DVDylan ID: D331.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto, Canada
Date: Friday, 19th March 2004

This is a good, if somewhat forgettable performance and a very nice video. It is shot from essentially the back of the hall, so the zooming never gets too close. That said, I enjoy it, because it's a nice steady shot and you get to see the band. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this video. As I say, a nice clear, steady shot video, with excellent sound, thanks to the upgrade.

The performance is just there. Bob is awfully growly, and this video is a great document of the singular sucktitude of Freddy Koella. Highlights would include a rare "Ballad of a Thin Man", the gorgeous "Girl of the North Country" and a fine "Floater", which is improved as much by the abscence of Koella's clunky guitar work as it is by the addition of his surprisingly wonderful fiddle playing.

Essentially, this is about a 4 1/2 star video (less than perfect only because it isn't particularly close), and about a 3 1/2 star performance-- nothing awful, but not real terrible convicting.

Reviewed by Joe1235 on 10th March 2005

I saw Dylan's show in Chicago (Aragon Ballroom) 14 days before the show presented here, so the whole thing was familiar...but excellent nonetheless. While an audience video, the filmer does a superb job (a little shaky for the first few songs, but soon sorts it out). You only rarely see an audience member; this is not one shot over someone's shoulder or anything. The quality, both video and audio, is excellent, and the band gives a good performance. Low-key, not flashy (except freddy trying to be), but good. A couple songs I particularly enjoyed were Most Likely You'll Go Your Way, and Girl of the North Country (an amazing arrangement). My only complaint was, too much Freddy footage. I was not convinced he was any good on guitar (excellent on violin for Floater though), but other than that a great show.

Reviewed by the3penguins on 31st August 2004

Excellent dvd and chronicle of the spring '04 tour. Sound and video quality are both excellent. Several newly re-worked songs as well as the recent 'album faithful' version of Most Likely... A very professional looking production.
Lots of screen time for Freddie (he is 'kept' near Bob except for the occasional trip to center stage for a solo). I like Freddie's unorthadox style. True, he sometimes falls flat on his face but at others he comes up with some different and interesting licks. He was a great contrast to Larry's perfect musicianship. Strange to see 2 drummers - doesn't seem to really add anyting but certainly doesn't detract from the show. Always interesting to watch Bob do his little dances and all during the show.
I stop short of calling this a 'must have' simply because it is a rather standard show from the tour and there were better setlists in spring '04. But remember, Bob's 'standard' is better than most anyone else's best show ever!
Thanks Vygi!!!

Reviewed by mjbnc on 20th August 2004

This audience recording is a very good addition to any collection of recent recordings. It is filmed from a central location quite far back, but the camera is clearly of very high quality as it can zoom right in on the proceedings and maintain picture quality and focus. It is a little dark initially but this can be expected when its a stage and not a studio that's being filmed.

I haven't heard the previous sound thats present on the #D331 release, but I can say that this upgrade is of superb quality and has a wonderfully clarity to it, I noticed it specifically on Ballad of a Thin Man and a quite superb Summer Days.

The menus on the DVD are very well authored and add a great professional (but not for sale guys!) feel to the DVD.

In terms of Bob and the Band's performances, I must admit I was impressed by Freddy's guitar work. Its been debated enough about his presence in the band, but I for one found myself liking him more and more as I got a closer elevated look at him as opposed to being 30metres away at the shows I've seen him at. Of note aswell, is the presence of a 2nd drumemr for this leg of the spring 2004 tour, I didn't see the need at the time and still fail to see why. Perhaps Bob was just playing a joke on George for a while!

In summary, I can't not recommend this DVD. It has a good, if nto great setlist, but its the quality of the performance and the DVD itself that warrant its presence on your shelf.

Reviewed by wheatln2 on 28th July 2004

THere are two things which strike me about this video, the clarity of the picture..it looks awesome through a big screen projector, and how it shows up Freedies fairly ordinary lead guitar work...watching his hands move, or should I say stumble over the fretboard makes me feel better..maybe my own playing isn't that bad after all...but seriously it's a great performance, great audio...and although it lacks a bit in terms pf closeups compared to others..on the big screen you really get the feeling of being there.

Reviewed by finny on 30th June 2004

Hats off to LIVIDZ DVD Productions, FIVE STARS!
You have a steady hand with the camera and a good eye and this video is REALLY GREAT for bootleg.
Hats off to Vygi for the authoring and the audio upgrade. I wish that all the bootleg DVDs looked like this one.

I wish Bob would dump the Cowboy Hat, it is too big for his head. Enjoy this DVD, it was a good night for Bob and the band in Toronto.

Reviewed by mary on 18th April 2004