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DVDylan ID: D791
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Finsbury Park, Fleadh Festival, London, England, UK
Date: Saturday, 12th June 1993
Never-Ending Tour Concert #481
  • Fleadh Festival 1993
    -Hard Times
    -Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
    -All Along the Watchtower
    -You're A Big Girl Now
    -Tangled Up In Blue
    -One Irish Rover
    -Watching The River Flow
    -Jim Jones
    -Mr. Tambourine Man
    -Maggie's Farm
    -It Ain't Me, Babe
  • Filler: Paris, France, 3rd-July-1994
    -To Be Alone With You
    -Mama, You Been On My Mind
    -Highway 61 Revisited
    -In The Garden
    -What Good Am I?
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:11:41
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Different/closer source than D688.

Filler consists of Paris 3 July 1994, same source and content as D450 but in better quality here.

A Michpom Production with thanks to JFC

Fleadh Festival '93
Hard Times: Nice, warm folky opening to the disc. Recalls to mind Dylan's great Good as I been to you album (which is strangely uncannily hard to track down in most record stores!) plus a lovely band backing (dig the accordion! very nice touch which Dylan has returned to just recently on his up-and-coming release later this month....)
Audio is slightly rough - too much 'peaking', needs to be equalized or (even better) a sound upgrade, preferentially 'cos the bass sounds 'jars' too much.
Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again: Very nice, tight performance which, once again, would be 1000% more enjoyable if it's possible to equalize it. Trying to tell myself: "equalize it, don't criticize it". Very elaborate and ornate guitar solos here (a la post mid-70s where guitarists try to whack off as many licks as possible and drum solos go on impossibly long - hey John Bonham). Something happens to the bass during this song - it suddently cuts out for some reason like someone just pulled the plug (Dylan looks equally bewildered momentarily).
All Along the Watchtower: Average, annoyingly repetitive guitar riffs.....which is a pity that it 'blandizes' (sorry just had to coin the phrase) this otherwise timeless classic.
You're a Big Girl Now: Sound gets a bit better from here on in.......
Great song off my all-time favorite Dylan album and in my opinion arguably the best album of all time - Blood on the Tracks. Best song so far. (Hard Times was great but start was clipped). End of this one slightly clipped too, at that.
Tangled Up in Blue: Now how many face-lifts has this song gone through over the years?
This version is pretty good, but not on the level of some of the RTR or 90s performances of this song. Audience eats it up though....though don't know what exactly happens at the end of this song - "the guitars have been drinking, not me........." more or less....
One Irish Rover: In a word - Wow! Very nice version. The overall band sound reminds me of some late 80s, early 90s Neil Young stuff. Great duet with Van Morrison easily the highlight of the concert. Song builds to a wonderful climax.
Watching the River Flow: Hats off to the leading guitarist here though - sounding great!
Great song with a great rockabilly feel here.
Jim Jones: The first live version I've ever heard of this song - very impressive! Lovely guitar accompaniment recalls to mind the "Desolation Row" recording session in parts. This is the 2nd major highlight of this concert.
Mr. Tambourine Man: Pretty decent version but the 'peaking' is back. Bob's in a really good mood here.
Maggie's Farm: Sound is terrible here unfortunately as it looks like a really good performance.
Chants of "Bob, Bob, Bob............" as he strolls off stage for the first time only to come back with....
It ain't me babe: Easily in my top 5 favorite Dylan songs ever period - sounds great with mandolin too. It's funny but the more I listen to this song and Another Side of Bob Dylan overall, the more I can feel this greek vibe to these songs - help me out here Marianna! (probably because he wrote most of this album while he was on holiday in Greece).
To Be Alone With You: Dylan's delivery is SPOT ON here. Don't go telling Dylan about delivery, he is the Delivery F'n Master! Good performance but unfortunately the footage is clipped, melting into..........
Don't Think Twice It's Alright: Camerawork is shakey in parts here but good when it finds its foothold. Only last fragment of the song unfortunately - so hard to judge.
Highway '61: Great rockin', rollickin' song as usual.
In the Garden: One of the better songs from the Gospel Period. For a great version of this song, check out the version on the Hard to Handle vid. The drummer is going absolutely berserk here - nice stuff!
What good am I?:Lovely guitar tremelo complements this greatly and subtly understated song. Very decent vocal performance from Dylan too here to close out and round off this disc nicely.
No'peaking' in the Le Bourget concert but the sound is slightly muffled but still enjoyable. Thx to Joz for this great addition to the ever-growing collection.
VERDICT: A shining three stars! unfortunately robbed of an easy four due to the poor audio quality.
Still worth a watch though in anticipation of a sound upgrade!

Reviewed by Blackburne on 10th April 2009