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DVDylan ID: D1109
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Date: Monday, 10th February 1986
BOB DYLAN - Sydney Press Conference 1986 Brett Whiteley's Studio Surry Hills Sydney, New South Wales Australia
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 00:18:18
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: There is no information about DVD menus/chapters
Uploaded to youtube by Brendon Stretch who filmed in Brett Whiteley's studio in 1986, converted to DVD by jtt from youtube upload in May 2013. There may be alternate recordings in circulation. VIDEO: MPEG-2, PAL, 4x3, 720x576, 25fps, 8906 kbps AUDIO: MPEG-1 Layer 2, Mono, 48000Hz, 384kb/s

>There may be alternate recordings in circulation.

There's an alternate eight minute recording on a VHS tape sent to me years ago by a person with the initials 'RL.' It's shot with a different camera and is a recording of an unnamed TV broadcast. The interview is interspersed with bits of video and stills relating to Dylan's career and his 1986 True Confessions Tour. I've never seen this on a DVD, although there's a chance that it's been preserved on one of the many compilation DVDs in the DVDylan catalog.*

*Napbon has pointed out that this footage is on: D248

Reviewed by yassou on 15th August 2013

This interview is 18 minutes of 1986 contemplative and relaxed Bob during the Australian Tour, it is very enjoyable. The video is very close-shot and steady... although it not pro-shot, the video is all clear of Bob in his myopic hazy blue-eyed glory including the 1986 earring and Miami Vice facial hair and before the expensive dental reconstruction.
Thank you to Brendon Stretch for sharing this on youtube and to jtt for putting it to DVD.

Reviewed by mary on 13th August 2013