Balc. L40°
DVDylan ID: D2070
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 18th August 1992
Never-Ending Tour Concert #418
  • DVD 1 (1:01:10)
    -2 x 2 [clipped]
    -All Along The Watchtower
    -Tears Of Rage (Dylan/Manuel)
    -Maggie's Farm
    -Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
    -I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
    -Wiggle Wiggle
    -Little Moses (Bert A Williams/Earle C Jones)
    -To Ramona
    -Gates Of Eden
    -Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
    -Cat's In The Well
  • DVD 2 (0:47:49)
    -Idiot Wind
    -Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
    -Highway 61 Revisited
    -Ballad Of A Thin Man
    -Everything Is Broken
    -It Ain't Me, Babe
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 01:48:59
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
The Caretaker's Notes:
So first in the tapers own words
"The camcorder used was my trusty Ricoh R-18H -- the exact same model as the Sony CCD TR-101 - my favorite camera and the only one I ever used after I got it. It has a 1-point stereo mic built in, but I distinctly recall that the first night I used it in Toronto, Jon thought from the reviews and specs he'd read that the built-in mic would do fine, but when we listened to the tape after the audio was terribly distorted and clipping like crazy from overloading. So I went back to plugging in an external mike."

Now mine
This is one helluva a film!
Very sharp and pretty steady and what a set list. And after the "hard rain" version of course this is the best film of Idiot Wind I have ever seen, a stunning performance beautifully captured. It really is what audience filming is all about

Transferred to PC from camera via firewire with Adobe Premiere
DVD mastered with Tempgenc Authoring works 6
Title and track menus
DVD VOB format
Sys bitrate 10080 kb/s VBR
Pics/s 29.970 frames 29.970
pic 720 x 480 4.3
Video mastered to 9 mbs
Audio JC audio used.
Sennheiser MKE-2002 Binaural Microphones > Sony Walkman Professional Stereo Cassette-Corder WM-D6 > Fuji FR Metal IEC IV / Type IV Cassette
Transferred back on a Nakamichi CR-7A and recorded using Adobe Audition AC3 48000Hz 384 kb/s stereo

The Caretaker
& the Restoration Team

As the Caretaker says: "This is one helluva film!" The picture is as sharp as any Hi8 camera-sourced DVD I've seen, and the rich, warm colors remind one of the advantages of analog video.

The filmer mostly focuses on Dylan from a perch in the left balcony, pulling away from time to time to show other band members. The camera is mostly steady and unblocked by heads when focused on Dylan, but is partially blocked when the filmer zooms out to show the band. The sound is excellent, with a bit of an arena echo when watched on a TV equipped with the Bose surround speaker system. The echo was not noticed when watched on a Macbook Pro laptop

Wonderful setlist, with better singing and phrasing than sometimes heard during the 1992 run. "Tears Of Rage," "Little Moses," “Gates Of Eden,” and "Idiot Wind" are the standouts.

Reviewed by yassou on 09th April 2018