DVDylan ID: D129.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Jackson County Fairgrounds, Medford (Central Point), Oregon, US
Date: Tuesday, 9th October 2001

some brief impressions and thoughts regarding D129.su:

-here is another forgotten gem from the growing canon, beautifully restored and ready to take it's rightful place among the most cherished items in the catalog.

- sources, performances, setlist, all of the highest order.

-without the time machine, this is as close as you will get to bob at the top of his game 2001 style. even with the time machine, there are all those buttons and dials to manage, where even the slightest mistake be great trouble: why not just pop this one in and enjoy?

-highlights throughout make D129.su an easy 5 star recommendation. the author's thoughtful and efficient distribution via snail mail and bittorrent insures easy access for any interested trader.

-with my grateful thanks to all tapers/filmers/dvdauthors, and Vygi our faithful host.

Reviewed by jman on 01st March 2011