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DVDylan ID: D794
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: New York, New York, USA
Date: Saturday, 20th October 1979
Studio 8H, RCA Building Re-Run May 31, 2003, NBC All Night

Guest Host: Eric Idle
Guest Artist: Bob Dylan
Guest Comedian: Andy Kaufman
Cast: Jane Curtain, Buck Henry, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray,
Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner,Harry Shearer, Paul Shaffer

  1. Opening Skit: Who Will Host?
  2. Introduction
  3. Eric Idle - Impressions
  4. Hotel-Motel Art Fair
  5. One Shoe Salesman
  6. Bob Dylan - Gotta Serve Somebody
  7. Prince Charles - How To Pick Up Girls
  8. Weekend Update 1 - Miscellaneous
  9. Weekend Update 2 - British Straw Vote
  10. Weekend Update 3 - Miscellaneous
  11. Weekend Update 4 - Roseanne Roseanneadanna
  12. Hardcore II
  13. Bob Dylan - I Believe In You
  14. Andy Kaufman - Female Wrestling Challenge
  15. Heavy Sarcasm
  16. Ask Elvis
  17. Bob Dylan - When You Gonna Wake Up?
  18. Closing Ensemble & Credits
Number of discs: 1
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Direct TV satellite>Toshiba W602 Stereo VCR>TDK E-HG tape>Toshiba SD-KV550 Stereo VCR>Canon ZR 700>iMovie 6.0.3>iDVD 6.0.4. Fully-authored with all skits and performances intact, including Dylan waving goodbye with the cast at the end.