DVDylan ID: D1199.mu2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: London, UK/Brixton Academy
Date: Thursday, 30th March 1995

8-15/14/8/8/12 (avg. 10.50 B)
Left balcony 10˙(main camera)

-filled missing and obstructed parts with clips from other cameras (MS-032 & MS-083)
-different top and track menus

-Elvis Costello joins Bob on “I Shall Be Released”
-“God Knows” and “I Believe In You” give this show a distinctively spiritual
-Jackson false starts “I Don’t Believe You” but Dylan sings “I Believe In
You” (Was Bob trying to tell JJ something?)
-a dream setlist, and one that diverged radically from the posted
playlist, hence the name of the bootleg (eight songs were not on the
playlist, and three songs were new for the tour)
-another tender & moving acoustic set highlighted by Jackson’s acoustic
guitar & Baxter’s mandolin & dobro
-Dylan sings several songs sans guitar center stage
-Dylan puts the military industrial complex on notice with a menacing harp on
“Masters Of War”
-engine room well-manned by Watson & Garnier, as usual

DASH-F DETAILS (for main camera; see VIDEO SOURCES below for details on other cams):

DISTANCE/POSITION: 8-15 (left balcony 10˙) (MS-157 filmer had a rather poor position in left balcony shooting between bodies sitting and passing in front; but filmer managed to stay focused on Dylan for the most part with several pans above to Watson, a few left to Jackson and right to Garnier and Baxter; MS-032 filmer had a much better position and captured the whole band; MS-083 filmer )

AUDIO: 15 (excellent “F*** The Playlist” bootleg; audio had cuts between songs that had to be accounted for)

STEADINESS: 8 (shaky due to restricted window available between bodies)

HEADS/OBSTRUCTIONS: 8 (bodies sitting and passing in front)

FOCUS: 12 (very good color/light; focus somewhat grainy, particularly on close-ups)

EDITING: editor filled missing and obstructed parts with MS-032 & MS-083 clips where possible; audio had applause cuts between encore songs that required cuts in video and stills for a/v sync (see setlist details)

Concert #656 of The Never-Ending Tour
Bob Dylan (vocal, acoustic & electric guitar, harp)
Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar, electric slide guitar, dobro, mandolin)
John Jackson (acoustic & electric guitar)
Tony Garnier (electric & standup bass)
Winston Watson (drums & percussion)
Elvis Costello (guitar & shared vocals on “I Shall Be Released”)

Thanks to the filmers “THE TWO DAVES,” “The Dangerous Brothers” & AN
Master video transferred & disseminated by COOPS2009
Thanks for recording the audio to AN UNIDENTIFIED TAPER
Audio shared by BLINDWILLY
Edited, sound upgraded & authored by YASSOU

Taper: “The Two Daves”
Transferred & disseminated by Coops2009
D6 A8 S6 H6 F8 BR7
95 mins
VIDEO : Mpeg-2, 720 x 576. 25 fps, pic ratio 4.3. PAL
AUDIO : AC3 Dolby Digital, 48000 Hz, stereo 38.4 kb/s
EC30 tapes transferred to PC via a Panasonic NV-W1 Professional triple standard vhs machine.
Files authored to DVD with Tempgenc DVD Works Author 4
MS-157 vob files > MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 > dv > iMovie 6.0.3

Taper: AN
Transferred & disseminated by Coops2009
D4 A8 S8 H8 F9 BL2
National Panasonic Super-VHS NVS-85B camcorder to a LG DRT389H in HQ mode using a super-vhs transfer cable. The disc then menued and prepared in TempgenC Authoring works 4
DVD VOB format
Sys bitrate 10080 kb/s VBR
Pal 720x576 4.3 ratio
pics/s 25.000 frames\s 25.000 fields/s 25.00
MS-032 vob files > MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 > dv > iMovie 6.0.3

Taper: “The Dangerous Brothers”
Transferred & disseminated by Coops2009
D8 A8 S8 H7 F9 SC  
SONY HI 8 camcorder (exact model not known) transferred on a SONY CCD TR840E HI 8 camcorder via hi gain fire wire to PC with Magix Movie Pro 17 then menued with Tempgenc Authoring Works 4.
DVD Vob format MPEG-2 Sys Bitrate 10080 kb/s VBR
Pic/s 25.000 Frames/s 25/000 Fields/s 50.000
Pal 4.3 format
pic 720x 576
MS-0o3 vob files > MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 > dv > iMovie 6.0.3

F*** the Play List! (bootleg) (no LB #/alternative rip from silvers of LB-5784)
LB rating: A
cuts of applause between songs
Taper: Unidentified
Shared by blindwilly via DropBox
recording & processing details not provided
cdr's received in trade>JetAudio>flac>MakeTorrent2>HC
aiff files > Toast Titanium 11.0.4 > SD II disk images > iMovie 6.0.3.

Second and another great show well worth a look God! he had some energy in those days. Remember even if you have some of the Daves films already that at best your copies will be 2 generations poorer than anything in the Masters series, so get em all. These will be with original sound though many will feature as sound upgrades eventually with my two mates Yassou and Madhasse helping out.

transferred from the original camera
On this film there was a tape crease just before start of Every Grain of Sand. I have left it in as when this one gets remastered as it surely will the people who do these things will probably be able to iron out that problem!
This film is SO sharp an colourful! Utterly essential stuff

A second short film in a row,  but thats where the similarity ends.
This is truly essential stuff. It was the final film by "the Dangerous Brothers"
They were almost on stage an got caught pretty quick. But if you've never seen this?

LB NOTES FOR LB-5784 (no notes for alternative rip from silvers of “F*** The Playlist”):
Lots of compression and some clipping; the 3/29 filler on this plus the filler on bootleg 3/31/95 bobs full house LB-5785 by same manufacturer make an incomplete 3/29 show; both bootlegs 3/29 filler have similar spectral view in that most is below 17k except a little noise and are probably same recording source based on that and same bootleg manufacturer and as with the 3/30 and 3/31 bootlegs, the 3/29 portion does not seem to circulate except derived from these bootleg cds
drop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t3.

ADDITIONAL LB NOTES FOR LB-5783 and LB-5961: in 3-way comparison … this has a harsher less full sound; LB-1866 has the warmest sound; bootleg "F*** the Playlist" (LB-5784) is a little harsher than LB-1866 but has more upfront sound on the vocals so liked it best

ADDITIONAL LB NOTES FOR LB-6250: bittorrent download 07/08; in 5-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of d1t3; local taper UK: A, LB-5961 is the warmest, then this, then LB-1866, then bootleg "F the Playlist" LB-5784, then bach LB-5783; local taper UK: A, LB-5961 may have a little too much bass; excellent sound [A]

Reviewed by yassou on 23rd January 2016