Balc. R60°
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DVDylan ID: D820.su2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: T. Mobile Aréna, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: Thursday, 23rd October 2003
Never-Ending Tour Concert #1566
  1. OPENING TITLES [45:00; 6:11 audio clip taken from LB-1368 end of concert to fill silent gap at start; purple fog effect]
  2. INTRODUCTION [w/purple fog effect 27:11]
  3. MAGGIE'S FARM [5:11 still added at end for transition to next song]
  4. IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE [clipped 50:24/1 still and 1 movie clip from D269; cut 14:18/1 still w/transition; cut 44:07/1 still w/transition; cut 53:24/1 still w/transition; cut 55:09/1 still from D269 w/transition; 1 5:20 still for transition to next song]
  5. CRY A WHILE [missing 5:43:01/14 stills, 2 D269 movie clips w/8 transitions]
  6. BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER [clipped 19:12/cut 2:25/5 stills w/5 transitions; 1 still from D269 to show Larry on cittern]
  7. IT'S ALRIGHT, MA (I'M ONLY BLEEDING) [missing 7:35:17/6 stills, 5 D269 movie clips w/2 transitions]
  8. DON'T THINK TWICE, IT'S ALL RIGHT [clipped 29:19/one D269 movie clip w/reverse special effect, 2 stills w/ transitions; wandering cam 29:13/1 still w/1 transition and one 8:11 movie clip w/transition from source video]
  9. THINGS HAVE CHANGED [missing 6:50:07/one 2:02:00 movie clip from D269 added (Dylan on piano, rather than guitar as in Prague concert)/6 stills w/6 transitions]
  10. HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED [clipped 31:02/1 still + electricity effect; fade out transition @end ]
  11. MOONLIGHT [clipped 31:00/2 stills; cut 2:13:13/3 stills w/4 transitions]
  12. TWEEDLE DEE & TWEEDLE DUM [missing 6:46:02/2 stills w/1 transition @start; one 2:41:17 movie clip from D269; 3 stills w/5 transitions @end]
  13. EVERY GRAIN OF SAND [clipped 20:14; wandering cam 35:10/2 stills w/1 transition; cut 3:22:17/3 stills w/4 transitions and 2 movie clips/one from source video, the other from D279]
  14. HONEST WITH ME [missing 7:03:14/8 stills all but one from D279/5 movie clips all from D279/ 7 transitions]
  15. MR. TAMBOURINE MAN [clipped 31:00/2 stills w/1 transition; wandering cam 17:09/1 still w/transition; cut 1:13:11/3 movie clips from source video w/3 transitions, 1 still w/transition to next song]
  16. SUMMER DAYS [missing 7:15:16/3 D279 and 2 D269 movie clips/1 still/5 transitions]
  17. CAT'S IN THE WELL [2:39:20 audience audio cut to match edit in video; 6 frames video removed for a/v sync; cut 1:18:17/2 stills w/2 transitions; random audience noise from 1:37:55 - 1:38:02]
  18. LIKE A ROLLING STONE [clipped 7:24/1 still w/1 transition; wandering cam 09:23/2 stills w/1 transition]
  19. BAND INTRODUCTIONS [missing 30:22/7 stills w/6 transitions; stills taken from source video, D279, and D280.sse]
  20. ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER [clipped 11:15/1 still; video cut 1:46:05/3 stills and one movie clip from source video w/4 transitions; end salute, thanks, and fade out transition]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:53:53
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Added stills and movie clips from source video and three other fall '03 shows to fill missing songs and some other parts not shown on source video; stills and movie clips are from source video unless otherwise noted; stills and movie clips from other shows are performances of the songs missing on the source video; a/v sync will be off in places where other concert sources are used, but that's the price we have to pay to see more video and fewer stills!
Other concert sources:
D269-Milan 2-Nov-03 (Baby Blue, Cry A While, It's Alright, Ma, Boots, Things Have Changed, Tweedle Dee)
D279 Birmingham 21-11-03 (Every Grain, Honest, Summer, Band Intros)
D280.sse London 24-11-03 (Band Intros)
Camera location:
Source video: right balcony 60 degrees.
D269: far left balcony 65 degrees.
D279: far right balcony 85 degrees.
D280.sse: left floor 45 degrees.
All video sources>MPEGStreamclip 1.8b2>iMovie 6.0.3>iDVD 6.0.4.
Sound upgraded w/excellent LB-5259 (Bach) audio.
LB-1368 used for menu video and audio clips, except sub-menu 1 Boots of Spanish Leather.
LB-5259 and LB-1368>Toast 7.0 disk images>Sound Studio 3>wav>iMovie 6.03.
Good camera work on source video with panning and zooming.
Source video camera focused mainly on Freddy and Dylan. Only a little of Larry, very little of Tony, and only hands and sticks of George seen.
LB-5259, (60min+59min), Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A > Sony DAT TCD-D100 > WaveTerminal > WaveLab 6.01 > dBpower AMP Music Converter > MD5summer; bittorrent download 08/07; different recording than and in comparison this is warmest, then LB-1368, and then hv LB-1447; excellent sound [A]
LB-1368, (60min+57min), excellent sound, (this recording is same as Contemporary Tapers Series #6) (this recording was bittorrented 07/05 with higher levels as "This time with Neumann microphones; excellent recording, No other lineage info., For you car + LR stereo listeners;, notched up a wee bit in the lower and higher frequencies;, also overall Output Level boosted +2.0dB")