DVDylan ID: D870
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Bournemouth, UK
Date: Sunday, 5th May 2002

This is from a VCD, The camera is not quite steady but what a first song Waiting For The Light To Shine sung flawlessly. We see Dylan then heads, still something compels me to watch. Heads darkness, but the performance canít be faulted. Dylan singing If Not For You and Desolation Row like a country gentleman. For moments you see Larry, Tony and Dylan, then darkness my old friend. Still Iím staring at the TV waiting for something to happen 6 seconds of the band 45 of heads. Oh thereís Charley Right?? Magic happens on Mamma Youíve Been On My Mind a little bit of clear shots. Subterranean Home Sick Blues much better than his 1988 attempts. Dylan plays a beautiful Boots Of Spanish Leather, heís really giving the crowd what they want. Hard Rain with a punch. Well, he mumbles Donít Think Twice but you can see him mumblingÖ weird. Good songs heads; mediocre song there he is. Back to Rocking on Summer Days. Heart felt harmonica intro on Not Dark Yet. There he is, then heís not there heís gone. Then to blistering rock with Drifters Escape, a song Iíve always loved how he transcends every time he plays. Ends with a predictable be well done Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat.
I love it I hate it, music is clearly Dylan at his best, too bad you canít really see it. No offence to Napbon who transferred this. I wish I was there, so thank you sir. This would come in over all at 3 stars.

Reviewed by Lilly_ofthewest on 19th December 2009