DVDylan ID: D533
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: various

I simply did not like it
the sound quality is too bad on most of the tracks
so that it would immensely benefit from
a sound upgrade....
Otherwise it is a nice live compilation,
as pointed out by the other reviewers.

Reviewed by pelino on 12th February 2007

I find this review a hard one to do - Why?
Because it quite obviously has been a labour of love by those responsible for making it - both in their videoing of the concerts and also in the editing if the chosen material but here goes.
First the negatives - well i got what i expected some fuzzy picture quality - to be expected on material nearly 20 years old - also some of the sound was difficult to hear again to be expected.
What about the positives - these far outwiegh the 2 negatives mentioned.
1) Song selection - excellent starting of with my favorite track - Jokerman.
2) Guess appearances - George Harrison, Van Morrison and Carl Perkins - first time i had seen the performance with C.P in - really enjoyed it.
3) The rare tracks chosen - one i had never even heard before never mind seen - Girl From The Green Brier Shore
Other gems were - Trail Of The Buffalo, Disease Of Conceit, Wiggle, Wiggle, Yea, Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread and of course Matchbox.
Overall i really enjoyed this and if it was based on content only i would give this 5*****'s but that's life.
For those who have not got or who are not waiting for this through the tree arrangement look out for a freebie offer soon.
Thank you to those responsible - I look forward to vol 2.

Reviewed by babbling on 16th April 2005