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Pro-Shots, listed by title
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) CM
D002  Eat The Document
Watchdog, silver disc.
D047  Hard to Handle CM
D388  MTV Unplugged Rehearsal CM
D003  Renaldo and Clara CM
D001.sf  The Born Again Music (Toronto 1980 (Smiling Face edition))
Silver disc.
D472.i  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Improved version, 6 DVDs) CM
D004  The Promo Videos (25 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
Audience-filmed DVDs, listed by date
D596  Covered By Bob Dylan (2 DVDs) CM
D335.su  London, England (08-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D120.su  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) (Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM
D105.sse  London/Wembley (05-Oct-00) (Surround Sound Edition, 2 DVDs) CM
D197.su2  Liverpool, UK (12-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D291  The UK Tour 2003 (Compilation) CM
D463.su  Bethlehem, PA (16-Nov-04) (Sound Upgrade)
Does not copy
Some Non Dylan;

Tom Waits "A Few Sins In Odeon" Solid Air silver disc
Tom Waits "VH1 Storytellers"

David Bowie "Stage"

Rolling Stones "C*cksucker Blues" Un-authored
Rolling Stones "L.A Blues"
Rolling Stones "Ladies & Gentlemen"

Bjork "No Place Like Home" (2DVD)

Patti Smith "Redondo Nigger" Silver disc on Crime Crow

REM "MTV Unplugged

White Stripes "Glastonbury 2005"

Neil Young "Chicago 11/17/1992 - VH1 Centerstage" (2DVD)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Yesteryear Of The Horse" (live 1976)
Neil Young, Cat Stevens, James Taylor "BBC In Concert 1971"

Bruce Springsteen "Whole Lotta Rosie" 1984