DVDylan ID: D560
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Verona, NY & Beacon Theater, NYC

Good Dvd of the April 2005 Tour with a real choice of songs
from 3 great nights in NY.
The sound is good and there are many angles.
Last but not least, menu and chapters are well made.
The only little problem sometimes are the heads in front of the camera.
Highlights: Lenny bruce, Hazel, You ain't going nowhere.

Reviewed by woody on 02nd July 2005

This is a great compilation of 2005 performances, a good introduction into what Bob's doing these days. Some nice performances of rare songs. Only problems are that the majority of the songs are from the Verona show, in other words all three shows aren't equally represented, and the taper of tat show focuses mainly just on Bob, not the rest of the band, but it's good quality and overall a very good and enjoyable DVD.

Reviewed by gfatdi311 on 14th June 2005

A beautiful document of what Bob is doing live these days. Nice song selection. Good sound. Good visuals. Worth seeing.

Reviewed by c6sailer on 04th June 2005