DVDylan ID: D981.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Date: Friday, 15th November 2002

A two-camera sound upgrade was originally envisioned for this project, but the lack of a mint or 1st generation source for D037, and the difference in video formats (D981 is PAL/D037 is NTSC), made such a project questionable due to the need for transcoding

So, here we have the first 10 songs, edited to cover clips and cuts (mostly between songs), sound upgraded with the same superior audio source (LB-9165) that was used by the Watchtower author of D037.sse. That upgrade was remarkable for the fact that there were three audio tracks. Alas, the author of D981.su lacked the expertise and software to achieve such a feat, but I believe you will find the sound quite acceptable, nonetheless.

Dylan's singing and performance are strong, as is true for most of the concerts of the 2002 N.E.T. tour. "In the Summertime" is the tastiest treat from my point of view. Tied for second are the beautifully-sung "The End Of The Innocence" and the rollicking "Brown Sugar."

The image tends to be a bit dark, and the relatively shaky camera and obstructed view all add up to a "4+ star" rating for this one.

Reviewed by yassou on 30th August 2011