DVDylan ID: D178.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, Florida, USA
Date: Friday, 1st February 2002

I rate this 5 because of the nice work done on the video and the perfect audio source. The video has a few combined sources with one coming from the right side which seems to be the clearest. The center view is not as clear but it is still enjoyable. Every year we see Bob having a slightly different approach to his performance and in 2002 his voice is very rough and ragged. However, it is definitely enjoyable. I doubt Bob wants to perform the same songs and do the same thing every tour so I really enjoy this 2002 tour. It also tends to be more laid back and the songs are not as melodic but they have a certain drive that stretches them further along the spectrum. Bob recreates the songs and alot of the times you might not recognize them if you only heard them from the original album but this is what makes Bob and his band great. I love different arrangements. It makes it really exciting. Now to the performance. It is great for this particular tour that takes the songs in different directions. The highlight for me is always It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding). I love the way he performs this song from 2002 and tonight it sounds really unique. High water was great too. Knockin on heavens door is truly beautiful on this one. The background singing "whooooo's" are just magic along with Bob's smooth singing on the chorus. To me, the performance on the second disc has more energy with bob continually getting into the performance as it goes along. I would tell anyone who enjoys this particular tour to go ahead and get this one.

Reviewed by hallyyu on 30th January 2008

Sound is excellent,performance is very good,camerawork very steady although slightly too far away for any close-ups.This is a very watchable film.I would'nt class it as "essential" but I suppose that's down to personal taste,however it is well worth having in any collection.Highlights for me are the whole of the first electric set featuring great versions of "Tell Me That It Is'nt True" and "Lonesome Day Blues" with very strong vocals from Bob. Many thanks to Josh for sending this to me.

Reviewed by Bobfan1 on 03rd April 2006

Jman and Mary have about said it all. If I had to say something negative, it's that the author got a little carried away with the special effects. But, hey. who wouldn't get carried away playing with this incredible set.

Five stars all the way!

Reviewed by yassou on 25th February 2006

This one is taking a while to make the rounds, but its well worth the wait.
This 2 DVD set is the first multi-camera DVD to come out in recent times. Both sources are very nice, they look to be from master source and/or close to it. One is shot from slightly stage right and above. the other, from even more slightly stage left is not quite as sharp, steady, or level, but the combination of the two makes for a nice dynamic viewing experience. It doesn't hurt that both camera people do a very nice job of panning and varying the zoom.
The audio is simply pristine, and the A/V sync, as well as every aspect of the authoring and transfer is excellent.

The entire concert including the introduction is captured here, save the clipped video on THC noted in the set list above. Performances are consistant and strong. Dylan seems energetic, and what musicians wouldn't be excited and having fun on their second night out with GR on drums? Excellent harp work tonight, not to mention dance steps, rock star poses, and oh yeah, near perfect vocal performances. Highlights to my taste were many, including Ramona, Gotta Serve, Highwater, and the very cool '02' variation on Heaven's Door...

This is a great performance captured on a Top-Notch fan made DVD project. It's certainly one of the very best circulating from this leg of the tour, in terms of Performance, Sources, and Authoring. A definitive example of what this particular strain of Bobsession is all about.

Reviewed by jman on 25th February 2006

Video from two films, beautifully edited together with a best quality audio upgrade _ this project is as good as bootleg video and audio stealth recording gets, folks.. and the show is just great, Bob and the boys in fine voice _ second show of this Tour!
FIVE STARS for most, FOUR for a few!

Reviewed by mary on 22nd February 2006