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Pro-Shots, listed by title
D562  90's Live CM
D642  A Visit To The Dylan Shrine CM
D658  Amazon.com 10th Anniversary Event ("Buried Treasure") -M
D010  BBC Docs ("Getting to Dylan" and "Highway 61") CM
D611  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. I CM
D612  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. II CM
D613  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. III CM
D371  Bits And Pieces (Rare Pro-Shots 1969-2000) CM
D633  Bob Dylan - Rockin' (ProShot Compilation) CM
D441.1  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 1 CM
D673  Bob Dylan And The Band / 69 - 70 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D007  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CM
D519  Desolation Row (The Marionette Performance) --
D181  Dharma & Bob ("Play Lady Play") CM
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) CM
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) CM
D013  DVD Compilation #03 (Early 80s) CM
D014  DVD Compilation #04 (Late 80s) CM
D015  DVD Compilation #05 (Like a Rolling Stone) CM
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) CM
D017  DVD Compilation #07 (Letterman, Grammy, and more...) CM
D018  DVD Compilation #08 (Shalom Aleichem!) CM
D132  Dylavision (by "Bobzilla TV") CM
D108  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) --
D002  Eat The Document --
D547  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) C-
D047  Hard to Handle CM
D006  House Of Blues (Atlanta, 03-Aug-96) CM
D342  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Atlanta, 04-Aug-96)
no menu
D388  MTV Unplugged Rehearsal CM
D004.com  Promo Videos 1966-2000 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D003  Renaldo and Clara --
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CM
D643  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 1 CM
D664  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 2 CM
D001.sf  The Born Again Music (Toronto 1980 (Smiling Face edition)) CM
D487  The Genuine Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration (4 DVDs) CM
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980) CM
D309.su  The Japanese Hard Rain (Sound Upgrade) CM
D659  The Video Collection ("Buried Treasure") CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D008.su  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
Audience-filmed DVDs, listed by date
D550  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 2 CM
D596  Covered By Bob Dylan (2 DVDs) CM
D671  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 3 CM
D471  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 1 CM
D419  Mel's Home Movie of Tour '74 (NY, Jan 1974) CM
D405  New York, NY (08-Dec-75) (Mel's Night of the Hurricane) --
D443  Mel's Tour '78 (Uniondale & New York City, Sep. 1978) CM
D570  Shot Of Love (Loreley/Mannheim/Avignon '81 Sound Upgr.) CM
D593.su  London, England (30-Jun-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D027.a  Newcastle, England (05-Jul-84) (Authored off-master) CM
D686.su  Modena, Italy (12-Sep-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D705.su  Verona, Italy (01-Oct-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM
D497.sue  Milano, Italy (04-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade, + extra TV footage) C-
D540.su  London/Wembley (14-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D515.su  London/Wembley (15-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D489  Rome, Italy (20-Jun-89) (+ Livorno, Italy 22-Jun-89) C-
D678  I've Been To London and Gay Paree (Paris/London 1990) CM
D652.su  London, England (04-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D333.su  Athens, GA (28-Oct-1990) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D606.su  Munich, Germany (21-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D394.su  Merano, Italy (07-Jul-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D093.su  Davenport, IA (06-Apr-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D072.su  Milano, Italy (08-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D701.mix  Prague, Czech Republic (11-Mar-95) (Two Cam Mix, S.U.) CM
D437.su  Prague, Czech Republic (13-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D624.su  Groningen, The Netherlands (18-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D703.su  Brussels, Belgium (23-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D214  Cardiff, Wales (27-Mar-95) CM
D699.su  Manchester, England (03/04-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D679.su  Edinburgh, Scotland (06-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D079.su  Edinburgh, Scotland (07-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D683.su  Las Vegas, NV (11-Nov-95) (Sound Upgrade, PAL) CM
D480.su  Philadelphia, PA (16-Dec-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D653  Münster, Germany (01-Jul-96) CM
D719  Ferrara, Italy (05-Jul-96) CM
D120.su  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) (Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM
D692  Newcastle/Sheffield/Birmingham-1998 -M
D025  Vancouver, Canada (13-May-98) CM
D470.su  Rome, Italy (05-Jul-98) ("Dancing Child With His American Suit") CM
D133.su  Duluth, MN (03-Jul-99) ("Face To Face In Duluth" - sound upgr.) CM
D300.a  Holmdel, NJ (28-Jul-99) (Authored+edited) CM
D082.su  Wantagh, NY (30-Jul-99) (Mr. Jones' Beach Party) CM
D024.su  New Haven, CT (10-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D176.su  Portsmouth, England (24-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D197.su2  Liverpool, UK (12-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D068.su  Toronto, Canada (08-Nov-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D239.su  Cardiff, Wales (06-May-02) (16:9 Sound Upgrade) CM
D034.su  Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario (13-Aug-02) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D037.sse  Philadelphia, PA (15-Nov-02) (Surround Sound Edition) CM
D595.su  Wilkes Barre, PA (21-Nov-02) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D477  Stra, Italy (02-Jul-04) CM
D654.su  Prague, Czech Republic (07-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D632.su  Bologna, Italy (10-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D728  Italia 2006 (Pistoia, Roma & Foggia) CM
D666  Bakersfield, CA (05-Apr-06) --
D684.su  Cardiff, Wales (27-Jun-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
AAVV Expo '92 Guitar Legends, Folk Rock Night, 18.10.1991
AAVV BBC The Tube 1982-1987
AAVV Sounds of the Sixties - BBC (2DVDs)
AAVV Sounds of the Eighties - BBC (2DVDs)
AAVV The Unreleased Old Grey Whistle Test compilation Volume 4
AAVV Welcome to Fillmore East 1970 TV Special
AAVV BBC in concert ( Neil Diamond 1971,Elton John 1970,Cat Stevens 1971,The Kinks 1973,The Eagles 1973)
AAVV Concerto per Demetrio Stratos, Milano, 14.06.1979
AAVV Expo '92 Guitar Legends, Blues Night, 15/10/91
AAVV Back to 60s
AAVV Folks on later .. With Jools Holland
AAVV Joni Mitchell Tribute, NYC 16.04.2000
AAVV Cambridge Folk Fest 2006, Ceilidh Mania proms in th park 2006
AAVV A Night at Family Dog ( Santana, Greatful Dead, Jefferson Airplane)
AAVV The Unreleased Old Grey Whistle Test compilation Volume 1
AAVV DV Archives, Vol 1, Pop Rock & Progressive
AAVV A little late music, The Late Show, BBC 1989-1995
AAVV Lost Highway, the story of Country music (Vol 1-4) (2DVDs)
AAVV Beat Club 1965-1968 (vol 1#2)
AAVV Festival, Newport Folk Festival 1963-1966
AAVV Celtic Connections 2006
AAVV ABC TV in concert 1974
AAVV The Unreleased Old Grey Whistle Test compilation Volume 3
AAVV Sounds of the Seventies - BBC (2DVDs)
AAVV The Haight Street Chronicles (2DVDs)
AAVV Folk Britannia , Daughters of Albion
AAVV The Psychedelic Stars - Hendrix,Pink Floyd,Bowie,Byrds,Doors,etc..
AAVV The Unreleased Old Grey Whistle Test compilation Volume 2

Allman Brothers Band ABB rare clips (2DVDs) (vine1752)

The Animals Compilation

Joan Baez Celebration At Big Sur & In Concerto (Piazza Della Loggia, Brescia)
Joan Baez Visions of Johanna

The Beach Boys Pet Sounds - Art that shock the world
Brian Wilson VH1 Classic Special

The Beatles Live at Budokan, Tokyo, 30.06.1966
The Beatles Get Back & Winter of discontent (2DVDs)
The Beatles Video Collection (2DVDs)
The Beatles Liverpool Empire 1963, BBC TV
The Beatles 1967-1970
The Beatles Magical Mystery tour 1967 promo videos
The Beatles Let it Be
The Beatles Anthology Director's cut
Paul McCartney Live 1992
The Beatles Beatles '66

Chuck Berry Live at The Roxy 1982

Bjork Inside Bjork, BBC documentary 2003

Black Uhuru Rockpalast 1981, Essen 17-18.10.1981

Blondie Live at Apollo Theater, Glasgow, 31.12.1971
Blondie One way or Another, BBC 2006 documentary

David Bowie Sound & Vision, Tokyo, 1990
David Bowie Musikladen, Radio Bremen 30.04.1978
David Bowie Live by Request, 15.06.2002
David Bowie Live at Phoenix Festival 1996

Brecker Brothers Tokyo 13.03.95, Montreaux Jazz Fest. 16.07.92, Mt Fuji Jazz Fest. 23.08.93

Roy Buchanan Austin City Limits, 15.11.1976

Kate Bush 1979 BBC2 Christmas Special
Kate Bush Eat the Video (2DVDs)

Paul Butterfield Band Rockpalast, Essen 15-16.09.1978

Roger McGuinn Rockpalast 1977, Essen 23-24.07.1977

John Cale Live in Luisville , 15.05.2004

Johnny Cash The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1977
Johnny Cash Live at Glastonbury 26/04/94
Jhonny Cash The Jhonny Cash Show, Episode 1-2

Ray Charles Black Heritage Festival, Toyohashi,Japan 25.07.1986
Ray Charles A L'Olympia , Paris, 22/11/00

Jools Holland with Eric Clapton Tsunami Relief, Cardiff 23.01.2005, Later with … 31.12.2004
Eric Clapton Royal Albert Hall, London, 22.05.2006
Eric Clapton Live at Budokan, Tokyo, 04.12.2001
Eric Clapton From the Cradle rehearsals '94 - A very special christmas '98 - The concert of the century,Whasington '99
Eric Clapton Fillmore Blues Night, San Francisco 07.11.1994
Eric Clapton Live in Buenos Aires, 06-10-2001
Eric Clapton Plays Shoreline 1988 (Mountain View, 21.09.88) (with Mark Knopfler on guitar)
Eric Clapton 25th Anniversary Tour , Live in Tokyo with Mark Knopfler & Elton John
Eric Clapton Nothing but the Blues, Doc. by Martin Scorsese

The Clash The Clash on TV, Vol. 1
The Clash TV Compilation
The Clash Live Paris 27/02/80 - Turin 03/06/80 - Astbury Park 30/05/1982
The Clash Live at US Festival, 28.05.1983
The Clash Live at Capitol Theater , Passaic, 08.03.1980
The Clash Live at Chorus TV,Paris,27-02-1980
Joe Strummer Let's Rock Again
The Clash The Clash live in Tokyo, 1982
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Bizarre Festival, Cologne 21.08.99
The Clash DirecTV Freeview

Leonard Cohen Austin City Limits 1988

Colosseum II BBC Sight and sound, Live in London, 22.01.1978

Ry Cooder Old Grey Whistle Test 1977, Live in Sausalito 23.07.1974
Ry Cooder Get you in My dreams, Santa Cruz 1987
Ry Cooder Chicken Skin Music Live
Ry Cooder & David Lindley Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle 02.09.1990

Sam Cooke Rare Films and Videos

Elvis Costello and The Attractions Live at Rockpalast, Koln 15.06.1978

Counting Crows Manhattan to Woodstock, SNL rehearsals + Woodstock '99

Creedence Clearwater Revival Last Gig, El Cerrito high school reunion, 1983
John Fogerty Vietnam Veterans Concert , Washington, 04/07/87
Creedence Clearwater Revival Live at Royal Albert Hall 14/4/70
Creedence Clearwater Revival CCR & John Fogerty Special (2DVDs)

The Cure On TV Concerts 1979-1987
The Cure Live at Studio 54, Barcellona , 20.06.1985
The Cure La Route du Rock - Live at Saint Père, 13.08.2005

Salvador Dali Documentary & TV Compilation (2DVDs)

Spencer Davis Group 1967 Finnish TV Show
Miles Davis Quintet Live in Berlin, 07.11.1969

Mink De Ville Live at Rockpalast, cologne WDR studio, 16.06.1978

Fabrizio DeAndrè In direzione ostinata e contraria , RAI2 La Storia siamo noi, Special 2006

Depeche Mode A Broken Frame Tour, Live in Utrecht , 14/12/82

Neil Diamond BBC in concert 1971
Neil Diamond Christmas Special

The Notting Hillbillies Live at Maltings, Snape, 15-05-1990 (+ bonus live tracks & documentary)
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris Verona 03-06-2006 (2DVDs)
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris Verona 03-06-2006 SOUNDBOARD EDITION (2DVDs)
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Live in Zurich 02.06.2006 (2DVDs)
Dire Straits The Early Years
Dire Straits Once Upon a Time in the TV vol.4
The Notting Hillbillies Taplow court , 18-07-1998
Dire Straits & Eric Clapton Live at Mandela Day - Prince's Trust '88
Mark Knopfler The Ragpicker's Dream Promotion Tour - Spain
The Notting Hillbillies Live at Ronnie Scott's Club, Birmingham, 15.07.1998
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris A Night of Duets in Rotterdam 05-06-2006
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Live in Rotterdam 05.06.2006 (2DVDs)
Dire Straits Live in Werchter, 05/07/1981
Dire Straits Live in London, Wembley Arena 20-09-1991 (Audience Recoding)
Dire Straits Rockpalast 16-02-1979
Dire Straits & Eric Clapton Live at Mandela Day, 11.06.1988 (no menu)
Mark Knopfler Live in Hannover 14.04.2005 (2DVDs)
Mark Knopfler Our Shangri-London, live at RAH, 02.06.2005
Mark Knopfler Live in Nimes, 28.06.2005 (2DVDs)
The Notting Hillbillies Rock Steady Special - Celebration doc. - Steve Phillips doc.
Dire Straits Live in '85 , Wembley Arena 10-07-1985
Dire Straits Live in Sydney 26-04-1986
Dire Straits Thank you Australia & New Zealand ,Sydney 26-04-1986 (2DVDs)
Mark Knopfler The Ragpicker's Dream Promotion Tour - Germany
Mark Knopfler Live in Roma, 13.06.2005 (2DVDs)
Dire Straits BBC - Live in Israel '85 documentary + Live USA '92
Dire Straits Live in Munich, OlympiaHalle 11-10-1991 (Audience Recoding)
Mark Knopfler Live in Praga, 05.05.2005
Mark Knopfler Shangri-La World Tour 2005 Compilation (2DVDs)
Dire Straits Live in Dortmund 25.09.1991
Dire Straits The Last Concert , Live in Zaragoza 09.10.1992
Dire Straits Live in Barcelona, 09.05.1992
Mark Knopfler Live in Paris 19-04-2005 (2DVDs)
Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler & Friends - Sheperd's Bush Empire, 25/07/2002
Mark Knopfler Live in London , Royal Albert Hall, 03-06-2005 (2DVDs)
Dire Straits BBC Arena 1980
Dire Straits Once Upon a Time in the TV vol.1
Mark Knopfler Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, 22.05.1996
Dire Straits Live at Ahoy, Rotterdam, 29.09.1991
Dire Straits Live in Basel 1992, St. Jacob Stadium 28.06.1992
Dire Straits Live in Los Angeles ,Great Western Forum 08.02.1992, Especial USA DVD1
Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler & Friends - A nice pair of shoes (Beaulieu , 28-07-2002)
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Rollin' On Through Boston, 23.06.2006 (2DVDs)
Dire Straits Live in Frankfurt, 08.10.1991
Mark Knopfler La Leggenda arriva in Italia - Live in Strà 11-06-2005
Dire Straits & Eric Clapton Mandela Warm up, London 09.06.1998
Dire Straits Once Upon a Time in the TV vol.3
Dire Straits CHORUS TV 1978 (COLOUR) (14.10.1978)
The Notting Hillbillies Live at Ronnie Scott's Club, Birmingham, 27-07-1998
Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler & Friends - Sheperd's Bush Empire, 24/07/2002 (A Straits Thing)
Dire Straits Live in New York,Madison Square Garden 26.02.1992, Especial USA DVD2
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris An evening togheter ,Brussels 26-05-2006 (2DVDs)
Dire Straits Live in Nimes, 29.09.92 (2DVDs)
Mark Knopfler Shangri Lille - Live in Lille 05-06-2005 (2DVDs)
Dire Straits Once Upon a Time in the TV vol.2
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Imus in the morning on MSNBC 25.04.06
The Notting Hillbillies Live at Ronnie Scott's Club, Birmingham, 23-07-1999

Donovan Live - BBC 4 - Folk Britannia

The Doors Murray the K in New York, 1967 TV Special

The Eagles BBC in concert, 1973
The Eagles Collection (Don Kirshner 1974,BBC 1973,Holland1973)

Steve Earle & Rosanne Cash CMT Crossroads, 2005 Americana Music Awards Nashville

Aretha Franklin Murray the K in New York, 1967 TV Special

Rory Gallagher Live in Madrid , Teatro Monumental, 07.03.1975

Genesis GMDVD15 Various live

Grateful Dead Sunshine and Daydream 27-08-72 benefit Concert
Grateful Dead Touch of Grey
Grateful Dead Vintage Dead
Grateful Dead Amsterdam 1981, Live at Melkweg 15.10.81 (2DVDs)
Grateful Dead Live at Hampton Coliseum, 27.03.88 (2DVDs)
Jerry Garcia Acoustic Compilation 86-87

Buddy Guy International Jazz Festival, Bern 2000
Buddy Guy Smiling through the blues (2DVDs)

Emmylou Harris The High Priestess to the Church of Serendipity revisited (2DVDs)
Emmylou Harris From a deeper Well

Jimi Hendrix The Jimi Hendrix Experience , 1967
Jimi Hendrix Room full of Hendrix, RAH London, 24.02.69
Jimi Hendrix Live at Atlanta Pop Festival, 04-07-1970
Jimi Hendrix Live at Newport Pop Festival 22-06-1969
Jimi Hendrix Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, 9-1-1969
Jimi Hendrix Haleakala Crater

Buddy Holly The Last day 1999 - Move on 2001

The Inmates Rockpalast,Koln 18.12.1979

Joe Jackson Rock goes to college, 1979
Alan Jackson Let it be Christmas

Jefferson Starship Rhythm and Dues, NYC Metro Channel 04.06.2000

Jethro Tull Live in London , 10.02.1977
Jethro Tull "Waiting For The Dark Ages ( live in Dortmund 5-28-82, Prince's Gala Trust 7-21-82 (with Phil Collins on drums) Italian TV 8-20

Elton John BBC in concert 1970
Elton John Band Hammersmith Odeon, London, 24.12.74

Janis Joplin Janis Documentary Film
Janis Joplin Come up the Years

The Kinks BBC in concert 1973

Led Zeppelin """over America"" 1977" (2DVDs)
Led Zeppelin Live at Kingdome, Seattle, 17.07.1977 (3DVDs)
Page & Plant Budokan Tea party , live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 13.02.1996
Led Zeppelin Zeppelin Express, Live at Earls's Court, 24.05.1975 (2DVDs)

JohnLennon Anthology (3DVDs)

Madonna Sex Film

Manu Chao Radio Bemba live in Buenos Aires, 15.11.05
Mano Negra Live at PinkPop Festival, 04.06.1990

Bob Marley Live in Oakland , 29.11.79
Bob Marley Essex House Hotel (Miami, 20.09.1980)
Bob Marley Rehearsals at Criteria Studios, Miami, 14.09.1980
Bob Marley come a long way
Bob Marley Uprising Tour 1980 (Dortmund, 12.06.1980)

Steve Miller Band Rockpalast 1983, Loreley Open Air, 20/08/1983

Van Morrison Live 25.05.2001
Van Morrison Live at The Rainbow, 1973
Van Morrison Rockpalast 1999, Loreley 09.07.1999
Van Morrison Rockpalast 1998, Dusseldorf 19.12.1998
Van Morrison Austin City Limits, 14.09.2006

Nirvana Festival di Reading 1992

Gram Parsons Fallen Angel

Pearl Jam Live in Bologna, 14.09.2006 (2DVDs)
Pearl Jam Live in Milano, 17.09.2006 (2DVDs)
Pearl Jam Live in Pistoia, 20.09.2006 (2DVDs)
Pearl Jam Live in Arena , Verona, 16.09.2006 (2DVDs)

The Pentangle Live - BBC 4 - Folk Britannia

Tom Petty & The HeartBreakers Old Grey Whistle Test, 26.06.78, London, BBC Studios
Tom Petty Bonaroo Festival 16.06.2006
Tom Petty Rock goes to college, Oxford 1980
Tom Petty & The HeartBrakers Live at Rockpalast, 14.06.77

Roger Waters Live in Cork , 29-06-2006
Pink Floyd Omnipresent, Live in Atlanta, 3/5.11.1987
David Gilmour On an island tour, Venezia, 12.08.2006 (2DVDs)
Roger Waters The pros & cons of early bootlegs, Montreal, 30.07.1984
Pink Floyd Flying at Robbies, Miami 30.03.1994 (2DVDs)
Pink Floyd Video Anthology (3DVDs)
Pink Floyd Reach for a Peach, St.Tropez Festival de musique, 08.08.1970
Pink Floyd Divided we fall, The wall live at Earl's Court, 1980 (2DVDs)
Pink Floyd KQED TV Studios, San Francisco, An hour with Pink Floyd
David Gilmour In concert - London,Hammersmith Odeon,30-04-1984
Pink Floyd Royal Festival Hall rehearsals , London, 14.04.1969
Pink Floyd Mind your throats please - Bath Festival 27.06.1970
Pink Floyd Festival De Musique, 08.08.1970, Saint Tropez
Pink Floyd Live in Venice, 15.07.1989
Syd Barrett Syd Barrett Story (2DVDs)
Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond , BBC omnibus 2001

The Pixies Live at Brixton Academy 26.06.1991

The Pogues Live in Tokyo, 30 or 31 October 1988
The Pogues Live at Alabama, Munich 15-04-1985

The Police Live at Rockpalast, Hamburg, 01-11-1980
The Police Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 02-02-1981

Elvis Presley 1974-1977
Elvis Presley CBS TAPES
Elvis Presley Aloha from Hawai
Elvis Presley Return to Splendour

Pretty Thing Rockpalast, Bonn 08.10.2004

Prince & The Revolution Rockpalast, Syracuse N.Y., 30.03.1985
Prince New Year's eve 1987, Live at Paisley Park 31.12.1987 with Miles Davis

Procol Harum Rockpalast,Koln 17.01.1976

Queen Hammersmith Odeon, London, 24.12.75

The Ramones Live trhu the years

Lou Reed Live in Barcellona , 10/12/84
Lou Reed Sessions at West 54th street, NYC
Lou Reed Rockpalast, Dusseldorf 24.04.2000
Lou Reed Magic and Loss, Videomusic

REM UPTAKE , Ealing Studios , London, 29.10.1998
REM At Live8 - VH1 Storytellers 23.10.1998 - MTV Unpluggged 2001

Rockpile Live at Rockpalast 12-01-1980

The Rolling Stones Big Cocksucker Blues + Bonus Features (2DVDs)
The Rolling Stones Live in Saitama , 02-04-2006 (2DVDs)
The Rolling Stones Live in Buenos Aires , 21-02-2006 (2DVDs)
The Rolling Stones Live in Rio de Janeiro , 18-02-2006
The Rolling Stones Live in Bangalore , 04/04/2003
The Rolling Stones Live in Tokyo , 26-02-1990
The Rolling Stones Fort Worth, Texas, 18.07.1978
The Rolling Stones Big Cocksucker Blues
The Rolling Stones Clips from San Siro - 11.07.2006 (poor quality)
The Rolling Stones On DVD (1964-1969)
The Rolling Stones Ladies and Gentlemen
The Rolling Stones VH1 Classic Special
The Rolling Stones Live in Horsens, 03.04.2006
The Rolling Stones Hot August Night, Live at Knebworth Fair, 21.08.1976 (2DVDs)
The Rolling Stonse Ultimate TV Master
The Rolling Stones Giants Stadium, East rutherford, NJ, 15.09.2005
The Rolling Stones Live in Miami, 17.10.2005
The Rolling Stones Live at San Siro, Milano, 11.07.2006
Mick Jagger Deep Dpwn Under 1988
The Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Show (1964-1969)

Otis Rush Otis Rush Band , Live in London 1983

Carlos Santana Hammersmith Odeon, London, 15.12.76

Sex Pistols Winterland , San Francisco, 14-01-1978

Paul Simon BBC1 Sessions, Lso St.Lukes, London, 05.11.2006

Sly & The Family Stone TV Rarities

Smashing Pumpkins Live at Rockpalast 1996

Patti Smith Jesus died for someboddy sins, but not mine(France,24.07.2004+Bonus)
Patti Smith Live in Luisville , 15.05.2004
Patti Smith Live in Seattle, 23/06/2000 (pro-shot) + Dutch TV documentary 1996
Patti Smith Group Live in Essen 21.04.1979
Patti Smith Group Live in Stockholm 03.10.1976
Patti Smith The Ocean Club, Hackney, London, 23.07.2001

The Smiths TV Documentaries 1984 - 1987
The Smiths Live at Rockpalast 1984, Morrissey doc., The Smiths doc.
The Smiths The Smiths last concert, London Brixton Academy, 12/12/86
The Smiths Paseo de Camoens , Live in Madrid, 18.05.1985

Todd Snider Live in Dayton,OH 28-01-2006
Todd Snider Live in Dayton,OH 29-01-2006

The Specials Rock goes to college

Bruce Springsteen River Rehearsal
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen and the seeger session band, Arena di Verona, 05.10.2006 (2DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen and the seeger session band, Milano, 12.05.2006 (2DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Plugged and Raw, Los Angeles 22.09.1992 (2DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Landover , 15-08-1978 (3DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Live in Trenton, 22.11.2005 (2DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen and the seeger session band - Bologna 01.10.2006 (2DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen and the seeger session band - BBC4 Broadcast
Bruce Springsteen Devils & Dust Rarities (4DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Live at Captol Theater, Passaic NJ, 20.09.1978 (2DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young - Bridge Benefits 1986-1995
Bruce Springsteen Kickin 'ass in Minneapolis - St.Paul 05-10-2004
Bruce Springsteen Living in the light - Detroit 25-04-2005 (2DVDs)
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen and the seeger session band - Amsterdam 16-05-2006

Cat Stevens BBC in concert 1971
Cat Stevens Live in Williamsburg 1976

Talking Heads Live in Rome, December 1980

Thin Lizzy In concert 1973
Thin Lizzy Boys are back in town, Live in Sydney, oct.1978

George Thorogood Rockpalast 1980, Dortmund 26.11.1980

Geoff Tweedy Live in concert

U2 Live in Mexico City 03.12.1997
U2 Live in Werchter , 04.07.1982

Townes Van Zandt The Solo Sessions 1995

Stevie Ray Vaughan Live in Munich, 27.08.84
Stevie Ray Vaughan The Wax Museum, Washington, 27.12.1983
Stevie Ray Vaughan Clean & Sober collection
Stevie Ray Vaughan DVD Video Collection, 2
Stevie Ray Vaughan Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Live at Manor Downs, TX 18.03.1985
Stevie Ray Vaughan Opera House, Sydney, 09.11.1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan TV Appareances
Stevie Ray Vaughan Live in Tokio, 24.01.1985 (Prof.)
Stevie Ray Vaughan In Finland , live 85-88

Violent Femmes La Edad de Oro, Madrid 02.04.1985

Tom Waits Austin City Limits, 1979

Muddy Waters Blues Band Rockpalast, Dortmund 10.12.1978

The Who Live at Rockpalast , 28.03.1981
The Who Tommy live w/Steve Winwood, Billy Idol, Patti LaBelle, Elton, and P.Collins
The Who Purple Hearts & Power Chords (2DVDs)
The Who BBC Electric Proms , 29.10.2006

Johnny Winter Live at Rockpalast, 21-22.04.1979

Steve Winwood Live at Rockpalast, Loreley 22.06.19997

XTC Live at Rockpalast, 10.02.82

Yardbirds Yardbirds Compilation, 40 Years Ago

Neil Young Live at Phoenix Festival 1996
Neil Young At the Bridge , Bridge School Benefit concerts (3DVDs)
Neil Young Swingin mit Neil Young
Neil Young Neil over the years - Rare Clips

Frank Zappa Live at Palais des Sports, Paris , 11-06-1980
Frank Zappa Beat Club 1968
Frank Zappa Archives DVD # 1
Frank Zappa Archives DVD # 2

ZZ TOP Mean Rhythm US Tour, Moine,Illinois 18.08.1997
ZZ TOP Live in Paris, 21.04.1980
ZZ TOP Hartford Civic Center, 18.01.91 (2DVDs)