DVDylan ID: D214.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: International Centre Arena, Cardiff, Wales, UK
Date: Monday, 27th March 1995

This is our surviving document of a fantastic Bob Dylan concert. Get it and play it on a machine and be happy for an hour and a half. It's that simple. The "Boots" and "Tambourine" are simply incredible. Lots of great singing throughout.

Reviewed by saleonar on 09th August 2006

Another wonderful product of hard work by yassou, sound-upgrade and filling the missing portion. Audio is the best audience recording, video is at least very good. Mostly steady, unobstructed, above knee or above waist shot. "Boots Of Spanish Leather" is outstanding. Low-key Dylan's voice backed up by acoustic guitar and mandolin(?) strongly attracts me. Other highlights are 9 min long "It Ain't Me, Babe" and "Born In Time".
Definitely must-have.

Reviewed by thinkrun on 13th June 2006

A good film very similar to D124 although shot from stage right this time..Again camera mainly on Bob and JJ..tho we do get Tony and glimpses of Bucky in the acoustic set..no Winston at all..Picture is quite clear and it's pretty steady with only a few (minor) obstructions..The sound quality is awesome tho..one of the best soundtracks I've heard so far. And another great peformance w/Bob in "quirky" mood..."My father come from around here.."!! Hmm..During the opening numbers it looks like Bob is gonna topple over ..eventually he does steady and manages to remain upright for the whole gig ..which he seems to play entirely with his eyes closed...Highlights include a great "Senor" and "Born In Time" and again a stunning acoustic set..Unlike D124 the 2nd elec set maintains the momentum instead of tailing off with "Dignity" worthy of mention..It always clear you're watching an amateur video but it's never falls into the "painful" category..oh and the menu screens are really great...Thanks to "Facing The Wall" for sending me this...

Reviewed by Bobfan1 on 06th June 2006