DVDylan ID: D213.mu2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: London, England, UK/Wembley Arena,
Date: Saturday, 17th October 1987

Like D213.msu, this is an item that technically merits a '4' rating. However, a '5' seems appropriate on the basis of the second camera angle, the wonderful setlist, Dylan's spirited performance, and the participation of George Harrison and Roger McGuinn during the encore. Gotta be a 'must-have' item.

Wembley Arena
London, England, UK
October 17, 1987
DVDylan ID #213.mu2

5-point scale: 2➝5/5/4/4/4-
15-point scale: 5➝14/14/11/11/10 (avg. 11.50 B+)

-D567 footage allowed for fills of missing parts of D213.m and for close-ups of Dylan singing
-closer shots of McGuinn & Harrison on encores

-Back up band not too shabby, especially Benmont Tench on keyboards, Mike Campbell on lead guitar, and Tom Petty on vocal accompaniment
-Piano by Benmont Tench very effective, especially on "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine" and "Tomorrow Is A Long Time"
-Roger McGuinn & George Harrison join in on encores
-terrific setlist, includes a rare and very well-sung "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine"
-dynamic performance from Dylan especially on "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" and "Go Down Moses"

DISTANCE/POSITION: Right balcony 70˙: far right position affords shots of all band members, although gospel chorus often blocked by giant speaker; focus consistently on Dylan with Tench & Campbell in shot; Right floor 5˙ affords close-ups of Dylan

AUDIO: 14 (excellent CB master/speed reduced 0.5% to match video speed); speed of upgrade had to be reduced .5% to match speed of video

STEADINESS: both Cams 10


FOCUS: Cam 1: 11; Cam 2: 8 (colors often too vivid)

EDITING: stills used for off-target and cut parts (see setlist details); speed of upgrade had to be reduced .5% to match speed of video; incorporated D567 footage, especially for close-ups of Dylan singing

Special thanks for the video to THE GHOST, J, K & PINK ELEPHANT
Additional thanks for the audio to CB & BLINDWILLY.
Edited, sound upgraded & authored by YASSOU.

Cam 1:
D213.m (Masters Series 059)
2➝3+/5/4/4/4 (audio rating is for upgrade source)
5➝9/14/11/11/11 (avg. 11.50 B+)
Right balcony 70˙
Filmer: The Ghost with help from J & K.
Disc author: The Ghost
Shared by The Ghost via DIME tracker
VOB files > DIME > hard drive > MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 > dv > iMovie 6.0.3

Cam 2:
1st gen source files for D567
5/5/4/-/3 (audio rating is for upgrade source)
14/14/11/10/8 (avg. 11.00 B)
Right floor 5˙
Filmer: Pink Elephant
Raw files shared by The Ghost via WeTransfer
VOB files > WeTransfer > hard drive > MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 > dv > iMovie 6.0.3

Taper: CB
Shared by blindwilly via DropBox
shn files > DropBox > xACT 2.33 > aiff > Toast Titanium 11.0.4 > SD II > Audacity 2.0.0 > -0.5% > aiff > iMovie 6.0.3.

Produced by yassou on a MacBook Pro running Lion 10.7.5 and Apple software.
Audio and video assets edited in iMovie 6.0.3; authored, multiplexed and burned to VIDEO_TS folder in iDVD 7.1.2 (Professional Quality 2-pass variable bit rate encoding)

excellent sound [A]
version "a", from the Christian Behrens master audience excellent sound;
same as previous version except without the big noise at end of d1t15;
this is same recording as bootleg LB-0119 based on same clapping at end of d1t1 with channels switched; in comparison that one is harsher and less full sound (reported that cb did not tape the London shows)

COOPS2009 NOTES FOR CAM 1 (D213.m - Masters Series 059):
D2 A7 S7 H8 F8 BR4 84 Mins
Shot an unknown Hitachi model; camcorder onto TDK EXG tapes
Played in adaptor on a Phillips VR550 VHS Recorder transfered to PC and edited with TEMPGENC DVD Author 4
MPEG-2 Sys bitrate 19980 kb/s VBR
audio AC3 48 Khz
pic 720x576 4.2 pal
pic/s 25,000 frms 22,990 kbp/s 8799 Fields/s 50,000

COOPS2009 NOTES FOR CAM 2 (1st gen source for D567)
1st generation from videotape
Center floor
No info re. equipment used
Filmed by DD (Pink Elephant)

Reviewed by yassou on 11th November 2014