DVDylan ID: D570
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Various Europe

Tried to watch list a couple of weeks ago when I first received it but for some reason I was unable to "get into it".
Tried again yesterday and really enjoyed it.
Having seen the #D553 sometime in the summer dvd last week or earlier this week and found one third of that really hard work I was very surprised to see another dvd from the same time period where on the whole every track was watch able.
Yes some/most tracks are cut and the video is slightly grainy, if there is such a word, but all are a pleasure to watch.
This was the period were Bob combined his religious music, which I enjoy and his more popular tracks and both are well represented, though some are repeated during the dvd
Favourite part, all of it, although especially enjoyed the
MANNHEIM, Germany, 18th July 1981 section of the dvd.
So a pleasant 2 hours and 20 minutes and like most good things it did not seem that long whilst watching it, time just flew by.
Will re-offer this as a freebie on main board, so please feel free to try and get your own copy and then give your thoughts too.

Reviewed by babbling on 20th July 2005

This is another of my TEN STAR recommendations. The video is fine considering the age and source and the brilliant audio upgrade makes watching this DVD a wonderful experience, 1981 was a GREAT year for Bob Dylan and for Bob Dylan fans.

Reviewed by mary on 04th July 2005

My humble 2 cents on this one? A must have for anyone who is interested in Dylan on DVD.

Tastefully compiled and reauthored by a man who has been called 'a prince in the kingdom of Bob'; the menus are beautiful and fully functional.

This DVD combines amazingly clear, close, and colorful footage from this summer swing with lovely, warm, 'pre-digital' sounding audio recordings. The result is the best circulating document of this wonderful and inspired tour, all on one handy gem of a DVD.

Some tunes are clipped at the begining or end, some are repeated. There are a few 'ravages of time' in the video. So what, I ask?

Again, the best document i've seen of 1981 tour, IMO a highlight of Dylan's touring career. My gratitude goes out to all involved.

Reviewed by jman on 30th June 2005