DVDylan ID: D396.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Centralni Stadion Belgravi, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
Date: Monday, 10th June 1991

How do you see the World ?, is your glass always half-empty or half-full ? Are you a grumpy old sour-puss for whom the collapse of the sky isn't just a certainty but imminent ? If so, you'd probably be better giving this one a miss. But if your one of those impossible-to-live-with optimists, for whom clouds are only silver linings enclosing yet more silver linings, well you wouldn't see the terrible camera-work, the constant shaking, the seemingly endless obstuctions, and behold instead a piece of Bob filming that's only rivalled by Bologna, D632.su, 14 years later. It's '91 after all, and we're still firmly in the "That one must be Bob, 'cos he's standing in the middle" territory, and yet we're treated to some of the most stunning camera work that's available to us in DVDlan-Land, thankfully before the days of automatic focusing. Hell, with a little bit of effort you could even make out the sex of the flies that are buzzing round Bob's head,- if you felt so inclined.
Pity the performance doesn't match, in the Yin-Yang of the '91 shows this lies solidly in the Yin. Counting/sexing flies mightn't be such a bad idea after all. At least Bob does seem to realise that he's on a stage, - somewhere, but watch the last 10minutes where he struggles to comprehend just what that metal contraption hanging round his neck is for, and that even stranger instrument tied to it.
Will you like it ? depends on your personality. If you are one of those eternally cheery, doe-eyed, idiots, of the type who even as they were being marched to a firing-squad would still stop off to buy their lottery tickets; and have within yourself with a good dollop of dour Scots Presbyterianism, where even thinking about the word 'enjoyment' is a sin, whose happiness rises in direct proportion to their misery; Well, if released from your straight-jacket long enough to actually watch this DVD, you might just find yourself in a state approaching Rapture.
And with that thought, 5 Stars.

and yes, the EC / PC bonus is anything but.

Reviewed by napbon on 24th August 2007