DVDylan ID: D744
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Teatro Mediterraneo, Foggia, Italy
Date: Wednesday, 19th July 2006

Beautiful fan made project!

Nice menus, great subtitles include song title and date, edited very well.

Roving camera, mostly steady with some bouts of the jitters, we see everyone on stage quite nicely through the show. We get to see the camera person's companion briefly, and also some good effort on capturing the crowd dancers. Really nice capture of the event I think. Colors are great, distance is the only drawback, also impacts focus on tighter shots. Some minor edits are nicely handled in post production.

Audio is very good for camera mic.

Dylan in great form, laughs his way through much of the end of the set. The band is right on, some nice interplays and traded solos with the Bard. Also great shots of George and Tony together.
The perspective offered by a year's passing confirms the strength of performances.
This one is a nice companion piece to D728 Italia 2006 compilation.
Thanks to the filmer, author, and seeder at DaD.

Reviewed by jman on 19th May 2007