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Pro-Shots, listed by title
D642  A Visit To The Dylan Shrine CM
D673  Bob Dylan And The Band / 69 - 70 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D253  Dana's DVD 4 (The 90's) C-
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) CM
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) CM
D013  DVD Compilation #03 (Early 80s) CM
D015  DVD Compilation #05 (Like a Rolling Stone) CM
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) CM
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CM
D487  The Genuine Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration (4 DVDs) CM
D472.i  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Improved version, 6 DVDs) CM
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980) CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D008.su  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
Audience-filmed DVDs, listed by date
D617.su  Paris, France (30-Jan-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D104  Roskilde, Denmark (01-Jul-95) CM
D166.su  Cedar Rapids, Iowa (03-Apr-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D291  The UK Tour 2003 (Compilation) CM
D654.su  Prague, Czech Republic (07-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D666.su  Bakersfield, CA (05-Apr-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
Non-Dylan DVD´s:

P: Pro-shot recording
C: Chaptermarks
M: Menu
*: Standalone/"blue menu"

AC/DC: SARStock Festival, Toronto 30.07.03. Includes the Rush set (P_C_M)

Ryan Adams: TV Compilation 2001-2003 (P_C_M)
Ryan Adams: Austin City Limits (ACL 21.01.06 + Whiskeytown 26.01.98 + extras) (P_C_M)

Allman Brothers Band: Saturday Night In Macon 10.09.73* (P_C)
Allman Brothers Band: DVD Project Volume 1 (2DVD) (P_C_M)

Joan Baez: Visions Of Johanna 1963-2005 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/Joan_ … na_DVD.jpg

The Band: "The Band Is Back" 18.07.83 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/TheBa … Dcover.jpg
The Band: "Happy Thanksgiving from Japan" 02.09.83 (P_C)
The Band: Woodstock II, 14.08.94 (P_C)
The Band: Puistoblues Festival 1996 (FOTTP) (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/TheBa … stival.jpg
The Band: Eye See The Band (Various TV 1968-1996) (P_C_M)

The Beach Boys: Art That Shook The World (BBC Documentary 2003) (P_C_M)

The Beatles: Watching Rainbows, Vol. 2 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/Beatl … nbows2.jpg

Belle & Sebastian: BBC Doc 1999* (P_C)

The Black Crowes: 1992 & 1993 TV Masters (P_C_M)

David Bowie: 50th Birthday Party, Madison Square Garden 1997 (2 DVD´s) (P_C)

Jackson Browne: Soundstage 1976/VH-1 Storytellers 1996* (P_C)

Jeff Buckley: TV Compilation Vol. 1 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/JeffB … nVol.1.jpg

The Byrds: Video Collection 1 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/Byrds … onDVD1.jpg
The Byrds: Video Collection 2 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/Byrds … onDVD2.jpg
The Byrds: Video Collection 3 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/Byrds … onDVD3.jpg

Captain Beefheart: Portable People (P_C_M) http://www.giginjapan.com/scan81/cbh-portable.htm
Captain Beefheart: Hot Rats

Johnny Cash: A Young Man From Arkansas With The Devil On His Back (HOJO) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/cash/cash.jpg
Johnny Cash: One Legend, Two Legendary Performances (HOJO) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/cash/cash_legend.jpg
Johnny Cash: Danish TV 1971 & Interview Danish TV + Midtfyn Festival 1994 (P_C_M)

Leonard Cohen: #1 (Various TV 1976-92) (P_C_M)
Leonard Cohen: DVDiamonds #1 (P_C_M)
Leonard Cohen: DVDiamonds #2 (P_C_M)
Leonard Cohen: DVDiamonds #3 (P_C_M)

Coldplay: Intimate & Interactive, Much Music, Toronto 22.09.02* (P_C)

Ry Cooder: Chicken Skin Music Live (HOJO) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/ry_cooder/ry_cooder.jpg

Cream: Royal Albert Hall 2005 (2 DVD´s)

David Crosby: Eye See David Crosby (TV 1989-1998) (P_C_M)

CSNY: Wembley Stadium 14.09.74 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M)
CSNY: Nassau Coliseum 22.04.02 (2 DVD´s) (C_M)

Nick Drake: 1948-1974 - The Days Of Nick Drake (FOTTP) (P_C_M) http://www.fogonthetyne.org.uk/artwo … 8_1974.jpg

Steve Earle: The Thin Man - Revisited (HOJO) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/earle/ … isited.jpg

John Entwistle: "Thunderfingers" - A Tribute to John Entwistle of The Who. Biography Channel 23.08.05 (P_C_M)

Finn Brothers: Live Collection Vol. 1 (FOTTP) (P_C_M)

Flaming Lips: Roskilde Festival 1996* (P_C)

John Fogerty: Farm Aid 1985/All Stars 1985/Vietnam Vets 1986* (P_C)
John Fogerty: Austin City Limits 10.08.04 + Extras (P_C_M)

David Gilmour: Mermaid Theathre, London 07.03.06 (3 songs only) (P_C)

Grateful Dead: Egypt 1978* (P_C)
Grateful Dead: "Love, Laughter, Music", Golden Gate Park 03.11.91 (P_C_M)
Grateful Dead: Eye See Grateful Dead (TV 1986-05) (P_C_M)

Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel (HOJO) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/gram/gram_dvd.jpg

Guns´N´Roses: The Ritz, NY 02.02.88 (P_C_M)
Guns´N´Roses: "Welcome To The Riot Show" Riverport Amphitheathre, MO 02.07.91 (P_C_M)
Guns´N´Roses: "Live In Oklahoma" 06.04.92 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M)

Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land (Documentary) (P_C_M)

Emmylou Harris: The High Priestess of the Church of Serendipity - Revisited (HOJO) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/emmylo … isited.jpg

John Hiatt: TV-Collection 1989-2000 (P_C_M)
John Hiatt: Perfectly Good Music On TV (HOJO) (P_C_M)

Buddy Holly: The Music Never Died

Iggy Pop: Eye See Iggy Pop (TV 1977-93) (P_C_M)

Interpol: DVB Recordings Collection 2003-05 (P_C_M)

Mick Jagger: Being Mick
Mick Jagger: Mick´s Girls http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/Micks_Girls.jpg

Robert Johnson: "Can´t You Hear The Wind Howl", Excellent documentary (P_C_M)

Joy Division: Here Are The Young Men (2 DVD´s)

Kinky Friedman: Video Collection 1976-1991 (P_C_M)

Kiss: Live In Japan, 02.04.77

Led Zeppelin: Earls Court 1975 (2 DVD´s)

John Lennon: Video Anthology 1-3 (3 DVD´s) (P_C_M)

Bob Marley: Live At The Rainbow 1977

Shane MacGowan: The Great Hunger, BBC Doc 1997 (With Extras added) (P_C_M)

Joni Mitchell: Through The Years

Van Morrison: As We Sail Into The Music (P_C_M)
Van Morrison: Live At The Rainbow 1973(P_C_M)

Nirvana: Paradiso, Amsterdam 25.11.91 (P_C_M)
Nirvana: "Prime Time" Compilation (P_C_M)

Oasis: Maine Road 1st Night 27.04.96 (P_C_M)

Pearl Jam: Red Rocks, CO 20.06.95 (2 DVD´s) (C_M)

Pere Ubu: Breath (TV 1988-91) (P_C_M)

Pink Floyd: Earls Court, London 09.08.80 (P_C_M)
Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound Of Thunder (P_C_M)
Pink Floyd: "A Venezia", Venice, Italy 15.07.89 (Harvested DVD 003) (P_C_M) http://www.harvested.org/DVD003/hrvdvd003_300dpi.jpg
Pink Floyd: Video Anthology 1966-1983 (Harvested DVD 005) (3 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.harvested.org/DVD005/hrvdvd005.jpg
Pink Floyd: The Story (BBC Omnibus 1994) (This Place Records TPR DVD 001) (P_C_M)
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Rainbow - Master Edition 5.1 (P_C_M)

Pixies: Belfort, France 07.03.04 (P_C_M)

The Pogues: MZA Ariake, Tokyo 30-10-1988

R.E.M.: SNL + TV (TV 1991-99) (P_C_M)

Keith Richards: Run Richards Run, New Jersey 1988 - Last show on the tour (D-Stone) (C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1988-12-17 … one011.jpg
Keith Richards: Köln 29.11.92 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1992-11-29 … -Koeln.jpg
Keith Richards: Live in Boston 1993, Orpheum Theater 13.2.93 (Jointrip) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1993-02-13 … ip-010.jpg

Rolling Stones: Ultimate TV Masters (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1964-1969_ … asters.jpg
Rolling Stones: More Rare Videos 1964-68 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1964-1968_ … Videos.jpg
Rolling Stones: More Hot Rocks (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/More_Hot_Rocks-Rewind.jpg
Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1968-SympathyForTheDevil.jpg
Rolling Stones: Gimmie Shelter (Brazilian bootleg) (P_C_M)
Rolling Stones: Cocksucker Blues - 1972 Tour Film* (P_C)
Rolling Stones: Big Cocksucker Blues (4Reel) (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1972-Big_C … -4Reel.jpg
Rolling Stones: "Ladies and Gentlemen" (4Reel) (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1972-06-24 … _4Reel.jpg
Rolling Stones: LA Blues, The Forum 1975 (P_C_M)
Rolling Stones: Hot August Night, Knebworth 1976 (Jointrip) (2 DVD) (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1976_Knebw … ip-016.jpg
Rolling Stones: Sucking In The Seventies (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1971-1978_ … enties.jpg
Rolling Stones: W/ Muddy Waters, Chicago 1981* (P_C) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1981-11-22 … Lounge.jpg
Rolling Stones: She´s So Cool - TV Reports 1981 & Wembley 1982 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1982-06-25_ShesSoCool.jpg
Rolling Stones: Atlantic City 19.12.89 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M)
Rolling Stones: 25X5 Documentary (P_C) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/25x5_WOW.jpg
Rolling Stones: Tokyo 1990 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1990-02-24_Tokyo.jpg
Rolling Stones: Barcelona 14.06.90 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1990-06-13 … --Rabo.jpg
Rolling Stones: Live At The Max (P_C_M)
Rolling Stones: Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami 25.11.94 (P_C_M)
Rolling Stones: Tokyo 12.03.95 (P_C_M)
Rolling Stones: Bridges To Argentina 30.03.98 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/1998-03-30 … -3logy.jpg
Rolling Stones: Licks On TV (P_C_M)
Rolling Stones: SARS Toronto 2003 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/DVD/2003-07-30_TorontoSARS(complete_Stones).jpg
Rolling Stones: Fenway Park, Boston 21.08.05+ Bonus footage (2 DVD´s) (C_M)
Rolling Stones: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 15.09.05 (C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/BiggerBangTour … tswood.jpg
Rolling Stones: Copacabana 18.02.06 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/BiggerBangTour … tswood.jpg
Rolling Stones: River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires 21.02.06 (P_C_M) http://bootcoverz.com/BiggerBangTour … tswood.jpg

Santana: Live In Japan 23.04.00 (HOJO) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/santana/santana.jpg

Pete Seeger: 1946-86 (Various clips) (P_C_M)
Pete Seeger: Zeche Bochum 20.02.86 (P_C_M)

Patti Smith: Sweden 1976, Germany 1979 + Interview* (P_C)
Patti Smith: London 2003 (2 DVD´s)* (_C_)

Bruce Springsteen: "A Scrapbook Filled With Pictures 1" (HOJO) (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/scrapbook/scrapbook1.jpg
Bruce Springsteen: "A Scrapbook Filled With Pictures 2" (HOJO) (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/scrapbook/scrapbook2.jpg
Bruce Springsteen: "A Scrapbook Filled With Pictures 3" (HOJO) (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/scrapbook/scrapbook3.jpg
Bruce Springsteen: "A Scrapbook Filled With Pictures 4" (HOJO) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/scrapbook/scrapbook4.jpg
Bruce Springsteen: A Secret Hisdtory (HOJO) (P_C_M)
Bruce Springsteen: "Whole Lotta Rosie" 26.07.84 (P_C_M)
Bruce Springsteen: Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia 14.08.85 (2 DVD´s)(P_C_M)
Bruce Springsteen: "Tunnel Of Love Express Tour 1988" (P_C_M)
Bruce Springsteen: American Airlines Arena 23.11.02 (2 DVD´s)* (_C_)
Bruce Springsteen: "3" Fedex Field, Landover, Maryland 13.09.03 (2 DVD´s) (C_M)
Bruce Springsteen: "I Hate X-Mas" Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ 07.12.03 (2 DVD´s) (C_M)
Bruce Springsteen: "Rockin´ Ass In Minneapolis", 05.10.04
Bruce Springsteen: Vote For Change Tour Finale 11.10.04 (P_C_M)
Bruce Springsteen: "Living In The Light", Detroit 25.04.05 (C_M) (Screwdevil)(2 DVD´s)
Bruce Springsteen: Bologna 04.06.05 (2 DVD´s)
Bruce Springsteen: 70´s Reel*
Bruce Springsteen: 80´s Reel*
Bruce Springsteen: 90´s Reel*

Rod Stewart & The Faces: Live 1971

Television: 1974-84 Trying To Television: Video Anthology Vol. 1 http://www.giginjapan.com/scan10/tv-video.htm
Television: 1985-2001 Trying To Television: Video Anthology Vol. 2 http://www.giginjapan.com/scan12/tv-videov2.htm
Television: 1993 Later With Jools Holland

Hunter S. Thompson: TV Appearances (2 DVD´s)

Uncle Tupelo/Wilco (TV 1989-02) (P_C_M)

U2: Queens University, Belfast 23.01.81
U2: Looking For The Light In san Francisco 16.05.81
U2: Red Rocks 05.06.83* (P_C)
U2: Loreley 20.08.83
U2: Conspiracy Of Hope Tour 15.06.86 (P_C_M)
U2: Nassau Coliseum, New York 09.10.87* (P_C)
U2: Memorial Coliseum, L.A. 18.11.87 (P_C_M)
U2: "U2 - Playing Washington 1992" 16.08.92 (3Logy) (P_C_M)
U2: Live Sydney 1993 (P_C)
U2: Irving Plaza, New York 05.12.00 (P_C_M)
U2: American Airlines Arena, Miami 02.12.01* (_C_)
U2: Atomic Promo Tour 2004 Part 1+2 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M)
U2: San Diego 28.03.05* (_C_)
U2: Paris 10.07.05 Multi Cam Mix

Various Artists: "A Gift From Jakob´s Dad", Bridge Benefit 1986 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/TheBr … rt1986.jpg
Various Artists: A Tribute To Gram Parsons 1999 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/GramP … ribute.jpg
Various Artists: AIDS Benefit, Oakland Stadium 1989 (Grateful Dead, Tower Of Power, Los Lobos, John Fogerty, Tracy Chapman) (P_C_M)
Various Artists: Musicians On Later #1 (Dion, Stewart Copeland, Arlo Guthrie, Roger McGuinn) (P_C_M)
Various Artists: Musicians On 60 Minutes #1 (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Joan Baez, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen) (P_C_M)
Various Artists: Musicians On 60 Minutes #2 (The Dead, Rolling Stones 1994 & 2002, Miles Davis) (P_C_M)
Various Artists: No Nukes, Battery Park, NY 23.09.79* (P_C)
Various Artists: Sounds Of The 70´s (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/SoundsOfTheSeventies.jpg
Various Artists: Woodstock Diaries (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/WoodstockDiary.jpg
Various Artists: Stamping Ground Rotterdam 1970
Various: The World´s Greatest Gigs

Velvet Revolver: Spectrum, Philadelphia 10.11.04* (_C_) 3-Cam Mix

Velvet Underground: Documentaries - The Southbank Show 1986 & Arsenal 1986 Spanish TV (P_C_M)

Tom Waits: Amsterdam 21.11.04

The Waterboys: TV Compilation 1983-1993 (P_C_M)

White Stripes: Rio De Janeiro 31.10.03 (P_C)

The Who: Who´s Better, Who´s Best (P_C_M)
The Who: The Making Of Who´s Next (P_C_M)
The Who: Listening To You - Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 (P_C_M)
The Who: The Who At The Summit, Houston 1975 (4Reel) (P_C_M)

Wilco: Rock Am Ring 18.05.02 (P_C_M)

Williams Lucinda: American Dream TV Reels 1989-1999 (2DVD) (P_C_M)

Neil Young: Rare 70´s clip (2 DVD´s) Can´t copy disc 1
Neil Young: Swinging Mit Neil (German Documentary 1971) (P_C_M)
Neil Young: "From Hank To Hendrix" (HOJO)(2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hojo.org.uk/images/young/neil_young_dvd.jpg
Neil Young: Solo Trans Tour, Dayton, Ohio 1983 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … nsTour.jpg
Neil Young: Austin City Limits 25.09.84 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilYoung_Austin85.jpg
Neil Young: Rusted Out Garage, Cow Palace 21.11.86 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … ce1986.jpg
Neil Young: Vienna 17.05.87* (P_C)
Neil Young: European Tour Documentary 1987 (P_C)
Neil Young: Winnipeg Bands Reunion 28.06.87 (P_C)
Neil Young: The Agora, Cleveland 23.04.88 (2 DVD´s) (C_M)
Neil Young: Fox Theater, St. Louis 11.01.89 (2 DVD´s) (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … tLouis.jpg
Neil Young: Kansas 12.01.89 (2 DVD´s) (C_M)
Neil Young: Jones Beach 14.06.89* (P_C)
Neil Young: Jones Beach 14.06.89 & SNL 30.09.89 Rehearsal & Broadcast (P_C_M) Improved version http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … h,1989.jpg
Neil Young: Harvard, Connecticut 19.02.91 (C_M)
Neil Young: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 22.02.91 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … e_1991.jpg
Neil Young: Weld - 1991 Tour Film (P_C_M)
Neil Young: Weld (2 DVD edition - from Laserdisc) (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilYoung-1991-Weld.jpg
Neil Young: WTTW Studios, Chicago 17.11.92 (2 DVD´s) (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … 921117.jpg
Neil Young: Farm Aid 6, 24.04.93 (P_C_M)
Neil Young: Roskilde Festival 01.07.93 (C_M)
Neil Young: Torhout, 03.07.93 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … t_1993.jpg
Neil Young: Farm Aid 1994 & 1998 (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … 4,1998.jpg
Neil Young: Bridge Benefit 8, 02.10.94 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/TheBr … rt1994.jpg
Neil Young: Roskilde Festival 27.06.96 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … 4,1998.jpg
Neil Young: Hamilton, Ontario 31.10.96 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … milton.jpg
Neil Young: Farm Aid 1999 (P_C_M)
Neil Young: Ahoy, Rotterdam, 24.07.01 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … terdam.jpg
Neil Young: "Hurricane Over The Mountain" 28.07.01 (2 DVD´s)(P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … untain.jpg
Neil Young: Bridge Benefit 15 2001 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/TheBr … rt2001.jpg
Neil Young: Antwerpen 23.05.03 (C_M)
Neil Young: Bridge Benefit 18, 24.10.04 (C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/BSB_2004.jpg
Neil Young: On Late Night w/ Conan O´Brian 1-4.11.05* (P_C)
Neil Young: Conan 0`Brian & SNL 2005 - High Definition TV (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilY … n,2005.jpg
Neil Young: Journey Through The Past* (P_C)
Neil Young: Yesteryear Of The Horse (1976 Tour Film)(P_C_M)
Neil Young: Muddy Track (1987 Tour Film)* (P_C)
Neil Young: A&E Biography (P_C_M)
Neil Young: Much Music 120 min. (P_C_M)
Neil Young: Neil Over The Years (P_C_M)
Neil Young: TV Appearances (P_C_M)
Neil Young: Homegrown (P_C_M) http://www.hallym.org/thinkrun/NeilYoung-Homegrown.jpg
Neil Young: Freedom/Ragged Glory/The Complex Sessions (P_C_M)

Frank Zappa: 200 Motels

Warren Zevon: Letterman Appearances & 1986 Electric (P_C_M)