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Pro-Shots, listed by title
D251  Dana's DVD 2 (Hard Rain Inside and Out) C-
D253  Dana's DVD 4 (The 90's) C-
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) CM
D002  Eat The Document --
D005  Hard Rain CM
D047  Hard to Handle CM
D006  House Of Blues (Atlanta, 03-Aug-96)
sorry, can't burn
D003  Renaldo and Clara --
D472.i  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Improved version, 6 DVDs)
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980) CM
D004  The Promo Videos (25 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D001  Toronto, Canada (20-Apr-80) (The Born Again Music) CM
Audience-filmed DVDs, listed by date
D084  Juan-les-Pins (Antibes), France (12-Jul-92)
D341  Tinley Park, IL (09-Jul-99)
i made this, nothing special, but informative
D049  Burgettstown, PA (18-Jul-99) CM
D024  New Haven, CT (10-Nov-99) CM
D155  Piano Performance (Bob Dylan Live 2002)
sorry, can't burn
D043  New York, NY (11-Nov-02) (Two-Camera Mix) CM
D044  New York, NY (13-Nov-02) CM
D040  Hartford, CT (17-Nov-02) CM
D291  The UK Tour 2003 (Compilation) CM
D259  New York, NY (12-Aug-03) CM
D264  New York, NY (13-Aug-03) CM
D260  New York, NY (20-Aug-03) CM
D134  Niagara Falls, Canada (23-Aug-03) CM
D280  London/Hammersmith (24-Nov-03) CM
D322  St. Louis, MO (03-Mar-2004) CM
D331  Toronto, Canada (19-Mar-2004) --