold
Neil Young Massey Hall 1971
Neil Young Madrid 27.6.2008
Neil Young Milano 24.2.2008
Neil Young Muddy Track
Neil Young New York 17Feb1992
Neil Young New York 12Dec2007
Neil Young Over The Years
Neil Young Rock Am Ring 18.05.2002
Neil Young Toronto 6Nov2007
Norah Jones BBC1 17Jan2007
Patti Smith 20 Stunden mit Patti Smith
Patti Smith Stockholm3Okt1976 Essen21Apr1979
Patti Smith Hackney London 2001
Patti Smith Group Rockpalast 1979
Patti Smith Horses Live London 25.6.2005
Patti Smith New York 8Nov2005
Patti Smith Roots Of America Festival New York 24.Aug. 2008
Patti Smith San Sebastian 21.7.2010
Paul Simon London 5 Nov. 2006
Paul Simon Special/Unplugged
Peter Paul & Mary Sydney 1964
PinkPopFestival 2007(1+2)
Randy Newman Soundstage 1974
Randy Newman TV Appearances
Richard Thompson Hamburg 1983
Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Anniversary
Rockpalast 24Juli1977
Rockpalast 30 Year Celebration
Rolling Stones Atlantic City19Dez1989
Rolling Stones Bremen 2. September 1998
Rolling Stones Double Door Club 28Sept1997
Rolling Stones DVD 1964-1969
Rolling Stones Ladies and Gents
Rolling Stones Montreal 14Dec1989
Rolling Stones New York 13.Jan.2003
Rolling Stones Seattle 14Oct1981
Rolling Stones `Stripped`1995
Rory Gallagher Paris 30.4.1971
Roxy Music Story(BBC 2008)
Ry Cooder 1977
Santana Mountain view 10.10.1992
Seven Ages of Rock 1 & 2
Seven Ages of Rock 3 & 4
Seven Ages of Rock 5 & 6
Seven Ages of Rock 7
Simon & Garfunkel The Concert In Central Park 19.9.81
Sir Douglas Quintett Tuebingen 1.6.1985
Steve Earle & Rosanne Cash
CMT Crossroads Festival 2006
& American Awards 2005

Steve Earle Kaiserslautern 29.11.2009
Stevie Wonder A Night Of Wonder London 1995
Talking Heads Rome 18.12.1980
The Band Arrowhead Ranch 1991
The Band Bergen Norway 1994
The Band Ultimate Collection
The Byrds Oklahoma City 1986
The last days of the Fillmore 1972
The Wall Berlin 1990
The Waterboys Rockpalast 2000
The Who Cow Palace 1973
The Who Roundhouse London 29.10.2006
Three Documentations(Joe Cocker, James Brown. Tina Turner)
Three Girls and their Buddy(E. Harris, P. Griffin,S. Colvin, B. Miller)
Tom Petty and The Heartbrakers BBC Rockumentary Jan.2011
Tom Petty and The Heartbrakers Rockpalast 1977
Tom Waits Austin City Limits 1978
Tom Waits Elephant Beer Blues & More
Tom Waits London 23. November 2004
Tom Waits Rockpalast 18. April 1977
Tom Waits TV Broadcast 1976-1987
Townes Van Zandt Austin 1995 proshot
Townes van Zandt Bochum 9. November 1994
Townes van Zandt Holland 1992
Townes van Zandt Houston 1988
Townes van Zandt Kansas 25.November 1995
Townes van Zandt Ljubljana 28.November 1994
Townes Van Zandt The Solo Sessions
Townes van Zandt Wien 24.November 1996
Transatlantic Sessions BBC1996
U2 u. Police 1986
Van Morrison - Allan Gill Compilation
Van Morrison Back On The Corner Belfast 2.u.3.Feb.1997
Van Morrison BBC Four Sessions
Van Morrison Cannes 26.1.1984
Van Morrison Montreaux Jazz Festival 19.7.1997
Van Morrison New York 30.11.1989
Van Morrison One Irish Rover(BBC2 16.3.1991)
Van Morrison Polish TV 2001
Van Morrison 1972 Rainbow London
Van Morrison Rockpalast Essen 3.4.1982
Van Morrison Rockpalast 98 u.99
Van Morrison San Sebastian 27.7.1999
Van Morrison and The Chieftains 15Sept1988
Van Morrison Wonderland Hilversum 22.June 1977
Velvet Underground South Bank Show 27.4.1986
Vinyl - Beat Club & Musikladen Clips Vol. 1
Waylon Jennings Musikladen 10.6.1983
Willy DeVille Bonn 19.July 2008
Willy DeVille New York & Paris 1991
Willie Nelson Biography 2008
Willie Nelson & Friends - Nashville 2002
Willie Nelson & Leon Russell- One For The Road
Willie Nelson Behind The Music
Willie Nelson Maryland Heights 4.10.2009
Willie Nelson Two Shows On One PC Aut
Willie Nelson & Leon Russell at Paradise Studios
Wolfgang Niedecken - liest und singt Bob Dylan
WOODSTOCK 2 (1994-08-13_14) D1-3
WOODSTOCK 2 (1994-08-13_14) D4-6
WOODSTOCK 2 (1994-08-13_14) D7-9