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The Genuine Bootleg Series 1-7 (CD)
Oh Babe it aint no lie (CD) El Ray Theatre L.A.Dec 20th '97.Double disc)
Simple Man Keep Waitin' (CD) Chicago April 18th '94.1'st set/Evanstan '91 Nov 4th/Chicago April 18th 2nd set/Evansrton Nov 4th

Blood on the Tracks.New York Sessions

San Jose Revisited May 9 '92

Loud and Strong. Laguna Seca, Monterey Calif '95/Rock n Roll Hall of fame 95/Community Theatre May25 '95/Warfield S.F. 22 May '95
River Front Park,Spokane,7 June 95.

Rosebud Ball room.New York Oct 19/20 1994.

Early Bob Dylan Nov/Dec 1961.

Blood and Thunder...Oklahoma/Texas and Colorado...May 76 (single Disc)
The Lonesome Sparrow sings..studio outakes 65-66.Includes Miami Sales convention message and Blonde on Blonde out takes.

Dylan/Petty Rich for Poor.Buffalo,New York '86.
Bob Dylan Folk Singers Choice with Cynthia Gooding. Radio show March 11 '62.

Surviving in a ruthless world Tampa and Dallas 2002.

Glasgow,Scotland........17th November 2005

Glasgow Scotland ....... April 11 2007

Sounds from the Sound Board '97 Vienna and Virginia.

Possum Belly Overalls...Columbia out takes '69-70.

Getting Harder and Harder to see a new sunrise.USA '90'

The Classic Interviews Vol 2 The Weberman Tapes

It takes a lot to laugh. Portland March....Nevada June 2000

Visions of Birmingham Nov.18 2005.

Dylan and Cash .Home of the Brave '69

OK I still get stoned. Brisbane '78.

Dylan 'Live' BBC Radio recordings 62.- 2000

The classic Interviews 1965-66

Bob Dylan The Rock Report.. exclusive interviews written and read by Geoffrey Giuliano.

Brixton Blues....Live across Europe '95 includes Chrissie Hynde and Elvis Costello.

The Osaka Tapes March 6th 2001

Live in England...'66

Bob Dylan in The Club Again Hamburg Docks 18.10.2003.

Dylan/Simon Camden NJ 17.7.99 (Dylan Half only)
Aberdeen (Scotland)ECC Sat.Sept 16 2000.

Toronto 2003

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Pro-Shots, listed by title
D003  Renaldo and Clara
Made in Sweden
D001  Toronto, Canada (20-Apr-80) (The Born Again Music)
Saturday Night Live 10/20/79.Toronto 4/20/80 (The Gospel Years.
Audience-filmed DVDs, listed by date
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