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here's my list
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Pro-Shots, listed by title
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) CM
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CM
Audience-filmed DVDs, listed by date
D479.up  Knight of the Hurricane & Toronto 2 Dec 1975 CM
D591  1992 Sampler CM
D045.su  Dubuque, IA (12-Nov-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D588  Perth, Australia (18-Mar-01) CM
D590.vcd  Braunschweig, Germany (05-Jul-01) (VCD-sourced) CM
D068.su  Toronto, Canada (08-Nov-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D559.vsu  Verona, NY (20-Apr-05) (Video & Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D585.a  Fort Worth, TX (04-Jul-05) (Authored, w/Bonus) CM