DVDylan ID: D298.msu
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Nashville, TN, USA/Ryman Auditorium
Date: Wednesday, 9th November 1994

Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
November 9, 1994
DVDylan ID #298.msu
Masters Series 150.msu

11-15/14/6/11/11 (avg. 10.75 B-/B)
Left balcony 30˙

-used master video source (MS-150)
-sound upgraded w/excellent LB-6217
-original PAL format (D298 was transcoded to NTSC)
-divided into two discs for higher bitrate
-new top and track menus

-fine vocals, especially “Positively 4th Street” & “In The Garden”
-terrific harp on “It Ain’t Me, Babe”
-Baxter’s sharp lap steel on “Tangled Up In Blue”
-very effective slowed-down final couplet of “Positively 4th Street”
-cool acoustic set highlighted by Dylan’s guitar on “Don’t Think Twice, It’s
All Right”, Tony’s stand-up bass, and Baxter’s dobro on “Mr. Tambourine Man” & “It's
All Over Now, Baby Blue” and mandolin on “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”
-lest we forget, engine room expertly manned by Watson and Garnier
-no band intros during “Highway 61 Revisited”, unlike other shows on this run

DISTANCE/POSITION: 11-15 (left balcony 30˙) (mostly waist up or closer on Dylan; judging by the shakiness, the filmer must have been standing in a crowd, but manages to do a fair amount of zooming and panning; railing of balcony limited zoom outs and pans to the left, so Jackson not seen very much, but Garnier and Baxter seen quite a bit

AUDIO: 14 (excellent LB-6217 audio)

STEADINESS: 6 (shaky throughout with periods of relative stability)

HEADS/OBSTRUCTIONS: 14 (mostly unobstructed, but shot between railing in the balcony that obstruct when filmer pans left or zooms out)

FOCUS: 11 (color good, but too vivid in the red spectrum, especially when watched on a blu-ray player - it looks better on a computer screen; adequate; focus fairly sharp, but close-ups less so; reflection causes distortion on microphone and Dylan’s nose)

EDITING: All songs were filmed, but stills were employed to fill cuts, clips, off-target & prolonged unsteady parts

Never-Ending Tour Concert #637
Bob Dylan (vocal, acoustic & electric guitar)
Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar, electric slide guitar, dobro, & mandolin)
John Jackson (acoustic & electric guitar)
Tony Garnier (standup & electric bass)
Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

Video courtesy of “THE TWO DAVES”
Video master transferred & disseminated by COOPS2009
Audio recorded by NET TAPER A
Audio shared by BLINDWILLY
Edited, sound upgraded & authored by YASSOU

Taper: “The Two Daves”
Transferred & disseminated by Coops2009
VIDEO : Mpeg-2, 720 x 576. 25 fps, pic ratio 4.3. PAL
AUDIO : AC3 Dolby Digital, 48000 Hz, stereo 38.4 kb/s
EC30 tapes transferred to PC via a Panasonic NV-W1 Professional triple standard vhs machine.
Files authored to DVD with Tempgenc DVD Works Author 4
MS-148 > VOB files > hd > MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 > iMovie 6.0.3

Taper: Net Taper A (?)
LB rating: A
Shared by Blindwilly via private torrent
net taper A, ? -> portable DAT recorder - clone ->(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496, -> Wavelab -> ssrc -> Wavelab, levels raised -> cdwave for tracking -> tlh, I did not harm the sound of the recording in any way
LB-6217 > hd > Toast Titanium 11.0.4 > SD II disk images > iMovie 6.0.3.

All work done on MacBook Pro running El Capitan OS 10.11.1 Audio and video assets edited in iMovie 6.0.3; authored, multiplexed and burned to VIDEO_TS folder in iDVD 7.1.2 (Professional Quality 2-pass variable bit rate encoding)

Sorry this has taken a time, my PC died and its taken a week to get the new one up to
my requirements. Buthere we are all shiny and new.
Remember even if you have some of the Daves films already that at best your copies
will be 2 generations poorer than anything in the Masters series, so get em all.
These will be with original sound though many will feature as sound upgrades eventually with my two mates Yassou and Madhasse helping out

I did not harm the sound of the recording in any way
(did not listen to all of this)

Reviewed by yassou on 19th December 2015