DVDylan ID: D163
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: various US midwest

I took a VHS tape that was in fairly good condition & transferred this to DVD. It's probably from a 2nd generation tape cause I didn't make or have the master. Overall, I would say it's decent and nice because of the different dates from 94 and the different songs. Some very nice performances of it. I didn't want to rate this DVD, but I wanted to answer your question.

Reviewed by Bobzilla on 12th August 2004

I've only seen the VCD version, so I can imagine/ hope it is even better.

But I wonder - this DVD did not show up ( on my radar anyway) until long after the VCD version - did the collector who put it together redo it for DVD from the original sources used?

There are others like it - the three VCD Acoustic Compilation, the Hammersmith Highlights from Feb 93 come to mind. I don't see them here ( yet) - but wondering if they'll show up from the source as DVD, but not made from mpeg one files......

Meanwhile, I can say it is a fine compilation!

Reviewed by seetee on 07th August 2004