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DVDylan ID: D441.4m
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Earls Court, London, England, UK
  1. Scenes from outside
  2. Hard Rain (instrumental)
  3. Love Her With Feelin (15)
  4. Baby Stop Crying (20)
  5. Mr Tambourine man (15)
  6. Love Minus Zero (20)
  7. Ballad of a thin man (15)
  8. Maggies Farm (15)
  9. I Don't believe you(20)
  10. Like A Rolling Stone (15)
  11. Going Going gone (15)
  12. Sooner or later(20)
  13. You’re a big girl now (15)
  14. Blowin in the wind (20)
  15. I want you (20)
  16. Senor (20)
  17. Masters of war (20)
  18. Just like a woman (20)
  19. Don’t Think Twice (15)
  20. All along the watchtower (20)
  21. All I Really Wanna do(20)
  22. Its alright ma (20)
  23. Forever young (19)
  24. The times they are a-changin (19)
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:26
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
The Caretakers notes on this item:

Numbers in brackets after each song is the date of that song.

720 x 576 pixels Ratio 4.3 PAL
Mpeg-2 video 25 fps Max bitrate 8000 Min 1550
AUDIO: Dobly Digital 48KHz stereo 16 bit 192 kb/s

Raw Video footage menued using Tempgenc DVD Author 4.5
New version 2016 courtesy of The Caretaker and friends
Fresh transfer from 8mm print, in places cut closer. Original sound replaced with best available sources

ORIGINAL OUTTAKES (now used for multi angles in film)
Love Minus Zero (19) / Sooner Or Later (15) / Senor (15)/ All Along The Watchtower (15)

(1) D1 SR 15th June
(2) D2, SL 20th June
(3) D1, SR 20th June
(4) D2, SR 19th June
3 different nights one of which was shot by two different people

This is the first in a series of 8mm films we intend to release.

I can still recall seeing this for the first time at the first Manchester Convention in 1979. We were all very impressed then but since of course have seen many better quality films with the advent of video cameras. Well watch this now, you'll get that feeling again, its still blurry in places of course, still dark at times. But you GOTTA enjoy this one !


Here is the start of yet another Series ! Sorry about that. We are attempting to place all the known 8mm Cine film into order in this series, of course in the best quality we can manage 8mm of course predated video cameras by quite a few years so it therefore covers a period for which there is little amateur footage, Mostly 1974 to 1984.
There were huge limitations, most cameras could only handle 3 minute films cartidges so many songs were captured incomplete. They did not have through the lens metering so you had to guess if you had the correct light settings and if you were in focus, hence many films ended up out of focus and too dark. The zoom is also quite limited compared to digital wonders these days, BUT the lens quality was far superior to the first video cameras and if you got it all correct the results could be spectacular! And as no one knew anything about these things the security at shows was non existant so it was often easier to get close to the stage to film. There is a weird romance to the better films that just cannot be ignored, as you are there with these pioneers of pirating.

I started this project a very long tme ago when I started to accumulate 8mm films some I had bought many came from the generosity of collectors who have entrussed prized collections to me. So I started sorting them out (there are more than 100 different films) I hope to feature them all in as close to chronological order as possible. And yes there will be 74-75-76 periods to do.
First you need to understand though that the term "Master" is a variable one here. These films could only be duplicated in a photo lab by making a copy. Over years its hard to know if the print you have is a master or not. Also many were originally made by playing the film and filming that from behind the screen, which obviously caused a quality drop. Every 8mm film I have received has now been retransferred digitally by photographing it frame by frame and then running the digial prints. It creates a far superior copy to any previous methods but its quite expensive. In some cases the original 8mm priont simply isn't available and in these cases I have to resort to the best video available. Digital copies can be cut closer (zoomed in before being photographed) which also improves things so the qualities will vary,

I wanted to start with something that shows what can be done and that brings me to Earls Court. I have been able to secure an original print of this so it has been cut closer and the digital process used. Originally there were about 20 mins of couttakes which essentially meant songs shot by different people. Modern digital editing means that footage is now incorporated in the film, its now a much longer more complete item. Added to which I have been very fortunate to find a handfull of helpful people with the suitable technology to replace the soundtracks.

You've never seen this as good as this.

For many 78 Earls Court was the first time they saw Bob live, they were huge events and magical experiences for many so it seems a good place to start this project. I Hope you agree.

The Caretaker

A very nice upgrade of both the video and the audio as compared to D441.4 .
What a fine time to be a Bob head, the treats just keep coming.
Thanks to the Caretaker and his friends for capturing, preserving, and sharing, these priceless documents.

Reviewed by jman on 14th February 2016