DVDylan ID: D491.su2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Palac kultury, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: Saturday, 11th March 1995

This was for the very first time I've met His Bobness in person. With a lot of questions in my mind - as always, if there is something for the first time. Will it be such as I expected? Will it work? No disappointments? This DVD is the answer.

Excellent preformance with no weak points (despite of this kind of It's All Over Now Baby Blue isn't my cup of coffee). Dylan and his band are full concentrated on songs with deep feeling of each phrase. He picked up the guitar only twice (actually three times if we include the last song It Ain't Me, Babe not included here) but both has a woth of it. Very good beginning to tangle up in Bob.

Highlights: all of the "Man/Woman" songs, Boots & God Knows

Contrary to the Prague show, the Offenbach one is just average. Fairly well but a filler only with no exciting hights (Wiggle, Wiggle stands out a little). Previous Linz with similar repertoir on D436.su is much much better.

Reviewed by lavicky on 22nd July 2014