DVDylan ID: D302.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Gurten Festival, Bern, Switzerland
Date: Saturday, 17th July 1993

"This is a very high 4 stars, I give it less only due to the clipped songs." This is my original note for this DVD. Having found myself returning to it again and again, I've reconsidered my rating: this is among the 5 star items in my collection regardless of imperfections.

An excellent sound upgraded document. Especially considering the many clips and cuts to the film, the Author has (once again) done a wonderful job of maintaining sync. The line recording is super crisp if just slightly sterile.
As stated above, the video is a bit shakey, lovely close-up of Dylans face through 90 percent of the footage.
And what a treat that turns out to be! Dylan is extremely expressive facially and vocally this night in Bern, and clearly enjoying the music and lyrics.
Highlights come early and often, Hard Times and TUIB stand out, but really almost every song is full of spirit and feeling.
Dylan plays alot of guitar throughout, especially memorable back to back harp and guitar solos on Tangled.
This is certainly among the richest 1993 DVD experiences around, perhaps save #D067.su and one or two others, especially in terms of power of performances.
Grab it up!

Reviewed by jman on 05th January 2006