DVDylan ID: D617.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Theatre de Grand Rex, Paris, France
Date: Tuesday, 30th January 1990

A single, mostly steady camera near the front of the balcony provides a decent shot of Bob throughout this DVD. Colors are vivid, but focus never quite sharp although it improves some during the set, probably due to distance. early parts of the tape are flawed due to heads, but the filmer did a great job of working around them to provide almost constant coverage of BD and more than a few shots of GS and TG as well.
HW has once again added an excellent soundtrack to this tape, as well as lovely authoring, syncing, and easy functional menus.

As per usual for this tour, the performance starts off on a bit of auto-pilot, decent but not very exciting opening numbers.
Things get a bit more dynamic with an 'I Believe in You' which is well presented by both Dylan and the band, and from that point on the performances are quite interesting, straight through to a lovely acousitic segue from It's Alright Ma into a very nice Hattie Carroll. Man in the Long Black coat stands out as well, more than hinting at the intense versions to come a few years on.

Bob delivers pretty good this night, strong vocals and nice harp work, particularly on Hattie Carroll and Forever Young. Band is also in good form pretty nice dynamic and cohesive work.

Not a must have, especially considering the relatively large # of 1990 DVDs circulating in good quality, but certainly not a waste of your time in the DVD player or your space on the shelf.

Thanks to all involved in bringing it out.

Reviewed by jman on 24th May 2006