DVDylan ID: D813
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: House of Blues, Dallas, Texas, USA

This item looks better than it is I'm afraid.
The video is very low quality, seems to be either from utube captures or from cell phone camera or both.

Too bad, as its very nicely authored with beautiful menus etc.

Glad it is shared here, but i expect the vast majority of members with view this once at most.

Best tracks are the 2 proshot bonuses, Zaragoza promo and Ronson remix. The rest you might as will search up on utube.

Don't be fooled by the over all 4 star rating. Jim50 likes to vote with multiple identities until the over all rating matches his idea of the 'proper' score.

Thanks to Hudson Hawk and Dylanfanandy for distribution.

Reviewed by jman on 17th October 2008